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1. For both, opponents are enemies rather than fellow citizens who think differently.
2. 2.富国银行
3. 据《21世纪经济报道》称,广东去年的GDP增速为7.5%。
4. Attractions: Food, culture and scary stories
5. Wang Ki-young, a director at South Korea’s culture ministry, said on Friday that Chinese authorities had ordered tourism agencies in Beijing to halt tours to South Korea from mid-March. Mr Wang said the move would be expanded to other provinces.
6. 在即将结束的2014年,标普500指数再次实现亮眼增长,而那些本欲跑赢该指数的基金经理们,表现则没那么出色。Lipper企业称,截止11月底,85%的活跃股票型共同基金经理业绩低于标普500指数。而在正常的年份里,跑赢该指数的基金经理比例是今年的两倍,也就是说,通常只有约三分之二的基金表现不如标普500指数。Lipper企业称,这是30年来活跃基金经理相对大盘表现最差的一年。


1. 施普林格自然集团细胞生物学和生物化学编辑部主任皮特?巴特勒对上海澎湃资讯网站表示:“这些论文提交的评审人建议中,使用了评审人的真实姓名,但假冒了其电子邮件地址。”
2. 周四,胡润研究院发布了品牌榜单,估价447亿美金的Tencent成为今年最有价值的中国品牌,这是Tencent连续第二次位居榜首了。
3. 优秀老板看起来都会拥有的一个关键是:他们都是解决问题的高手。他们不仅能够发现问题,并能头脑风暴出成功创新的方法来解决问题。
4. “LBS has a great student body, very diverse in terms of nationality, competitive and intelligent,” commented one American graduate from the class of 2012. “It also gave me the opportunity to study in the US [on exchange] without having to do a purely US-focused American MBA.”
5. 《失常》,导演查理·考夫曼(Charlie Kaufman)与杜克·约翰逊(Duke Johnson)。
6. Despite the confusion, executive producer Ed Razek has commended the Chinese partners as “wonderful and enthusiastic hosts.”


1. An international medical journals retraction of 107 research papers from China, many of them by clinical doctors, has reignited concerns over academic credibility in the country.
2. Xi Jinping and other leadershave made it clear that China is willing to accept a slower growth pace if thiswill allow for a more sustainable, consumer-driven expansion of its economy.Some prognosticators are quick to conclude that China’s economy will soonsignificantly slow down, especially because China’s economy has sputteredfollowing prior instances when the nation’s leaders have effected suchfundamental economic reforms (such as in 1978 and 1993).
3. 由于新出口订单增幅与上月基本持平,新订单总量增长趋缓。但就业流失加速,投入品价格增幅收窄,企业对客户收取的价格略有回升。
4. administration
5. Dachis says: 2011 saw a huge bounce for Dominos in brand enthusiasm from their brand relaunch which 2012 just couldn’t match. It’s a shame they can’t redesign their recipes every year.
6. “An employee sent his boss a text message to say he was leaving.”


1. “My manifesto with Summly was to get our technology into as many users’ hands as possible,” Mr D’Aloisio said, pointing to Yahoo’s hundreds of millions of users. “With Yahoo’s reputation as a content portal, we have an opportunity to fundamentally change the way content is consumed.”
2. “伦敦商学院拥有优秀的学员群体,国籍非常多样化,具有竞争力和聪明才智,”一位2012级的美国毕业学员评论道:“它也给了我无需参加单纯聚焦美国的美国MBA课程就能(通过交换)在美国学习的机会。”
3. Mr Ford, founder of a Silicon Valley software development company, suggests “a fundamental restructuring of our economic rules” may be needed to mitigate the impact of the advance of robotics and automation. He proposes a guaranteed minimum basic income — or “citizen’s dividend” — as one radical remedy.
4. 这是自去年9月以来进口最大单月跌幅,也意味着中国进口已在过去15个月里连续同比收缩。
5. There are merely citizens whose choices not only may, but surely will, change.
6. Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence party, has not advanced so far because it has proved harder to capture the UK’s party-based institutions than it is the US presidency.


1. 活跃的ETF市场将取决于基于收费的分销网络的发展。富达国际(Fidelity International)亚太区董事总经理陶博宏(Mark Talbot)表示,分销基础设施正抑制零售需求。
2. 眼下,合格的供应链经理极度缺乏,在那些分支机构遍布全球的跨国企业中尤其如此。究其原因,不外以下两点。
3. During the summers, Good Humor ice cream trucks visit the companys campuses every other Friday during lunchtime. In the fall, cider and doughnuts are served twice a month, mid-morning.



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