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1. We will continue to transform government function.
2. Drama Series: “Game of Thrones” (HBO)
3. 3.数学家
4. "Investing in improving innovation quality is essential for closing the innovation divide," said Soumitra Dutta, dean of Cornell College of Business and co-editor of the report.
5. Have a love filled New Year!
6. 在开放课程排行榜中,基于对参加课程高管的调查,瑞士洛桑国际管理发展学院在最重要的10项指标上得分特别高。该校在3项指标上排第一,在其他7项指标上都排前五。


1. 萨拉考林斯
2. 这将是一部非常有趣的影片,刻画出了美国队长与钢铁侠之间微妙的关系, 两人经常陷入信任危机。
3. While on the nonsurgical front, Botox and laser hair removal remain firm favourites.
4. 在大选结果公布后,罗姆尼竞选阵营暂时没有发表言论。
5. BATTLE CREEK (CBS, March 1) What a difference a hit makes. Vince Gilligan wrote a pilot script for this frenemy-cop show more than a decade ago, before he was Vince Gilligan, creator of “Breaking Bad” (and “Better Call Saul”). Now it’s being made into a series with a 13-episode guarantee from CBS. Dean Winters (“Law & Order: SVU,” “30 Rock”) plays a local detective and Josh Duhamel (“Las Vegas”) a slick F.B.I. agent who work together, uneasily, in the Cereal City of Battle Creek, Mich.
6. 科学家指出,这增加了暴雨和洪水的危险,因为气温升高会导致大气层里积聚更多水蒸气。


1. Data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed the production of new-energy vehicles last month surged by 144 percent year-on-year to 16,100 units, and the output of fully electric passenger vehicles tripled from the same period last year, reaching 7,952 units in January. Official data showed that 97 percent of new-energy vehicles produced in January would be eligible for favorable taxation policies.
2. 根据最新相关报告表示,AMAZON凭借在数据中心、设备、电子方法和系统等方面的创新而上榜。
3. move动+ment表名词,“行为或结果”→运动
4. Illuminati是什么?
5. n. 模子,模型,类型,模式,雏型,真菌,软土
6. 我预计真正的大戏将在2018年初展开。但这是唐纳德?川普的贸易世界。大家只有观看的份儿。


1. According to the report, some lenders have been using the platform to offer female college students high-interest loans on the condition that the borrowers hand over nude photos of themselves holding their ID cards as collateral.
2. 译文属可可英语原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,请勿转载。
3. Elspeth Cheung, head of BrandZ valuation at Millward Brown, says: “The top 10 used to be dominated by consumer goods. This year, it’s technology.”
4. 最差问候奖
5. France, one of the most visited countries in the world, ranks No. 9 overall. It is No. 2 in Cultural Influence and No. 6 in Power.
6. 《每日经济资讯》引用一位专家的话称,银行业已经经历了一个低利润增长期,并且将持续很长一段时间。该专家表示,在过去的十几年里,银行业每年净利润增长达到35%至40%。但现在每年都不到1%,甚至有的银行都进入亏损状态。


1. Continued experimentation with wearables is important, but the near-term requires a conversation “about whether current wearables, driven by a combination of organic efforts and corporate tech efforts, are really adhering to customer needs and wants or if companies need to explore a different set of partnerships to push wearables beyond early adopters and into the mainstream,” Gilbert says.
2. That feeling of success may have provided a sort of identity in itself.
3. 尤塞恩?博尔特是搜索次数最多的非英国籍奥林匹克运动会选手。



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    17. 最复杂的障碍。根据Box Office Mojo网站统计,截止到12月7日,今年发行的20部票房最高的影片中,有7部是由女性主导的。与之形成对照的是,20部由女性为主导的影片中,有五部在全球票房领先,而海外票房占据了影片业收入的70%。这看上去可能很糟,但是比近年的数据要好一点。

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    Brazils President Dilma Rousseff, who is facing impeachment, slashed her own salary by 10% to $103,400 a year last October as part of a wider austerity drive.

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    While at least four engines tend to repeat from one year’s 10 best list to the next, only two of last year’s powerplants remain recognized for 2014, the Honda Accord’s peppy and fuel-efficient 3.5-liter V6 and the powerful supercharged 3.0-liter V6 featured in the Audi S5.

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    国际货币基金组织(IMF)总裁克里斯蒂娜?拉加德(Christine Lagarde)表示,她除了今年的全球经济复苏(recovery)充满期待外,还对另外两个“R”感到担忧。第一个是“风险”(risk),她认为,一些旧有的风险(例如完成金融业改革的必要性)与美国缩减定量宽松政策的相关风险一样重要,此外还有针对欧元区可能陷入通缩等问题所新产生的担忧。



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