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1. Best Companies rank: 63
2. Ariel Foxman In Style
3. Its going to get volatile to the upside, he said.
4. The history of James Bond theme songs isnt quite as long as some might suspect, however. The first two films in the series – Dr. No and From Russia With Love – didnt have opening songs, they had orchestral arrangements. Dr. No even segued into a weird rendition of "Three Blind Mice." Later on, On Her Majestys Secret Service gave the opening number amiss and snuck its theme song into the middle and end of the movie.
5. Also downstairs, there’s an octagonal den with a barrel-vaulted ceiling, walls of glass and a built-in bench seat. The room is wired for surround sound. The three bedrooms are upstairs; all have lake views.
6. The top ten billionaires rake in a net worth of approximately 505.4billion dollars.


1. Yu Xiuhua
2. The TV drama is not based on a novel but the story of a real businesswoman Zhou Ying. Born in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Zhou was the richest female entrepreneur in Shaanxi province at that time.
3. 2.听觉矫治专家
4. 8月7日
5. The paper quoted a number of students from the incoming class, who had a range of responses, including two who said it was the right approach to withdraw the offers. "I do not know how those offensive images could be defended," one student said.
6. Inflation for consumers, meanwhile, ticked up slightly to 1.5 per cent, versus a five-year low of 1.4 per cent in November.


1. author权力,权威+ixation表名词,来自-ize+ation,“…化”或“发展过程”→授权,批准
2. ?Bond is by no means a comedian but he knows the power of a well-timed one liner. Women are attracted to funny men because humor is a sign of intelligence. You can even predict how many women a man has slept with by how funny he is.
3. Industrial production rose 6.1 per cent year on year in October, according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, unchanged from September’s level and just below a median forecast from economists of 6.2 per cent.
4. Global smartphone shipments reached 1.47 billion units in 2016, up by 2.3 percent from last year, said IDC.
5. 马来西亚怡保——怡保位于吉隆坡北部约200公里处,从前是英国的殖民地,如今却是美食家的天堂,那里既有当地路边小吃,也有精致的咖啡馆。
6. 她的设备使用了碳纳米管来检测铅的存在。据报道,数千个美国供水系统都有铅污染的问题。


1. 节目3 歌曲《十二生肖》,王力宏
2. adj. 连续的,继续的,连绵不断的
3. 自工业革命以来,全球气温已经上升了0.8摄氏度。虽然去年1摄氏度的升温不太可能在今后每年都出现,但科学家表示由于厄尔尼诺事件的持续,2016年可能又将是一个极端炎热的年份。
4. The show’s sense of humor remains keen without relying on nudity, swearing and sexting. This gives the show a refreshing aura in an age where shows are constantly trying to push the envelope in terms of racy content.
5. 根据全球最大航运企业马士基航运企业(Maersk Line)的数据,从汽车到集装箱运输的纺织品,1月中国对巴西出口同比下降60%,而通过集装箱进入拉美最大经济体的总进口量减半。
6. 在经历了长达几十年的许诺后,新的基因疗法终于开始有了一些真实的好成果。不过就像所有的新型疗法一样,基因疗法需要向公众准确地传递如何治疗以及治疗背后的原理,这和疗法本身一样具有挑战性。


1. All three factors, says Mr Koepke, were at work in the Mexican currency crisis of 1994-95, when the Fed embarked on a tightening cycle in jumps of 25, 50 and crucially, in November 1994, of 75 basis points.
2. With very best wishes for your happiness in the New Year.
3. The list features several ineffective passwords that have, for some reason, long maintained their hold among internet users.



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    Meanwhile, producer prices were deflating at a rate of -5.9 per cent, a six-year low, for a third straight month.



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