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1. 你可能希翼分享这些文章的人是出于开玩笑,我也是这么想的。但是大家不能:这个分析指出,通过一个近期的BuzzFeed和Ipsos的公众事务民调显示,75%的美国人(84%的共和党人以及71%的民主党人)很容易就被假资讯的标题所欺骗。这是关于真实性调查、理性思维、扎克伯格的自我意识的梦幻一年。
2. 激情、毅力和积极的心态,是创业成功的关键。培养这些特质要有天赋和一些小技巧。
3. unique
4. But only 14,000 tourists took advantage of the visa-free stopover, according to the Beijing General Station of Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection, well short of the 20,000 target officials had previously predicted.
5. Winning the Skytrax Worlds Best Airport Award for the fifth consecutive year is immense encouragement to our 50,000-strong airport community at Changi Airport, every one of whom is passionate about delivering the most memorable airport experience to our passengers, said Lee Seow Hiang, CEO of Changi Airport Group, in a statement.
6. 1.超强领导力和清晰远见


1. Xu said at a press conference that by 10:20 am, 97 bodies have been retrieved.
2. 交易员们纷纷退出:“不可持续趋势苟延残喘的时间可以远超多数人的预期,但时候一到,在周期的顶点,它们还是会结束。”他们分析了20多种周期,“差不多无一意外地预示未来数月、数年将发生地壳运动”。
3. 根据胡润研究院日前发布的《2016中国女富豪榜》,现年75岁的房地产开发企业富华国际集团创始人陈丽华凭借总共505亿元的资本净值成为中国女首富。
4. 在经历了长达几十年的许诺后,新的基因疗法终于开始有了一些真实的好成果。不过就像所有的新型疗法一样,基因疗法需要向公众准确地传递如何治疗以及治疗背后的原理,这和疗法本身一样具有挑战性。
5. What the government should do is to send a resounding message of “yes” to the all law-abiding market entities, to flash the green light of going ahead to the hardworking entrepreneurs and innovators, and to seriously deal with all violations of laws and regulations by showing them a resolutely a “yellow card” of stern warning, or even a “red card” to send them out of the market.
6. 过去10年,全球最具价值品牌100强的品牌价值增长一倍多,增幅达到133%。品牌价值是根据收入和盈利能力等财务指标,结合消费者品牌认知调查计算的。


1. 4月8日
2. 在简历中提到你的孩子和嗜好没有任何好处。永远不要说,“我的孩子上大学了,我就能安心回到工作岗位了。”
3. In some ways, Life Is Strange couldn’t be more different than Dontnod Entertainment’s sci-fi action game Remember Me, but in other ways, the episodic adventure game is similar. Both games use Unreal Engine 3 technology to create beautiful worlds to explore. And both titles also feature a strong female protagonist. Set in Arcadia Bay, Oregon, players take control of teenager Max Caulfield and embark on an adventure that will span five interactive episodes.
4. 7. Am I working too hard? Taking time to re-charge and spend time on activities that make you happy is so important. Honor your desire to pull back from work or school pressure when needed and give yourself time to breathe, even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time.
5. Cannes heckles and jeers are famous and the first film to fall foul of this tough crowd was Gus Van Sants Sea of Trees, which was greeted by a storm of raspberries and thunderous boos at its press screening. Because these take place before a film receives its black-tie premiere, word quickly gets around and can cast a pall over the big event. When Naomi Watts and Matthew McConaughey took their turn on the red carpet, it had “a horrifically compelling walk-of-shame quality” according to the Daily Telegraph. But the Texan actor put on a brave face at a press conference shortly afterwards. “Anyone has as much right to boo as they do to ovate,” he said. I think we know what he meant.
6. Inflation (and deflation) wont rear its ugly head Surging oil production — along with slower global growth — has caused the price of petroleum to collapse from more than $100 a barrel last summer to barely $50 a barrel at the end of 2014. The effect has been to reverse an uptick in U.S. inflation earlier in the year.


1. China’s retail sales softened as industrial production and investment held more or less steady in spite of a weaker showing from exports last month.
2. 她说:“妈妈会说,‘噢,天呐,大家去看一下爱莉安娜?格兰德(Ariana Grande)吧。我的反应是,‘妈,真要这样吗”
3. 迷你剧集/影片类最佳女演员:萨拉?保罗森(Sarah Paulson),《美国罪案故事:公诉辛普森》(The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story)
4. v. 置于城堡中,(棋)移动王车易
5. Employment is crucial to ensuring people’s well-being. We will focus our efforts on facilitating employment to see that through their hard work, people can create wealth and realize their full potential.
6. 作为参加英国《金融时报》在线MBA排名的一个条件,至少70%的课程内容须在线提供。在15所上榜院校中,有9所对校园学习不作任何要求。其余6所学院坚持让学员参加周末或为期一周的在校课程。


1. 该银行预测,寻找对冲通胀的方式的指数基金(那些追踪大宗商品指数的基金),将在明年下半年回归农产品市场。
2. 我国近日发行的2016年猴票同样由黄永玉创作。面值为每张1.2元钱,也颇受关注。在正式发布之前,收集者已经在邮局外排起了长队。
3. “The employee said she was going out to buy boots, but was never seen again.”



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