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1. But the developments also point to the vast gap in the use of such cases between the US and EU, where a debate is under way over whether to grant China “market economy” status in the World Trade Organisation, a concession that would make it even harder to bring anti-dumping cases.
2. 在排行榜19年历史上,这是首次出现由两所院校包揽这两项排名头两名的情况。
3. Christopher Nolans World War II feature is probably just about the front runner for best film.
4. Henda Ayari created a storm when she denounced radical Islam. Now, inspired by the #MeToo campaign, she has accused an Oxford professor of rape.
5. Morocco is home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, mainly ancient towns and old city ruins, making it a decent choice for history lovers.
6. commerce商业+ial表形容词,“有…的”→商业的


1. The president lashed out at the UN on Sunday for voicing human rights concerns over his war on drugs, saying the Philippines might leave the organisation and form a new body with China and African nations.
2. 为了让故事更符合现代读者的口味,新作加入了一些“小花样”,包括吸烟会导致癌症的广告词以及一位跟邦德不相上下的女性。
3. Programming these same signals into artificial human limbs would give amputees replacement hands unlike anything weve developed before.
4. Banks, asset managers and insurance companies have flocked from mainland China to acquire prime Hong Kong office buildings, prompting the territory’s government to announce it will release more land for commercial redevelopment in the oversubscribed heart of the city.
5. We must make dedicated efforts to deliver services to the people, resolve the difficulties they face, promote social equity and justice, and demonstrate that development does better people’s lives.
6. n. 枝,杆,手杖


1. Most Catholics (60 percent) and white non-evangelical Protestants (65 percent) say they believe disasters like hurricanes and floods are the result of climate change.
2. They expect the heat to get much worse over coming decades, but already it is killing forests around the world, driving plants and animals to extinction, melting land ice and causing the seas to rise at an accelerating pace.
3. 尽管中国国内经济放缓,中国对欧洲和美国的投资却达到创纪录高位。
4. 上榜的12所美国学院平均而言是性别比例最为平衡的,女性学员比例为48%。
5. 据《新京报》报道,今年我国高校毕业生达765万人,创历史新高。此外,中职毕业生达435万人,应届毕业生总人数达1200万。
6. 《请以你的名字呼唤我》


1. 4. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之神经科学奖
2. 据一份全球报告显示,2016年,在富裕国家工作的打工人员往家乡汇款近5000亿美金,通过提供金融稳定、教育机会、住房和医疗保健等来帮助家庭摆脱贫困。
3. [s?r?git]
4. Kellogg/HKUST dominated this ranking from 2009 to 2014 but lost out to Trium in 2014 and to Tsinghua University/Insead in 2015.
5. Instead it ticked upward slightly to 8.3 per cent.
6. The winter holiday season will help thin the herd, but the true litmus test will be when a company can introduce a wearable that passes the “turnaround test,” Gilbert says—when a person walks a few steps from their front door and decides to turn around to retrieve a forgotten wearable device like they would a forgotten wallet, keys, or phone.


1. 根据近日发布的《第13次国际年度住房负担能力调查:2017》显示,这三座城市高居世界最不可购性房屋市场的前三甲。
2. 很难想象《迷失》中若是没有杰克·谢帕德作主角,这部剧会变成什么样。大概只有编剧真的这样写了,大家才会知道答案吧。美国广播企业引进这部剧后,杰克·谢帕德这一角色本该在坠机事件中遇难,接着将由凯特在这部剧中担任更多的领导角色。
3. 彭博(Bloomberg)软性大宗商品指数上涨21%,工业金属和能源指数则分别上涨24%和1.5%。



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    我国出口形势严峻 出口儿童家具“飞单”隐患多
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  • 房企转型“成绩单”:几家欢喜几家愁
    华北今冬再战雾霾 20城水泥钢厂等三类企业限时停产
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  • 统计局:1-5月份全国规模以上工业企业利润数据真实可靠
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