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1. According to figures from Zhonggong Education, an institute that monitors the applicant numbers, more than 459,600 people applied to take the exam by the sixth day of this years application window on Tuesday. Almost 103,000 of those had applied on Monday.
2. Around the corner from Ross’s home, a group of men sat on the shaded stoop of a townhouse, sipping from beer bottles and listening to music. One man who didn’t want to be named said he knew the arrested youth and young man since they were little kids.
3. Managers are expected to manage the people below them on the corporate hierarchy, but the best managers also have ways of managing their superiors and coworkers on behalf of their team. Many times this means effective communication, managing expectations, and requesting help in a timely manner。
4. Ask questions immediately if you dont understand something. If youre in the front row and have been making eye contact, your instructor probably already knows by the look on your face that you dont understand something. A polite raising of your hand is all you need to do to indicate youve got a question.
5. You know the old guy whos been at the company forever and still cant figure out email? If you dont get up to speed on social media in 2014, youll be that guy. Compared to last year, there are 13 times as many jobs advertised on Indeed.com that mention the use of social media. "We are seeing an increased demand for social savvy candidates across the business -- from human resources to product to customer service, " Amy Crow, Indeeds communication director told Quartz earlier this year. Not only are departments like marketing, sales, and customer service expected to be on Twitter (TWTR) and 脸书, teams as diverse as R&D, logistics, and HR are increasingly using internal networks like Yammer to streamline operations. Social media has grown so critical to the workplace, in fact, that major universities are beginning to offer certificate programs for socially inept corporate types to get up to speed.
6. ?援助工人担心在海地的粮食危机,上周那里飓风桑迪造成了52人死亡。联合国也担心洪灾可能导致霍乱病例急剧上升。在加勒比海桑迪造成至少69人遇难。


1. 截至2016年底,中国仍有4300万农村地区的人口生活在贫困状态下。中国的目标是在2020年时帮助他们脱贫。
2. 在6月30日举办的机器人足球国际足联世界杯决赛上,荷兰机器人不敌中国“水之队”。比赛刚开始一分钟,中国队便率先破门得分。中场结束前荷兰队扳平比分,但下半场“水之队”再度攻入一球,领先荷兰队一分。
3. [stres]
4. In 2013, the yen fell 21% against the U.S. dollar, helping it to attract 10 million overseas tourists--including, despite Sino-Japanese border disputes in the East China Sea, many wealthy travelers from China.
5. 这部安静而又激烈的以色列影片最后呈现为一部心理惊悚剧。一个热爱诗歌的教师发现自己的一个年轻学生是文学申通,她采取日益极端的措施,在这个冷漠的世界上保护他的天分。随着故事展开,显然,拉皮德想对这个在权力与拜金的祭坛上牺牲灵性价值和学问遗产的社会进行一番隐秘而激烈的批判。
6. 不过,时间不等人,川普总统也正通过威胁退出谈判而极力增添一些戏剧性的紧张感。


1. 《一个开车从来不回头看的沙特女子》(A Saudi Woman Who Got Behind the Wheel and Never Looked Back)
2. 统计数据显示,在2009年之前,全球研发支出以每年约7%的速度增长,但在2014年放缓了4%。
3. 政府部门的数据显示,无论在销售额和销售量上看,今年上半年香港房地产销售较去年同期下降了近40%。香港差饷物业估价署(Rating and Valuation Department)本月发布的一项指数表明,商业地产受到的冲击尤为严重,今年5月价格较去年同期下降了5.7%。
4. Interestingly, a survey found Beijing was thought to be the most congested city in China, among 31.8 percent of respondents, followed by Zhengzhou at 8.8 percent.
5. 如果你是一个腼腆的人,那么一开始坐在前排可能会让你有点不自在。但是,我向你保证,这是接受老师传授的内容的最好的办法之一。你也可以听得更清楚。不用伸长脖子,你就可以看到黑板上所有的内容。
6. 该书编辑马丁輠祹(Martin Ford)周二在纽约的颁奖典礼上获得了英国《金融时报》和麦肯锡(McKinsey & Company)颁发的3万英镑奖金。


1. 回购股票会帮助推高股价,很多分析师将标准普尔500(Standard & Poors 500 index)创下多次历史新高归功于股票回购的盛行。
2. 大家要找的人通常不是国家领导人、轰动性的影片大片主演或畅销书编辑。大家会把这些人留给本报的相应版面。大家的报道对象更有可能刚出狱,或刚写完第1547本小说。
3. 从事房地产业的中国女富豪最多,占23%,金融投资业占18%,制造业占14%。
4. Countrywide, month-on-month prices rose in 59 out of 70 cities last month – down from 62 – were unchanged in four and fell in eleven. Cities where prices fell from the previous month included Shenzhen (down 0.3 per cent), Hangzhou (down 0.4 per cent) and Xiamen (down 0.2 per cent).
5. 通常沉着的分析师们早已习惯了汽车行业的缓慢增长,但是遇到特斯拉,他们就丢掉了一贯的谨慎。德意志银行(Deutsche Bank)的分析师罗德o拉切给该股设定了310美金的目标价格。无独有偶,摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)的分析师亚当o乔纳斯也将特斯拉的目标股价定为320美金,并称它是“世界上最重要的汽车企业”。
6. ? Heavy snow has fallen in West Virginia, with up to 17 inches in Webster Springs. The National Weather Service has warned that more is on the way.


1. Its lightweight and rolls up easily for travel.
2. 伞上的链子可以系在狗狗的项圈或背带上。
3. 《善地》



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    非法占用海域 黄骅港综保区二期被罚8.46亿元
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    北京家居行业协会向侵权说“不” 12330工作站提供维权通道
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  • 精装住宅方案出台:家装市场也将迎来新一轮的挑战
    越秀推出“10万+”政策 加装电梯每梯最高补助15万元
    2020-12-26 03:42:36
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