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1. 德马库斯-考辛斯、塞尔吉-伊巴卡和路易斯-威廉姆斯的交易早在截止时间——美国东部时间周四下午3点之前就已经完成了,在余下完成压哨交易的角色球员里,只有像泰-吉布森和PJ-塔克算是相对大牌的球员了。
2. The S&P 500’s total return of 14% this year was 40% higher than its 25-year average annual gain. Wall Street’s chief strategists spent much of the last 12 months revising their targets higher from behind. The index printed over 50 all-time record closes, with nearly all investment management professionals racing to at least pull even. A few characteristics made the U.S. stock market particularly difficult to keep up with this year.
3. According to Oliver Cooke, a financial-services recruiter at Selby Jennings in New York, banks have been stressing what they call “internal mobility”, or redeploying staff from one department to another. If a bank facing sluggish conditions in debt trading, for example, can convert a trader to a risk analyst or a compliance officer, it can keep people interested — and it can save a bundle on severance.
4. ?The Aston Martin doesnt hurt. Not at all. Neither does dropping tons of cash at exotic casinos -- throwing money around makes men more attractive to women who are interested in flings. And, like Bond, men who gamble with women around are better at it.
5. Self-driving cars, selfie sticks, drones, touchscreen devices, e-cigarettes, jetpacks, and many other things seem like fairly modern inventions. Indeed, most of their "inventors" list them as newly invented and even go as far as seeking patents. But the fact is, many of these "inventions" have already been in existence for quite some time. They may have earlier lookalikes that ended up not going into production or that went into limited production due to one reason or another. Some also made it into full production but were recalled due to poor sales.
6. 尽管看起来有着大量的目标核对工作,但在5月7日,中国驻贝尔格莱德的大使馆却被从美国空军B-2幽灵轰炸机上发射的五枚卫星制导联合直接攻击弹药击中。三名中国记者——新华社记者邵云环,光明日报记者许杏虎和他的妻子朱颖在袭击中身亡。另外20名中国公民受伤5人伤势严重。


1. 《那年花开月正圆》并非改编自小说,而是基于真实人物女商人周莹的故事拍摄的。周莹生在清代(1644-1911),是当时的陕西省女首富。
2. Intel
3. 而在进口一侧,不论以人民币还是美金计,情况都愈发糟糕。
4. Fund shareholders weren’t wasting any time reacting to this year of disappointment. Collectively, they’ve added just $35 billion to active stock-picking funds in the last 11 months, less than a quarter of the $162 billion they added in 2013, which was the first year of positive flows for the industry since 2007. This is not to say that they were sitting still. ETFs and passive index funds took in over $206 billion in net deposits through Thanksgiving, and Vanguard surpassed the $3 trillion mark sometime in late summer. Investors seem to have decided that they’d rather bet on the horses than the jockeys, after all.
5. [?pi?r?ns]
6. combat


1. 在其他小孩想方设法逃课、不做作业的时候,玛蒂却对学业热情饱满,因为她不想自己成为又一个“愚蠢的舞者”。
2. They boast two of the biggest fan bases in the world.But it was Shawn Mendes who reigned supreme during the 2017 Europe Music Awards 2017, held inside Londons SSE Arena, Wembley, on Sunday night, as Taylor Swift lost out in all five of her categories.
3. Caveat Lector! Ten Predictions for 2010
4. C罗巨无霸般的收入主要来源于两部分。一部分是他效力于西班牙豪门皇家马德里挣得的令人眼红的3850万英镑的年薪。另一部分来源于他为耐克、豪雅表和营养品企业康宝莱代言带来的总计2200万英镑的代言费。
5. 最近两年你都没有涨薪水
6. A shortage of qualified supply chain managers right now, especially in global companies that must coordinate far-flung operations, can be traced to two factors.


1. The base hopes to keep up public awareness of pandas and the necessity of conservation of their natural habitats while Increasing the wild population by reintroducing individuals into areas in China where populations have declined.
2. The World Health Organization this year declared H1N1 a global epidemic. Fortunately, it is much less threatening than people previously believed, and newly introduced vaccines seem to have quelled lingering fears.
3. “I saw a woman die and I saw the president of the United States refuse to unequivocally condemn the people who killed her.”
4. 平均工作经验:费城班10年,旧金山班12年
5. 内森是少数几位在夜间拍卖会上积极出价的交易商之一。他在佳士得的拍卖会上代表一位客户以50.65万英镑拍下了查尔斯-安东尼·夸佩尔(Charles-Antoine Coypel)1737年的画作《阿米达宫的毁灭》(The Destruction of the Palace of Armida),售价是预估价的两倍。
6. Online peer-to-peer lending platforms have expanded rapidly in China, along with fraud cases.


1. A sequel to X Men: Days of Future Past, the latest instalment in the X Men series will see them fight the villain Apocalypse. The movie might see the return of a few older characters and a lot of new ones. We dont really know anymore than that, but it is going to be one amazing film, thats for sure.
2. 在美国,纽约州、加利福尼亚州和得克萨斯州获得最多投资。中国企业在头号投资目的地纽约投资54亿美金,其中大部分投入三笔大规模金融服务和房地产交易。
3. vi. 自制



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