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1. portion
2. “在这种情况下,这些学生的言论自由权利根本没有被侵犯。”
3. Look up "side-splitting humor" in the dictionary and you should probably come across the trailer for Girls Trip, which is the funniest movie of 2017, no contest.
4. According to the search engine, Euro 2012 beat Olympics tickets as the top internet search of the year in the UK, the Sun reported.
5. “在三个月里,我在我的三个女儿身上总共花费了5000英镑。有一件裙子花了我两百美金,她只穿过两次,就长高了、不合身了。——不过我不打算节制开支。”
6. “去年,有120万中国人来澳大利亚旅游,大家预计这将在中澳旅游年期间增长,并将继续增长。”


1. 事发时,Lecent正与其他年轻人一起在Finch大道,Martin Grove路附近的一家酒吧,她被一颗子弹击中,抢救无效死亡。
2. 以下是专家提供的,明年的生存和发展建议:
3. A Saudi Woman Who Got Behind the Wheel and Never Looked Back
4. Information technology was the third largest sector with 18 brands shortlisted. The total value of listed IT brands accounted for 22.5 percent of the list. Average value increased 10 percent. Beijing is the preferred headquarters location for the IT sector, and 12 listed IT brands set their headquarters there.
5. rough
6. The report said there were now 594 dollar billionaires in China, putting China ahead of the United States 535. However, none of Chinas super-rich make it into the global top 20.


1. 有些行业将会比其他的复苏得快一些。像建筑,制造这样的行业可以马上就开始招聘了。然而,零售,旅游,医疗这些依靠客户消费的行业则可能是复苏得最慢的。
2. Imports grew 3.1 per cent year-on-year in dollar terms to $168.6bn in December after growing a revised 4.7 per cent (previously 6.7 per cent) the previous month. That rate was roughly in line with a median forecast of 3 per cent growth.
3. fare
4. As for China, lack or stopped development represents the biggest risk for this country. So it is essential that we maintain steady medium-high growth of our economy and that in itself is China’s contribution to global stability.
5. 基准原油价格上周跌破每桶40美金大关,至六年最低位,导致投资者对大宗商品相关企业和出口国家(包括巴西、俄罗斯和南非)情绪更加黯淡。
6. 1.Nepal


1. Property prices in Hong Kong have surged over the past decade, but hit a peak in September when jitters about China’s economy took hold.
2. This is second major English-language role for the French actress, who co-stars opposite Daniel Craig in Skyfall as the enigmatic Severine. The movie opens Nov. 9 in North America but already is shattering records internationally.
3. 何塞安东尼奥梅亚德(José Antonio Meade)会成为下一任墨西哥总统吗?
4. Some industries will likely pick up faster than others. Industries such as construction and manufacturing will probably begin to hire sooner. Retail, tourism, and hospitality, which depend entirely on consumer spending, will probably be among the last to recover.
5. "Although it may seem counterintuitive, the best way to maximize profits over the long-term is not to make them the primary goal of the business," Mackey said in an interview earlier this year.
6. 从2016年6月1日至2017年6月1日,世界上收入最高的十位模特的税前总收入不算各项费用共计为1.095亿美金。


1. 为编制英国《金融时报》2017年金融硕士课程排行榜而收集的数据显示,在金融领域工作的毕业生当中,性别多样化程度日益上升。
2. n. 营养
3. 9. Firefighter



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    那些原本希翼今年凭借战术策略获得些利益的财务顾问和资产配置人员,也在反复无常的市场中栽了跟头。全美前三位的战术策略产品中,有两款产品几乎因为高达两位数的亏损而崩盘,还有一款产品则因为向公众误报自身历史回报率而受到美国证交会调查。另一家战术产品巨头嘉信理财旗下90亿美金的Windhaven Diversified Growth产品,2014年的回报率几乎为零。战术策略原来不过如此。

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    Prince Mitebs release, less than a month since his arrest, shows the speed at which Saudi Arabia wants to settle the corruption probe that involved the sudden arrests of royals and billionaires such as Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.



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