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1. 复仇史诗影片《荒野猎人》获评剧情类最佳影片。小李子和导演伊纳里图一同上台领奖。
2. Brands vs the market
3. The Divergent Star Shailene Woodley top the list of most beautiful women of 2015. The young Hollywood star found breakthrough success in The Descendants (2011). She was considered one of the “55 Faces of the Future” by Nylon Magazines Young Hollywood Issue.
4. An odd assortment of S&P sectors led the market higher this year, with some strange bedfellows atop the leaderboard. Even if a manager had foreseen that the healthcare sector would gain 27% this year, would they have guessed that utilities would be in the No. 2 slot, with gains of 23%? Unlikely.
5. 周二发布的官方数据显示,中国的出口在今年10月出现了连续第二个月收缩,这表明内需是PPI上涨的主要推动因素。
6. Buyers and Sellers


1. 评审委员会(就我一人)花了几周的时间来决定王室、政界以及明星当中谁应该获得一枚令人难堪的奖章,以表彰他们过去一年严重违反礼仪或行为失态的表现。
2. 2. Marc Fabers Doomsday warning on Bernankes disastrous QE scheme
3. I experienced this pessimism personally in Davos in January 2014. Several leading western intellectuals asked me whether war would break out between China and Japan. I was so confident that there would be no war in east Asia that I offered to take bets with ten-to-one odds against myself with eminent western journalists. Two took up my bets. And I will be collecting on these bets when I return to Davos in January.
4. It also said 98 percent of government-sponsored students returned to China. Government-sponsored students who study abroad have chosen to pursue disciplines most needed in China, including engineering, the pure sciences, agriculture and medical science.
5. n. 前进,飞行速度,进展,(前后两车间的)车间时距
6. 倒灌啤酒机


1. [nju:trin]
2. Agents and investment institutions are now flooding the sector, causing additional changes to the platforms in the worlds second-largest economy, the report said.
3. Some of the leaked photos and videos can still be found on Chinese social media as of press time.
4. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced the plans for the new redesign Wednesday. Lew said the Treasury Department will launch a social media campaign dubbed "The New 10" to solicit ideas on whose portrait should be chosen for the new bill, along with a series of public meetings. He will reveal his decision sometime this year.
5. 本周一,研究小组表示,根据遗骨可以看出,理查三世患有严重的脊柱侧弯,或者说脊柱弯曲。这会让他十分痛苦,还会导致右肩比左肩高,但莎士比亚的《理查三世》中描述的枯萎的手臂却无从证实。
6. 女王每次都是飞机一停就像子弹一样迅速下飞机。


1. 安娜上班的地方位于富人区的一家购物中心的车库,她抱怨道:“我去上班的路上要多花费一小时,但我却得不到一个现场看球的机会。“
2. [k?ud]
3. n. 社交聚会
4. The lyrics are stupid, but who cares? Tom Jones sings like nobodys business, and pounds the theme to Thunderball out with a silky energy. Its powerful but alluring. This is the sort of song you imagine Bond would play on a jukebox when hes about to seduce you. There are better James Bond theme songs, but none from a male singer. Tom Jones and James Bond probably go out for dry martinis together all the time. Theyre the perfect pair.
5. Rather than strangling the doctor (difficult, due to his injury) Jalava took the corny line as inspiration. He decided to go ahead and actually build a prosthetic finger that contains two gigabytes of digital storage. He can now jack his finger into a computer just by peeling back the nail to expose the USB plug. He can also remove the entire finger at any time and hand it to a friend to use.
6. 这枚奖牌在拍卖会上以95万美金的价格成交,但是需要额外支付的买方佣金使得最终的拍卖价格达到116万美金。


1. Swift has also been having quite the year, claiming the No. 2 spot with $80 million. More than a year after the launch of 1989—the top release of 2014 with over 3.6 million copies sold—her latest single, “Wildest Dreams,” has ascended to the top of the charts, boosted by a music video with Scott Eastwood. But it was the beginning of her epic 1989 World Tour that placed her so close to the top of this list.
2. 而或许更引人关注的问题是,雅虎究竟为何决定拿出3,000万美金来收购一款手机应用呢?诚然,Summly的文本精炼能力与新战略下的雅虎对移动设备的侧重不谋而合。伴随着以11亿美金对轻博客的收购,以及广受好评的新款天气应用的推出,SummlyApp的加入见证了雅虎占领智能手机领域的坚定决心,以及为爱使手机的年轻消费者提供优质服务的不懈努力。
3. rough



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