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1. Gongloff piles on the bad news about 2014: GDP grew at a 1.8% annualized pace in the first quarter ... revising down its earlier estimate of 2.4% growth ... The first quarters dismal growth was at least better than the 0.4% GDP growth of the fourth quarter of 2012. But it was still far from healthy, and economists dont see it getting much stronger any time soon. And thats real bad news for the markets going into 2014.
2. ec出,centri中心一出中心一古怪的;离心的
3. In the heart of Wan Chai, on one of Hong Kong’s busiest streets, stands a 33-storey office tower that earlier this year became the second most expensive property to change hands in a city that boasts the world’s costliest property market.
4. Those with 3-years of driving experience and no records of traffic accident crimes, dangerous driving, drugs or drink driving will be allowed to take examinations for online-driving services.
5. 怎么挑染头发
6. 中国的旅游业官员正力图在2014年扭转入境游客减少的情况,专家认为,如果能对其过时的旅行团进行改进并降低票价,这一计划就有可能实现。


1. Murder on the Orient Express
2. 苹果企业和中国移动之间的协议尘埃落定之后,有关苹果下一款重大产品发布的供应链传言又开始浮现。Digitimes报道称,据“上游供应链的消息”,苹果企业正酝酿在明年5月发布一款5英寸屏幕的苹果 6“平板手机”,在明年10月发布一款大尺寸平板电脑。
3. Tesla:In an effort to blunt criticism about slow refueling times for battery-powered cars, Tesla TSLA -1.54% starts to roll out of a network of battery-swap stations. CEO Elon Musk must hope he can outdo Shai Agassi’s Better Place, which tried to build a whole company around battery-swaps before going bankrupt in 2013.
4. In early November the government further tightened controls over outbound investment by requiring regulatory approval for some foreign acquisitions conducted through an offshore entity.
5. "Demolitions are now becoming increasingly terrible. I am willing to ask a question very seriously as a CPPCC National Committee member: Can we not pay so much attention to GDP? Can we choose to slow down the speed of economic development?" CUI YONGYUAN, member of the CPPCC National Committee and TV host
6. 7. Political wars guarantee intense volatility through 2014-2016 elections


1. Mr Yao, 46, is based in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen and first made his fortune in real estate. But it was his Baoneng Group’s foray into insurance and subsequent raid on Vanke, a cross-city property rival, that fuelled the estimated ninefold increase in his net worth in the space of a year.
2. 节目4 小品《我要上春晚》,周炜 刘大成 石头 张尧等
3. adj. 犯罪的,刑事的,违法的
4. 微软 Corp., Toyota Motor Corp., IBM Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., 亚马逊.com Inc., Mercedes-Benz and General Electric Co. were also on the Top 10 list, according to Interbrands 2016 Best Global Brands report.
5. The rise of ephemeral social networks
6. “这是大家租户运动生死攸关的时刻,”大都会住宅委员会(Metropolitan Council on Housing)的项目总监伊拉娜·迈尔(Ilana Maier)说,“如果大家现在不能大举强化规定,那么这些政策在十年内都发挥不了作用。”


1. 银行家们表示,音乐流媒体服务Spotify计划最早第四季度在纽约证券交易所(NYSE)直接上市其现有的非公开发行股票,而不走正式的IPO程序,而其他大型知名科技企业则被视为更有可能在2018年上市。
2. 威廉凯特夫妇多次让加拿大人等候多时,例如,抵达加拿大时,两人花了20分钟时间才从飞机上下来接受加方欢迎团队的问候。
3. 添加一些个性元素。把自己家人的照片或东西放在桌子上可以提醒你为什么你要努力工作。
4. A womans portrait has not been printed on U.S. paper money since 1896, when Martha Washington, the wife of the first U.S. president, was shown on a one dollar silver certificate.
5. Age: 44
6. "Its a goal thats right here and now and its something that we want to experience," Curry said. "Itd be a huge accomplishment because doing something that hasnt been done in the history of the league is special. You never know if this opportunity will come back again. There are so many variables that go into winning this many in a row, especially the start of the season."


