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1. 3. Deepika Padukone
2. Until four years ago, Maddie was an unknown eight year old who enjoyed dancing and went to a local primary school.
3. 5. Youre taking four-hour lunches and have way too many dentist appointments。
4. Mr. Sissako is both an indispensable political filmmaker and one of the great poets of contemporary cinema. His portrait of life under jihadi rule in northern Mali is brutal and shocking, but also gentle, generous and surprisingly funny. Mr. Sissako does not humanize violent extremists so much as demonstrate that they already belong to the species and reflect part of our common, tragic nature. But his movie also insists that the only effective and ethically serious way to oppose fanaticism is with humanism. Which is to say with irony, with decency and, perhaps above all, with art. (Read the review.)
5. For those outside the scientific community, the response to the retraction has been mixed.
6. 1. Am I taking care of myself? Sometimes we get so wrapped up in taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves. It can be so easy to leave ourselves behind.


1. 排名部分基于校友们在职场上的成功程度,衡量标准为薪资数据。
2. Porto is nearly synonymous to port wine, and also its rich history. The citys historic center and the Alto Douro Wine Region have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
3. At 36, women are about two years younger than men but senior positions are fairly well distributed between genders, with only slightly more women in relatively junior positions — 26 per cent of them are professionals compared with 24 per cent of men.
4. As the title suggests, the show also features the mothers of the pupils and the way that they often pit their children against each other.
5. Trium’s alumni value studying alongside senior and international classmates. “It allowed us to exchange [ideas] among ourselves and derive as much additional knowledge as [we gained] from the course itself,” says one.
6. 媒体非常令人讨厌,大家知道这一点,殿下,但您(以及您所代表的王室)可以用更有尊严的方式来表达您的关切。


1. [?ltimit]
2. 值得注意的是,中国电信巨头HUAWEI递交了2390项专利申请,其专利申请数量在全球企业中排名第二,仅次于飞利浦(2568项)。
3. 于上周二发布的《2016胡润IT富豪榜》显示,排在前50名的中国IT富豪的平均财富同比上涨13%,至创纪录的269亿元。
4. 在1月10日发表的一条推文中,奥巴马写道:“感谢你们为我做的一切。我最后一个请求和第一个一样。我请求你们不要相信我的而要相信你们自己的创造改变的能力。”
5. We will perform with a strong work ethic, sense of responsibility, and enterprising spirit.
6. 今年上榜的中国品牌有36个,其中8个进入前100名,包括国家电网(36)、中国工商银行(40)、Tencent(43)、央视(62)、海尔(76)、中国移动(79)、HUAWEI(81)和联想(90)。


1. 委内瑞拉政府一年前关闭了所有边境口岸,以打击长达1378英里(2219公里)边境沿线的走私活动。政府抱怨说,正是因为投机者在委内瑞拉购买了补贴的食品和汽油,并将他们带到哥伦比亚高价出售造成的短缺。
2. 西藏自治区计划到2017年帮助至少13万农村人口脱贫,重新安置16.3万人。
3. This was the biggest monthly drop in imports since last September and also means shipments have contracted year-on-year for the past 15 months straight.
4. It is a timely warning. His findings, he writes, “point to a heightened risk of emerging market crises in the coming years as the Fed continues to normalise interest rates”.
5. 谎言3:是的,这挺有道理的。说谎原因:方案二会让我显得毫无头绪。
6. 2.管理自己,对他人负责


1. On Saturday night they sang Stars from Les Miserables, the song performed the character Javert in the long-running musical.
2. 2. 麦嘉华对贝南克灾难性QE计划的末日警告
3. 雷军表示:“这是一个使我震惊的消息。作为一名围棋的忠实爱好者,我从来没有想到人工智能在当前阶段可以击败一个人类冠军,因为这是一项非常复杂的棋类运动。”



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    米兰家具展将在华开分展? 是拓展市场还是噱头
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    凛冬将至 木门企业如何才能“保暖”前行?
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