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1. A new paper on the Dutch debacle, coauthored by Peter Koudijs at Stanford Graduate School of Business, turns up modern-day lessons about the not-so-scientific ways in which personal experience rather than market information can determine optimism, pessimism, and access to credit.
2. 5. Bank of America Corp.
3. This pseudo-comedic 1970s crime drama tells the story of two romantically involved con artists named Irving Rosenfeld and Sydney Prosser, who are caught by an FBI agent and forced to scam corrupt politicians. The two continue to manipulate the FBI agent, their political targets, and their own family members, ultimately cutting an immunity deal that allows them to escape the ordeal without any criminal charges.
4. *剧情类最佳客串女演员:玛格?马丁戴尔(Margo Martindale),《美国谍梦》(The Americans)
5. Dont ever tell me that you have to have this job because youre going to lose your house, your kids have nothing to eat, your mother has cancer. Companies arent a charity.
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1. 泰勒·斯威夫特vs. 凯蒂·佩里
2. 大多数成功的创业者都遵循类似的模式,并且具备类似的基本特质。无数在线文章和图书宣称掌握了商业成功的秘诀,但事实上其中大多数都可以归结为几个相同的要点。
3. 从“高跟鞋门”到“金棕榈狗狗奖”(Palm Dog),再到迅速走红的“老爹身材(Dad bod)”,戛纳影片展的这12天,真是令人眼花缭乱。随着影片节进入尾声,英国广播企业回顾了本届戛纳影展上的九桩事。
4. n. 压力,压强,压迫
5. The result doesnt look much like a nose—its a bottle filled with liquid nutrient that cultivates bacteria. But give the “nose” a blood sample and let it sniff for a few days, and the bottles dots will change color to indicate what bacteria, if any, it identifies.
6. Sure, all of the hosting companies offer a basic CMS (content management system). But do they offer the flexibility that you need to get found online? Probably not. WordPress is an open-source CMS that you can install, customize and continuously optimize. You will likely need someone with development experience to help with set up, but once the template is installed, you’re probably smart enough to publish content without any assistance.


1. Even for an industry that generally views history as a grab bag of potential inspiration to be dipped into and mixed and matched at will, this has been extreme.
2. But what about the tens of thousands of Irish fans? Theyre out of control.
3. 耶路撒冷小女孩参加“圣殿山筛选项目”考古活动时,发现一古埃及护符。
4. 肯达尔·詹娜首次击败了15年里世界上收入最高的模特吉赛尔·邦辰。
5. domestic
6. Targeted poverty alleviation


1. Courtney Weaver
2. 首先必须了解的一件事是,人格类型与基因无关。这意味着D型人格特征并不是无法改变的。另外,测验也并不意味着测验的结果会决定你的命运。心理学研究表明,任何人格特征都可以改变。
3. 谎言4:太感谢了!我很喜欢!说谎原因:告诉别人他们送的礼物一团糟会让我看起来像是冷血的混蛋。
4. Another slowdown in food prices pulled Chinese inflation lower in October, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.
5. 面试官也会犯错:
6. 图表一显示的是上世纪70年代以来新兴市场银行、汇率及债务违约危机的发生次数——对照名义联邦基金利率。克普克以此为据,试图证明高位且不断上升的利率通常在新兴市场危机爆发周期之前出现。


1. S%(Q1(LYA(ep)n
2. 其实,中国经济增速放缓至8%左右,对中国乃至世界都是一件好事。更具环境可持续性、更加公平的局面,将缓解社会忧虑,而更高的消费将缓解全球贸易紧张。
3. recommend



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    Trigger Mortis was released on September 8, ahead of the release of the latest Bond film Spectre which is out in cinemas on October 26.

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    “中国政府将GDP增长目标设定为7.5%,并努力将通胀保持在可控水平,很令人欣慰。这不仅会保持中国经济的繁荣,还将促进地区经济和全球经济的发展,印尼也将从中受益。”Imron Cotan, Indonesian ambassador to China

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    With executive compensation in the U.S. rising and the income gap only getting bigger, its refreshing to see a CEO who cares about more than his own paycheck. Lenovo(LNVGF) Chief Executive Yang Yuanqing announced in September for the second year in a row that he would share at least $3 million of his bonus with roughly 10,000 of his workers. The generous decision was a product of the personal computer makers record sales that year. The average worker payout is equal to roughly a months pay for the typical city worker in China, according to Bloomberg News.

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    Stop me if youve heard this one before: An untested social media company with no revenue gets a mind-blowing offer. Against all advice, the cocky, twentysomething CEO refuses to sell. Meanwhile, competitors come out of the woodwork with lawsuits claiming their ideas were ripped off.

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    ?Bond has a keen eye for who to trust and who not to. This quality is frequently seen in sexually open-minded people, actually. 007 can tell when a lady is into him. And science agrees: handsome men are the best at identifying who is attracted to them.

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    Ms Lewis urged people to contact family, neighbours or an animal shelter if they were no longer able to care for their pets.

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    老爷车:由于今年在一个海外小岛上发现了一大批尘封50年之久的老爷车,导致现在二战后的老爷车的供给充足,价格也显著下降。收藏家们尤其喜欢Packards、Studebakers、Hudsons、Nashes、Kaisers和Henry J’s等型号的老爷车。更令人吃惊的是这批老爷车的车况都十分良好,能够满足日常使用。(财富中文网)

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