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1. Coca-Cola is in the middle of transforming its business as it sells off its bottling operations in the US and across the globe to focus on producing the concentrate that makes many of its drinks as well as research and development. Those sales will allow the company to focus more of its resources on innovation and acquisitions.
2. 全球最佳大学排行榜是根据科睿唯安企业提供的数据和标准得出的。
3. de下,put放-下放权力-代理
4. [iksentrik]
5. 愿你所有的新年想都成真!
6. Most popular vehicle


1. No. Having ended Robert Mugabe’s 37-year rule — with a little help from the army — Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised free elections in 2018. That raises one problem: he could lose. He must at least pretend elections are fair because he needs donor money to help turn the economy around. That would mean electoral reforms, which risk a loss for his unpopular Zanu-PF. Even if Mr Mnangagwa were prepared to roll the electoral dice, it is not clear the army is. Having got their man in, Zimbabwe’s generals are unlikely to allow the public to kick him out.
2. Oops. Better luck in 2015, everybody.
3. 曼诺拉·达吉斯
4. 不过,多个大城市新建住宅价格增速似乎已显著放缓。
5. You know the old guy whos been at the company forever and still cant figure out email? If you dont get up to speed on social media in 2014, youll be that guy. Compared to last year, there are 13 times as many jobs advertised on Indeed.com that mention the use of social media. "We are seeing an increased demand for social savvy candidates across the business -- from human resources to product to customer service, " Amy Crow, Indeeds communication director told Quartz earlier this year. Not only are departments like marketing, sales, and customer service expected to be on Twitter (TWTR) and 脸书, teams as diverse as R&D, logistics, and HR are increasingly using internal networks like Yammer to streamline operations. Social media has grown so critical to the workplace, in fact, that major universities are beginning to offer certificate programs for socially inept corporate types to get up to speed.
6. 经济运行缓中趋稳、稳中向好;


1. 而相对来说,普遍推出的新限购政策,并未让其他许多最近几个月表现突出的城市受到影响,房价同比依然大幅上涨。
2. The girl, said to be from Shanghai, paid the man between 1,900 and 9,500 yuan every day over a two-month period through online payments using her mothers mobile phone and debit card.
3. 2010年标准普尔500指数年终收盘报:1300点。
4. vi. & vt
5. “What happens if one of these Airbnb guests starts a fire?” asked Phyllis H. Weisberg, chairwoman of the Cooperative and Condominium Law Committee at the New York City Bar Association. “Who’s paying for that?”
6. In year-on-year terms prices rose in 65 cities and fell in five.


1. v. 改革,改造,革新
2. 《危险!》(Jeopardy!):这个游戏节目今年已播出50年(1964年3月30日首播),它证明自己不仅能难住观众,而且能令他们感到意外。不仅是因为主持人亚历克斯·特里贝克(Alex Trebek)留起了胡子(之前13年他都是把胡子剃得干干净净),而且是因为仍有些选手表明自己能刺激观众。今年刺激观众的是亚瑟·朱(Arthur Chu),他采用闪电战式的答题方式,在网上引起一片哗然。他的策略令人兴奋,当然也很奏效:他在锦标赛中夺得第二名(友善的本·因格拉姆[Ben Ingram]最后得了第一)。
3. Swipe them free and theyll soar into the sky.
4. 人力资源和社会保障部的一位官员称:“根据往年的经验,在报名窗口快关闭时,报名人数会剧增,尤其是在最后三天。”
5. 3. Do I take time out of my day purely for myself? We all need a little “me time.” Set aside some time every day to just relax and do something that you enjoy, whether that is reading, meditating, watching TV, cooking, spending quality time with your loved ones, etc.
6. For: Strong reviews, and praise for the performances - particularly from the children at the centre of the story, and Willem Dafoe, who plays the manager of the motel where they live.


1. Many analysts may be surprised at the suggestion that they have underplayed the Fed. The two factors most often cited in relation to EM assets these days are the Fed and China, and the risk that they will deliver a negative shock.
2. 1. 资讯记者
3. In October, South Africa brought down its holdings of US government securities to USD 10.3 billion.



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