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1. 5. Fan Bingbing - $17 million
2. Perhaps the more interesting question is what drove Yahoo! to shell out that reported $30 million for a single app. To be sure, Summlys text-compression abilities dovetail nicely with Yahoo!s new focus on mobile utilities. Along with Yahoo!s $1.1 billion purchase of the blogging service Tumblr and the launch of an acclaimed new weather app, the Summly move marks a commitment to owning the tiny real estate of the smartphone screen-and serving advertising to the youthful eyeballs that tend to gravitate to mobile devices.
3. 约28000枚炸弹和其他弹药在只有俄亥俄大小的南斯拉夫境内爆炸。时任国防部长的威廉·科恩将联军描述为“史上最精确的空中力量运用”。500余名平民在消耗巨量弹药的轰炸中丧生,这一数字出乎意料的低。北约在自己的作战报告中着重强调:所有目标都经过“仔细甄别”,并且“付出了巨大努力以将空袭行动对塞尔维亚平民的影响降到最低”。
4. 评委会将奖项授予了来自东京工业大学的大隅良典,以表彰他在细胞自噬作用研究上所做的贡献。
5. 人命关天,安全至上。
6. The first thing you must understand about personality types is that they have nothing to do with genes. This means that if you have a Type D personality then this doesnt mean that you cant change it. Also, the quiz doesnt mean that the result of the quiz determines your destiny. According to psychology, any personality trait can be changed.


1. 201212/212620.shtmlChina won the Robot World Cup Soccer 2013 against the Netherlands in a thrilling match that resulted in a 2-3 win for China.The Robot World Cup Soccer was held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, which defended its Robot World Cup title of last year.
2. 我祖母最喜欢的一首诗是威廉o埃内斯特o亨利的《不可征服》(Invictus)。我父亲把这首诗挂在厨房墙壁上,所以在成长过程中,我每天都会读到它:“我,是我命运的主宰。我,是我灵魂的统帅。”我能为每个人,特别是初入职场者提供的最好建议,就是欣然接受你作为命运主宰的角色。当机会出现时,抓住机会并敢于说“Yes!”
3. Now the burden is on Noel to prove that hes capable of being more than the shell of a player he often looked like amidst the Sixers disarray.
4. The clothes had resonance because the characters who wore them were intricate and multidimensional, not just because Joan’s brocade sheath was really glamorous, or Megan’s psychedelic chiffons made Pucci feel cool.
5. 中央财政拿了1000亿元专项资金用于员工转岗安置,并且要求地方政府配套。
6. 麦高恩出生于多配偶制的邪教家庭,少年时离家出走。


1. "I am a doctor and I prefer to speak frankly. A persons health is related first to eating, drinking and air. Any kind of development will be nothing if the quality of food, water and air is not good." ZHONG NANSHAN, NPC deputy and academic with the Chinese Academy of Engineering
2. 国有媒体报道称,中国总理李总理表示,2017年中国经济运行好于预期,并预计年度国内生产总值(GDP)增长率为6.9%左右。
3. “大家希翼这份榜单会让大家采取措施保护自身的网络安全。”
4. 不要在月薪上撒谎。即使你的上任老板没告诉大家(大多数情况都是这样),大家还是会弄清楚的。我还因此解雇掉两名员工。
5. 2015年风头最劲的品牌:在新款切诺基的拉动下,Jeep在2014年的销量惊人地拉高了44%,而斯巴鲁的销量则静悄悄地提高了21%,现已成为美国第十大最受欢迎的汽车品牌。
6. Experts offer advice for surviving -- and thriving -- in the next year:


1. Pyongyang, which refers to Park as "human scum has long condemned the balloon launches and in recen onths has stepped up its demands for Seoul to ban them.
2. 谁来主持2014年奥斯卡颁奖典礼?
3. n. 有毒物质
4. AMC频道的《广告狂人》(Mad Men)也是如此。该剧演到了第七季,剧中人物和20世纪60年代的背景似乎已被挖掘干净,不过它仍在让观众猜测结局,结局要到明年才播出。《黑道家族》(The Sopranos)结局模糊。《绝命毒师》(Breaking Bad)以沃尔特·怀特(Walter White)死去告终。现在,隐约显现的下一个电视谜题是唐·德雷珀(Don Draper)的最后时刻——究竟是死去还是活着。
5. 麦高恩说“让女性发怒还很难”,MeToo支撑者“为自己编写了一部小说”,并没有直面好莱坞的本质。
6. 不清楚到底是荷兰哪一方贷款机构错了。有可能Seppenwolde的贷款机构忽略了更大范围内的金融状况,过于悲观。有可能另一方贷款机构在忽略东印度危机的冲击意义时过于随意。无论是哪一种情况,荷兰危机都说明,即使是成熟的投资者也会因为个人原因而变得乐观或悲观。


1. 连平说道:“在2017年的低基准上,今年CPI可能会以一个更快的速度上涨,但在需求稳定、货币环境紧张的背景下,不会出现明显的通胀压力。”
2. Creditors have officially approved the MGM restructuring plan that will put Spyglass Entertainment in charge of the studio, getting it moving once again. MGM will no longer be a distributor, but a working studio, which now puts James Bond 23 on the auction block and closer to an actual start date. Here is the official announcement from MGM:
3. In 2007, Apple released the first 苹果: a full touchscreen phone, complete with its own virtual keypad. To many, Apple had done something new, something never seen before. They had made the first touchscreen phone. But this was incorrect: Apple did not make the first touchscreen phone, nor was the touchscreen a new invention.



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    溢价2022%!大亚湾拍出近8亿天价地 房协:报价过程操作失误
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  • 戴德梁行:外资重返北京大宗物业交易市场
    多地气荒来袭:资源垄断 政府配置难
    2021-01-02 04:59:11
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    面转型升级 2014年我国绿色建材产业需求扩张
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