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1. Chinas Internet celebrities are estimated to create a whopping 58 billion market in 2016, far surpassing the 44 billion yuan in box office sales generated last year, according to an industry report.
2. 9.Be Honest
3. 据上周一发布的全球创新指数显示,中国成为首个跻身世界最具创新力经济体25强的中等收入国家。
4. I did not create the characters inAldnoah. I made the mainframe of the story until the preliminary version. Butin fact Inahos character is different than what I wrote. I dont really have aconnection with this character, so this is an exception.
5. For the dynasties that flourished in China around 1,700 years ago "the conquest and effective governance of Kucha would enable them to control all the oasis city-states in the Western Frontiers," the researchers said.
6. 3.《绝望主妇》灵感来源于安德烈·耶茨案


1. Most entrepreneurs (78 per cent)used savings or relied on friends and family to raise all or part of their start-up funds. Angel financing was also a source for a quarter of entrepreneurs.
2. unstable
3. For co-founder Harper, a top priority for the next 12 months is shoring up Bigcommerce’s internal technical talent and creating services that help merchants build closer customer relationships. One example is offering data that helps store managers track “abandoned carts” and offer deals that help turn browsers into buyers. This can help merchants quickly add 15% to their monthly sales, he said.
4. Allow me to congratulate you on the arrival of the New Year and to extend to you all my best wishes for your perfect health and lasting prosperity.
5. Agriculture/forestry/husbandry/fishery and the service industry offer the lowest pay to new grads, at 3,347 and 3,115 yuan a month on average.
6. 5)我支撑你:大家都犯过大错误。此时,不要回避,要对对方说一些肯定的话语:“我不是在说你不行。你会度过这个难关的。你不是一个人在战斗。大家将一起解决此事。一切都会没事的。”


1. 随着新款苹果不断刷新自己的发售纪录,库克推出了Apple Watch和Apple Pay等产品,引领苹果进入时尚界和金融界,让这家企业再度焕发出许多人担心已和乔布斯一同逝去的创新精神。苹果今年一年市值的增长,就接近GOOGLE(谷歌)的整体市值。
2. "All of these lists together speak a lot about 2010, and the revolutions in politics and technology of the year," Chan said.
3. ‘Jordan,’ ‘harley,’ ‘robert,’ ‘matthew,’ ‘daniel,’ ‘andrew,’ ‘andrea,’ and ‘joshua’ all made it on the list – along with ‘football,’ and ‘lakers.’
4. Everyone was hugely cheered that global greenhouse gas emissions were flat between 2014 and 2016, even though recorded global growth was OK. The trouble is that this wasn’t the improvement in global economic efficiency everyone celebrated, but just a slowdown in northern China. As this part of the world recovered its economic mojo in 2017, carbon dioxide levels began to rise again.
5. 排行榜的最新单曲有Shawn的《Theres Nothing Holdin Me Back》,击败DJ Khaled 的《Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna》和Ed Sheeran的热播曲目《shape of you》,以及放了播破纪录Addy Yankee & Luis Fonsi的《Despacito》。
6. 10、《星球大战:侠盗一号》


1. 《琅琊榜》的意外爆红让这部戏成为2015年秋季档电视剧中的翘楚。同样改编自网络小说(海晏著)的《琅琊榜》2015年9月首播。该剧由胡歌、刘涛等人主演,讲诉了才冠绝伦的谋士梅长苏为昭雪多年冤案进行的一系列斗争。虚构的人物和朝代让改编剧集巧妙地躲过了历史准确性上的责难。它精美的场景布置和无懈可击的故事情节受到了广大观众的一致好评。
2. We will continue to transform government function.
3. 科比·布莱恩特
4. 在春运期间,国内的交通运输将面临极大的挑战,车票供小于求。铁路局会采取多种措施来应对春运压力,比如开设临客(L字头的列车)、延长售票时间以及开设更多的售票点。
5. Among 36,000 who have reached celebrity status on the Internet, 74 percent are women and 87.8 percent are between 17 to 33 years old, while 89 percent have a college education. Followers are also getting younger and better educated, with 77.8 percent in the 17-to-33 age group and 75 percent with a higher education.
6. Mazda wins the award for Best Car Brand. The automotive press has always loved Mazdas for their performance, but the Mazda cars on the road today earn positive reviews for their well-made interiors as well as their athletic driving dynamics. The 2016 Mazda3, pictured here, is in the top tier of the U.S. News compact car rankings, with most car reviewers recommending it for its nimble handling, strong acceleration and upscale interior.


1. Angola, Zimbabwe and Albania experienced the largest increases across all the countries surveyed. "On a regional basis, by far the largest gains in life evaluations in terms of the prevalence and size of the increases have been in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in Sub-Saharan Africa", the report said. Reduced levels of corruption also contributed to the rise.
2. 入围名单以聚焦科技业的图书为主,Basic Books和Oneworld Publications出版的《机器人的崛起:大规模失业的威胁与科技》最终战胜了强大的对手。
3. "We hold ourselves to a very high standard," Curry said. "We didnt put any pressure on them defensively in the third quarter. We were sloppy on a couple of possessions offensively and gave them life. Those are things we need to improve on. Everyone likes to learn those lessons in wins."



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