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1. There should be no more arbitrary use of government power and that requires that the government must no longer overreach itself and we must eliminate any possible room for rent-seeking behaviors. This reform must be persistently pursued by the central government and all local governments at varies levels.
2. LBS’s programmes consistently rank highly for the extent to which alumni reach their targets. “I managed to achieve not only the goals I set for myself but to exceed them with the job I secured,” says one 2010 MBA graduate who responded to the FT survey.
3. Rank: 4
4. When Tom Ravenscroft left Oxford university with a degree in econ-om-ics and management in 2007, he wanted to be a management consultant. He even had a job offer from Oliver Wyman, following an internship. “I had no career vision beyond going into business. It was a very hazy concept,” he says.
5. 美国GOOGLE搜索2017排名前十
6. 经济学家的预期中值为同比上涨0.9%。


1. 10.Meditate
2. 中国国家统计局(NBS)周四表示,最新房地产价格指数显示,11月新房价格同比下跌3.7%,为连续第三个月同比下跌,10月和9月分别同比下跌2.6%和1.3%。
3. 葡萄牙诺瓦商业与经济学院(Nova School of Business and Economics)巩固了去年的强劲表现,排名进一步攀升14个位置,排在了第17位。
4. 这是充满希翼的春天,也是令人绝望的隆冬……
5. 波尔图还有一系列较平民的博物馆、低价的老式有轨电车和迷人的卵石海滩。葡萄园一日游这类短途旅行也非常便于安排。
6. 这位MicroSoft企业创始人的净资产是860亿美金,而一年前则是750亿美金。


1. 6. You dressed 10 times nicer than usual yesterday。
2. 印度梅加拉亚邦——《孤独星球》上说:“梅加拉亚邦这种平静的状态不会维持太久的,在寻求刺激的人群占领卡西山之前赶紧去那里吧!”照片上拍摄的是乞拉朋齐瀑布,它是印度最高的飞瀑,高达340米。
3. 但行业观察人士说,这样的观点忽略了一个中国在创新方面与西方竞争对手直接对峙的领域:让中国版本更具互动性、使用起来也更有趣的那些额外功能。
4. Here are five things consumers and investors can count on (probably) in 2015:
5. 当时的阿杜身高6尺9寸,体重只有185磅,我很惊讶在高中赛打到一半时他没有被撞坏。幸运的是,阿杜不靠在大前锋位置上力量抗衡赚钱,他主要依赖他拿手的急停跳投。
6. 谢丽尔·布恩·艾萨克斯,学院理事会主席


1. Length of program: 19 months
2. 在《醉乡民谣》(Inside Llewyn Davis)中,编剧兼导演乔尔?科恩(Joel Coen)和伊桑?科恩(Ethan Coen)兄弟俩挥之不去的忧伤情绪转化成了令人难忘的戏剧性场面。我觉得我的评论本应澄清,这部关于流行学问牺牲品的悲歌有一种特别的味道;其中一些部分相当阴郁。奥斯卡?伊萨克(Oscar Isaac)在片中出演一位自暴自弃的民谣乐手,宿命般地献身于他的艺术,他的卓越表演令这部影片极其震撼人心。
3. As you graduate, my friends, remember what lies ahead of you is a world overflowing with beauty and potential; not just in the form of office corridors or Wall Street but a real, throbbing world, full of many mysteries and heady experiences. A number of us miss this simple truth.
4. 梅根·马克尔
5. Andrew Hill is management editor
6. 经济学家原本还预计,今年1至10月份全国固定资产投资(不含农户)增长速度会与1至9月份的增长速度8.2%持平。


1. 尽管给股东的分红正在缩水,但这些银行的分红数额仍占据中国所有上市企业分红总额的一半。去年,这16家银行报告的盈利占据上市企业盈利总额的52%。
2. In its decision to not boost its monetary stimulus efforts, the Bank of Japan noted industrial production was one area where the economy was just puttering along. Certainly, there were other parts of the economy, such as the labour market, that were doing much better.
3. The sharp decline in unemployment will start to seem real



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