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1. 继1958年瑞典国际足联世界杯之后,本届国际足联世界杯的场均进球数如狂潮般不断刷新。
2. 世界卫生组织宣布小头症及其他神经系统紊乱疾病的爆发构成国际关注的公共卫生紧急事件,呼吁国际社会联手应对。
3. Kellogg/HKUST dominated this ranking from 2009 to 2014 but lost out to Trium in 2014 and to Tsinghua University/Insead in 2015.
4. 在纽约举办了多次其标志性的时装秀之后,内衣品牌维多利亚的秘密又来到伦敦、巴黎、戛纳和洛杉矶举办维密秀,而在2017年,该全球女士内衣行业巨头来到了上海。
5. They may be in opposite corners of the globe, but Hong Kong, Sydney and Vancouver have one thing in common.
6. Hope all your New Year dreams come true!


1. 但是随着朱迪-霍勒迪的回归和安东尼-戴维斯打出历史级别的数据,他们不会差到以至于能够得到上边提到的Fultz,Jackson之流。去年的选秀怎么就没那么好呢!
2. 在定制课程排行榜上,排在第二名瑞士洛桑国际管理发展学院之后的是杜克企业教育学院(Duke Corporate Education)。这是这所美国学校连续第3年位列第三。该校在2014年连续第12年占据定制课程排行榜榜首位置,创下纪录。
3. 汉达·阿亚里(Henda Ayari)
4. 我是否有从一天当中能抽出时间来给自己?大家都需要一点“自我时间”。每天留出一些时间放松一下,做你喜欢做的事情——阅读、冥想、看电视、烹饪、跟你爱的人共享黄金时光等等。
5. 虽然香港、悉尼和温哥华地处全球的不同角落,但是它们有着同一个特征。
6. [institju:t]


1. 成功的创业者在自己创业之前,通常都曾在同一领域的其他企业工作过。在业内工作数年时间,并且找一位优秀的导师,将为你的创业成功奠定坚实的基础。从前辈的错误中总结经验教训,思考如何改进他们的模式。找到愿意引导你的人,然后再考虑自立门户。
2. 单词invigorate 联想记忆:
3. AT&T (T, Fortune 500) approved a stock repurchase of up to 300 million shares worth about $10.5 billion in March. The buyback is the fourth initiative announced over the past three years. Since 2012, when the company started its stock buybacks, it has repurchased 775 million of its shares.
4. 今年2月的时候,在格莱美颁奖典礼上,克里斯汀?韦格和玛蒂?齐格勒为希雅的歌曲《Chandelier》伴舞,希雅背对着观众(图)
5. Spotify, the music streaming service, plans to list existing private shares directly on the New York Stock Exchange as soon as the fourth quarter rather than doing a formal IPO, while other large, well-known tech companies for now were seen as more likely prospects for 2018, bankers said.
6. 如果你有什么问题,就到我的办公室里来讨论,别把我堵在厕所里。


1. 不要为WTO哭泣
2. Prince Mitebs release, less than a month since his arrest, shows the speed at which Saudi Arabia wants to settle the corruption probe that involved the sudden arrests of royals and billionaires such as Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.
3. A partnership with IBM to sell iPads and 苹果s to big corporate customers is just one example of how Apple is looking beyond its own walls more under Mr Cook, something Jobs had resisted.
4. 5.GOOGLE网站管理员工具
5. 9.触屏
6. 请接受我节日的祝贺。


1. 7月,美国国家航空航天局(NASA)宣布发现了一颗类地行星,激发了中国人的想象。
2. Last year was the hottest on earth since record-keeping began in 1880, scientists reported on Friday, underscoring warnings about the risks of runaway greenhouse gas emissions and undermining claims by climate change contrarians that global warming had somehow stopped.
3. Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing



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    信息化+家具业可使效率提高两倍 没有理由不用
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    市场进入调整期 铝合金门窗企业如何规划布局?
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  • 北京发改委:16区疏解腾退空间将全部摸底登记
    改革开放40年我国住房领域发展综述:住有所居 居有所安
    2020-12-30 04:52:09
  • 住房租赁时代 需补供应缺口
    洞庭湖中“私人湖”难拆 真正的利益纠葛是什么
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  • 个税房贷利息抵扣酝酿细则 扣除将采用限额或定额
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  • 谨防“首付贷”换马甲卷土重来
    楼市半年成交量五年最高 预计全年涨幅可达8%至10%
    2020-12-31 04:52:09
  • 北京:胡同来了“一站式”物业服务中心
    截至2018年底 深圳公积金累计缴存总额3112.23亿元
    2021-01-07 04:52:09
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    In 1995 Dutch troops serving as UN peacekeepers failed to prevent Bosnian Serb forces murdering 8,000 Muslim men and boys in the town of Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia.

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    Yes. Mr Meade is the candidate of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI. His main rival is the hard leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a passionate orator who can work a crowd. Mr Meade has a lot to overcome: he will have to convince voters that they can trust him, after he put up petrol prices by 20 per cent overnight in January, triggering a surge in inflation. He will also have to reveal himself as his own man, not just a clone of an unpopular government that has failed spectacularly to rein in rampant corruption and crime. But backed by the formidable PRI get-out-the-vote machine, he could prove unstoppable. In Mexico’s one-round-only system, 30 per cent of the vote might be enough.

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    The University of St Gallen remains top overall, the seventh consecutive year that the Swiss school’s MA in Strategy and International Management has headed the ranking. HEC Paris stays in second place, a position it has held since 2014, while Spain’s IE Business School jumps four places to third.

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    "It struck me as shocking news. As a big fan of Go, I never expected AI to be able to beat a human champion at the current stage of development since its a pretty complicated game," he said. He predicted that "fueled by this victory, capital and talent will flood into the AI sector".

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    Work that requires German language skills also grew significantly during the third quarter of 2016. Those who wish to work as German translators might be in luck these days.

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    Lifes ups and downs

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    The companys stats also show that pop diva Whitney Houstons death in February attracted more interest than Kate.

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    Up to 10,000 copies of the film - a comedy about a fictional CIA plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un - and 500,000 political leaflets are scheduled for a balloon-launch around 26 March.

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