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1. For parents, it is always a struggle to carry their children all day long, especially when they’re getting bigger and heavier.
2. Chinese Cultural Relics is a new journal that translates Chinese-language articles, originally published in the journal Wenwu, into English. The discovery of the 1,700-year-old cemetery was included in its inaugural issue.
3. 市场已经做出了回应:2014年9月份的工作空缺岗位在过去14年里达到了最高的水平,还有另一个能说明问题的数字人们辞职的速度达到了过去五年里的新高,调查显示人们辞职后通常马上换了一份薪酬更高的工作。
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5. celebrity
6. Ladies and gentlemen, may I welcome you to the Bad Manners Awards 2016?


1. 自动驾驶汽车,自拍杆,无人驾驶飞机,触屏设备,电子香烟,喷射背包和许多其他看起来像现代的发明的东西,其实都是老发明。大部分的"发明者"把它们当做新发明,甚至去申请专利。但事实是,这些"发明"已经存在一段时间了。它们都有早期类似的原型,这些早期产品最终没有投入生产,或因为特定原因而限量生产。而有些"发明"得以大批量生产,却因为销售不佳而流产。
2. EMBA-Global是排在前10名的项目中唯一一个毕业学员平均薪资同比略微下滑的项目(其他9个项目的毕业学员平均薪资都出现强劲增长)。
3. The developer behind Kinect Disneyland Adventures and Elite: Dangerous is taking the theme park business to the extreme in ScreamRide. The game lets players build outrageous roller coasters, thrill rides and attractions from the ground up and then take them for a test run. The game offers three ways to play: Engineers can construct elaborate rides that test the boundaries of physics and g-forces; Scream Riders get on these rides and experience the thrills and spills first-hand – sometimes resulting in untimely deaths; and Demolition Experts can use any means necessary to tear down an entire amusement park. With classic PC games like Roller Coaster Tycoon now playable on smartphones, this next generation of thrill-ride creator is a welcome interactive experience. It’s always fun to build, ride and destroy roller coasters – and ScreamRide offers plenty of ways to share the thrills with your friends.
4. The surviving cat, since named Trooper, has recovered and found a new home.
5. 当他饰演《活力王子》中"威尔"一角时,前三季的薪水都被制作方扣除了70%!三年之后他才拿到全额工资。碰巧的是,主题曲的第一句就如同是按他的真实经历所写:"这故事就是说/我翻腾的生活/如何大起大落"。只不过在现实中,那个"(他)爱闹事的邻居"是美国国税局。
6. Beijing Capital International Airport performed slightly better, with its punctuality rate reaching 60.7%.


1. [imju:niti]
2. 中国上海——上海这座大都市是中国人口最多的城市,在那里,有着深厚历史底蕴的城市核心区与当代全球金融枢纽融为一体。
3. 医疗、医保、医药联动改革
4. [?din]
5. [wi:t]
6. Colliding Neutron Stars


1. 4. 蕾哈娜
2. 问:在过去的几次采访中,你都提到了你和角色之间的联系。那么在目前播放的Aldnoah Zero重,你觉得你和伊奈帆之间的联系是什么?
3. 提问
4. Yes — by an eyelash. Democrats will need to win an additional 24 seats, meaning they will have to hold on to all 12 Democratic districts that Mr Trump won last year and pick up the 23 Republican districts that voted for Hillary Clinton, plus one or two more for good measure. The math is not on the Democrats’ side, but history is. The president’s party almost always loses some House seats in the midterms, and sometimes loses big, especially when the president has an approval rating below 50 per cent. See Barack Obama in 2010.
5. 她说,在人民币升值的同时,与中国在旅游业方面构成竞争关系的国家(如日本)的货币贬值,这意味着到其他一些亚洲国家旅游的费用更加便宜,而来中国旅游更贵了。
6. 这样生意繁忙时,调酒师就能腾出手来多做几杯酒。


1. 7. Kristen Stewart
2. cheerfulness
3. Tinashe featuring Devonté Hynes “Bet” (RCA)



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    On Nov. 24 and 25, Sotheby’s auctioned the collection of the fourth-generation Munich dealer Konrad Bernheimer, who owns the historic London gallery Colnaghi. Mr. Bernheimer, 65, has decided to scale down his operations. He is closing his Munich gallery, selling his grand Bavarian home, Marquartstein Castle, and is merging Colnaghi with a fellow London dealer, Coll & Cortes.

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