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1. 2. Staying too long in a job that you want to leave
2. [krieitiv]
3. 怎样减肥?
4. 圣文森特(St. Vincent),《数码证人》(Digital Witness), Loma Vista/Republic
5. 用走私野生动物制成的商品到哪里去了?
6. Indeed, everyone from Jennifer Garner, to January Jones and Kylie Jenner have been photographed as they pick out their most spook-worthy pumpkins in time to send October out with a thrill.


1. n. 商标
2. 线索可能隐藏在价格之中:H股很便宜。H股指数市盈率为7倍,低于西班牙(该国失业率达到22%)、巴西(该国依赖大宗商品,因而也依赖中国)以及受中东乱局影响的土耳其和埃及。
3. One explanation could be that significantly more men than women work in the industry’s best-paying fields. A third of men work in private equity orventure capital, investment banking or mergers and acquisitions, andhedge funds compared with only 19 per cent of women.
4. Chinas manufacturing sector last month expanded at the slowest pace since March.
5. Asia and Australia account for 11 of the worlds top 20 most expensive cities, with eight from Europe and one from South America, the Economist Intelligence Units (EIU) worldwide cost of living index found. No North American cities featured in the top 20.
6. 我曾被一位CEO要求雇用一位有着乌黑长发的长腿美眉,虽然她的能力不强。还有一次,我被要求不要雇用有小孩的应聘者,因为企业已经雇用了太多为了看足球赛请假的员工。这种事经常发生。


1. 不包括阿拉斯加和夏威夷在内的美国本土曾在2012年创下温度记录,那年发生过灼人的热浪和干旱。主要是由于东部地区不同寻常地冰冷,才使得2014年的温度对这48个州来说,仅在有记录以来的最暖年度中排名第34。
2. The story of the strong V-shaped recovery of the Chinese economy this year was followed by reports of soaring housing prices in many cities.
3. Asli Erdogan, a novelist of the “dark, pessimistic,” is struggling to process her own grim experience: months in prison.
4. The US remains home to the biggest brands and the value of its top 10 increased by 10 per cent to $1.3tn in 2016. The top 10 UK brands, headed by Vodafone, lost 8 per cent of their value. Those in continental Europe — led by Germany’s SAP software group — rose 5 per cent. Finally, the $360bn value of Asia’s top 10 brands, headed by Tencent, China Mobile and 阿里巴巴, was only 10 per cent lower than the value of the top 10 in continental Europe and the UK combined.
5. [rifrid.reit?]
6. 9. Firefighter


1. 养老保险基金收不抵支的省份正在增多。作为去年养老保险基金入不敷出的6个省份之一,黑龙江的企业养老保险可支付月数最多仅为1个月。
2. 这是007系列影片最佳主题曲之一,但实际上并没有在片头演奏,所以大家把它放在荣誉推荐的第一位。这首浪漫的曲子呼应了影片情节的发展,最终詹皇·邦德遇到了真爱。(可惜他们的恋情维持不久便结束了。)路易斯·阿姆斯特朗运用了他标志性的颤音,听者心弦颤动,一个经典诞生了。
3. Richard Waters
4. Current prosthetic hands do little beyond filling the arm-shaped space between your body and the air. Sure, they can grasp things all right, and they help in balance, but they lack one of the human hands most important abilities—the sense of touch. People with prosthetics cant detect if theyre in contact with an object without looking at it directly.
5. ●"Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Pledge Of Allegiance In Schools Nationwide"
6. n. 商标


1. 引人注目的是,在首次上榜的9所学校中,亚利桑那州立大学(Arizona State University)的WP凯瑞商学院(WP Carey School of Business)成为首次参与此项排名的美国学校,排在第82位。
2. 联想记忆
3. [flimzi]



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