1. The latest commerce ministry figures do not include real estate purchases by individuals, many of whom exploit loopholes in Chinas capital control regime to obtain foreign currency. But the foreign exchange regulator has recently moved to close such loopholes, notably by tightening control of forex purchases by individuals, who are allowed to exchange $50,000 worth of renminbi for foreign currency each year.
2. As a result, 39 percent of the post-90s generation tries to avoid the negative effects of mobile phone use through measures like turning off app notifications, intentionally limiting the frequency of social media interactions and staying away from social media entirely in certain situations.
3. 尽管脸书在中国被屏蔽,Tencent还是将微信同脸书连接起来,这意味着中国以外的用户可以同时使用微信和世界上最流行的社交网络。在印尼、泰国和菲律宾等东南亚国家,这对Tencent是有好处的,因为这些国家拥有很多脸书用户。Tencent针对这三个市场都推出了各自语言版本的微信。



  • 10家上市企业坐拥近4000亿投资性房产 一年“炒房”赚超百亿
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    2021-01-06 04:45:21
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  • 新一轮保障房审计结果:5.75万套保障房为空置房
    2021-01-01 04:45:21
  • 北京首家e服务大厅助力4万余人次完成电子化申请 营业执照自助领取3分钟搞定
    深圳7月楼市价量齐跌 开发商为后市蓄力
    2021-01-12 04:45:21
  • 陕西第3季度质量监督抽查15批次水嘴不达标
    2021-01-02 04:45:21
  • 油退水进功能为王 涂料行业巨变在即
    2021-01-12 04:45:21
  • 口碑or盈利 物业企业各择其路
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  • 适应市场变化 门窗企业需学会当机立断
    LED市场硝烟弥漫 企业六大手段“战江湖”
    2021-01-06 04:45:21
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    Amid rising pollution and a strengthening yuan, the capital city saw its tourist numbers drop to 4.20 million visits from January to November from 5.01 million visits in 2012, according to China Daily, citing a report from China Tourism Academy and Beijing Commission of Tourism Development. An earlier report based on a survey of domestic travel agents showed that visitors to the capital declined by roughly 50% in the first three-quarters of the year compared with a year earlier.

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    The first time an influenza virus was found to be transmitted directly from birds to people, with infections linked to exposure to poultry markets. Six people in Hong Kong died. This virus was different because it moved directly from chickens to people, rather than having been altered by infecting pigs as an intermediate host. In addition, many of the most severe illnesses occurred in young adults similar to illnesses caused by the 1918 Spanish flu virus.

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    Over 10- and 20-year stretches, geographic and asset class diversification have proven beneficial for returns and risk management. Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed to see the benefits of such a strategy during any 12-month period. In an era of 140-character writing and two-minute video, should we be surprised that investors have trouble judging the success of their portfolios over long periods?

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    The worlds first flying bicycle flew on November 9, 1961, when Derek Pigott of the University of Southampton flew in a bicycle with an airplane-like body. It was called the Southampton University Man Powered Aircraft (sumpac). Derek furiously pedaled the air-bike to get it off the ground. It then flew 1.8 meters (about 6 ft) above the ground over a distance of 64 meters (210 ft). While the flight was short and slow, it still does not change the fact that it was the first bicycle to fly and at the same time, the first human-powered flight.

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    很多明星获得的小金人都被放在了父母身边,安吉丽娜·朱莉(Angeline Jolie)已故的母亲多年来一直保存着女儿因影片《女生向前走》(Girl)获得的最佳女配角奖杯。妮可·基德曼(Nicole Kidman)因影片《时时刻刻》(《The Hours》)获得了最佳女主角奖,奖杯就放在她父母家中的壁炉台上,来串门的邻居都可以看到。詹妮弗·劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence)于2013年凭借《乌云背后的幸福线》(Silver Linings Playbook)获得第85届奥斯卡最佳女主角,奖杯放在她父母家中的钢琴上。

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