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1. “疲软的国内需求和大宗商品价格下跌继续拖累中国的进口增长,”澳新银行(ANZ bank)经济学家刘利刚表示。“展望未来,中国的出口行业仍将面临一些重大不利因素。”
2. In a sign that civil service jobs may be losing their appeal, a report issued by recruitment website Zhaopin in late March said more than 10,000 public sector employees, including civil servants and staff members at public institutions, had submitted their resumes to potential employers through the site in just two months. The number was 34 percent higher during the same period last year, the report said.
3. “邦德对待女人的态度是那种高高在上的、肉欲的,这完全符合007系列小说中邦德的形象。但我创作出十分强势的女人,与他难分伯仲地竞争,他的看法由此受到挑战。
4. 怎么玩扑克?
5. 500个品牌来自28个不同国家,其中近半(227个)来自美国。
6. Roles With Bite


1. The registered urban unemployment rate stood at 4.02 percent at year-end 2016, the lowest level in years.
2. Companies that cut support roles during the downturn, the report notes, will be "adding staff to help make departments more productive and efficient." That trend may herald a happy new year for job hunters.
3. episode
4. 她还表示,由于西方一些国家的经济条件和反移民情绪,许多中国学生发现现在很难留在这些国家。
5. Sarah O’Connor is employment correspondent
6. 噢,卡梅隆,真希翼你还有高中时的风采,因为那时的你是史诗般的存在。


1. In contrast to Hunter’s, her Piano co-star Anna Paquin’s Oscar seems to have no fixed abode, flitting between her sock drawer and on the floor next to her boots.
2. 下载微信之后,用户会收到提示,让他们用自己的QQ账号或手机号注册。随后微信利用用户手机通讯录里已有的条目来充实联络人列表。进行交流时,用户可以上传任何照片或视频到手机上,也可以拍摄新的照片和视频,或是按下一个按钮录制一条语音信息,信息的传送几乎是实时的。语音信息可以回放,信息最后有短暂的哔声,模仿无线电对讲机那种即时联络的感觉。
3. It was visible in practically every brand that edged from the 1960s to 1970s for the season currently in stores, including Alberta Ferretti, Pucci and Etro.
4. "Martial arts are highlighted in the TV series. The actors performed real kung fu," a Douban user Weishenmeyaoxuefa said.
5. 川普与中国的贸易战
6. Perhaps in response, at the start of 2017, Chinas media regulator quietly began including service fees charged by online ticketing companies when reporting box-office figures.


1. The former pupil at Audenshaws Poplar Street Primary is studying at Withington Girls School and starts at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls in September. She lives with her parents, Neelanga and Shiromi, who moved to Manchester from Sri Lanka in 2001. Dad Neelanga, 44, praised Nishis first teachers at Poplar Street Primary. He said: We knew very early on that she was gifted. She started reading and writing very early and was became very good at mathematics. We gave her challenging, interesting things to do. As a parent, you do not want their talents to be wasted, but there has to be a balance with their childhood. She is just a normal 10-year-old, just like any other 10-year-old really. She loves reading, cycling and walking, and were all very proud of her.
2. Her device uses carbon nanotubes to detect the presence of lead. Thousands of US water systems are reportedly contaminated by lead.
3. 此外,她还指出同工同酬的问题。她表示这不仅仅是女性的问题,这实际影响到每一个人。希拉里表示:"如果你有妻子,母亲,姐妹,女儿,她们在工作中没有被公平对待,那么整个家庭都会为此受影响。"
4. [stre?θ?n]
5. Based on the childrens books that goes by the same name, this movie follows the adventures of Mowgli through the Jungle as he tries to discover himself. He comes across several creatures in the Jungle, played by various actors, who make his journey difficult.
6. 在第三场也是最后一场总统候选人辩论中,奥巴马就外交政策发起攻势,一再指责罗姆尼在重大国际问题上的立场不坚定,但未能给他对手迅速崛起的竞选活动一个致命打击。


1. 在这个力求避免任何歧视的态度的年代,年轻一代开始不满邦德的大男子主义态度和不健康的生活方式,因此赫洛维兹引入了一系列会指出邦德错误的新人物。
2. n. 隧道,地道
3. 选择出国继续学习的学生比例也出现小幅下降,由去年的4.8%下降至3.4%。



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