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1. 请接受大家对你及你全家的美好祝福,祝你们新年快乐。
2. "People didnt just search for the players and the teams. It was a cultural learning experience. It was the first World Cup in Africa, and people wanted to learn about post-Apartheid South Africa," she said. "People also wanted to find out what that noise was -- the vuvuzelas."
3. But industry watchers say that view misses an area where China goes toe-to-toe with Western rivals in innovation: extra features that make the Chinese version more interactive and more interesting to use.
4. 为Kinect开发《迪斯尼乐园大冒险》(Disneyland Adventures)和《精英:危险》(Elite: Dangerous)的开发商在ScreamRide中,将主题乐园经营发挥到了极致。玩家可以在游戏中建立夸张的过山车、云霄飞车和其他游乐设施,并进行试运营。游戏有三种玩法:工程师可以建设复杂的飞车,测试物理和重力极限;“尖叫骑手”则乘坐这些飞车,直接体验这种惊险与刺激——这有时会直接导致游戏人物死亡;而拆除专家可以用任何必要手段拆掉整个游乐园。随着《过山车大亨》(Roller Coaster Tycoon)等电脑游戏移植到了智能手机上,这一款次世代的过山车游戏可以让玩家有着时尚的互动体验。建设、体验和拆除过山车总是很有趣的,而ScreamRide则提供了多种方式,让你与朋友们共享这种兴奋之情。
5. By more than one measure, 2014 is a year the Honda Motor Co. would prefer to forget or to obscure, reflected in a roundabout way by its grand slogan for 2015, “The Year of Honda.”
6. 你从来没有一醒来就能积极地工作


1. 工业生产者出厂价格指数(PPI)通常被认为是中期通胀的代表,该指数仍留在负值区间,但下降速度有所放慢。
2. 对民主主义者而言,此类原始情绪的爆发之所以令人担忧是因为它们很难遏制。
3. That brought the balance of trade to $49.06bn, down about $4.3bn from November and coming in about $2.3bn lower than forecast.
4. 11月份,财新赞助的中国综合PMI指数读数为50.5。这是自7月份以来,该指数首次超过50这个区分收缩和扩张的荣枯线。
5. adj. 保守的,守旧的
6. 读:奔腾。奔腾的特长就是永远有一颗奔腾的芯。


1. [b?:ri?]
2. 3月5日,第十二届全国人民代表大会第四次会议在人民大会堂举行开幕会,国务院总理李总理作政府工作报告。
3. The excitement was triggered by a Reuters story that cited documents about the potential transaction as the source of its information. Samsung actually has made at least one play for BlackBerry BBRY -19.77% before, in 2012. As to this latest rumor, the alleged takeover target was the first to refute that a deal is in the works.
4. 乔布斯在苹果博览会上展示iPod mini ,2004年1月6日,旧金山
5. Gov. Ricardo Rossello, 37, proposed several measures aimed at alleviating the crisis shortly after he was sworn in at midnight. Among them is a proposal to hold a referendum that would ask voters whether they prefer statehood or independence. Many have argued that Puerto Rico’s political status has contributed to its decade-long crisis that has prompted more than 200,000 people to flee to the U.S. mainland in recent years.
6. 无论是从教学还是从研究方面来说,金融课程都是北方高等商学院的核心优势之一。该学院在2001年成立了Edhec-Risk Institute,从事资产和风险管理等领域的研究并发表相关成果。


1. n. 保护,防卫
2. ef出,fect做-做出来的效果
3. 对于美联储(Federal Reserve)预计本周宣布的加息已经产生了效应,还是会进一步加大负债企业和经济体所受的压力,投资者意见分歧。
4. 中国商务部的最新数据不包含个人购买的房地产。有不少个人利用中国资本管制体系的漏洞来获取外汇。但外汇监管机构最近采取措施堵住了此类漏洞,尤其是收紧了对个人购汇的管控——按现行规定,中国公民每年可用人民币购买等值5万美金外汇。
5. 单词refrigerator 联想记忆:
6. 卓越雇主排名:32


1. 《花千骨》
2. “它说明人们看重个人经验,胜过其他可用信息,”库迪斯表示。人们离一个重要事件的中心越远,此事对他们的风险胃口影响就越小。
3. In addition, the 1980 stamps were designed by Huang Yongyu, 92, a well-known Chinese master painter, making it a collectible item with extreme value.



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