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1. initially
2. NASAs announcement of its discovery of an Earthlike planet in July captivated the Chinese imagination.
3. The 微软 founders net worth is $86 billion, up from $75 billion last year.
4. 读:蕾丝(花边)
5. With U.S. e-commerce activity approaching 10% of all retail sales, more merchants are shopping around for easy-to-use platforms that get them selling online quickly.
6. At the last minute he opted instead for Teach First, the educational charity that has become the UK’s biggest recruiter of new graduates. Rather than parachuting into companies that needed restructuring, Mr Ravenscroft started teaching business and economics at Cardinal Pole School, which serves 11-19 year old boys and girls in Hackney, east London.


1. 这项预计于2016年1月1日生效的修正案,包含一个子条款:为生二孩的夫妻延长生育假和其它福利。这些政策有望提高一些夫妻生二孩的意愿。然而,由于抚养两个孩子的成本会更高,并且女性生二胎还要担心企业老板会有看法,所以许多夫妇都表示不愿意再生。
2. [.?:θ?raizein]
3. But even in a bad economy some jobs are just not worth it. Are there any telltale signs you should be looking for when trying to decide if you throw in the towel? Here are ten signs to look for to determine if its time to find a new job:
4. During the same period, Braziland Russia slashed their holdings to USD 261.7 billion and USD 108.9 billion,respectively.
5. 3. Enlisted military personnel
6. 其实,在第一部苹果手机发布的前一年,LG集团已经推出了全触屏手机。虽然那也不是第一台触屏手机。1992年,世界上第一台触屏手机IBM Simon发布。而触屏技术在"西蒙"之前已经出现。1965年,E·A·约翰逊发明了第一个触屏设备——平板电脑,截止到1995年,一直由空中交通管制员使用。本特·斯顿普和弗兰克·贝克(Frank Beck)在20世纪70年代早期发明了电容式触屏,与约翰逊所发明触屏不同的是,它不能用手指操作,而是需要使用触控笔。在1971年,山姆·赫斯特发明了第一台电阻式触屏,他称之为"电子图表"。手指和触控笔都可以对它进行操作。在1985年,惠普企业发明了世界上第一台触屏电脑H-P150。在1993年,苹果企业也发布了第一个触屏设备——牛顿个人电子助理设备。但此产品并不成功,它的销量很低。


1. Most Catholics (60 percent) and white non-evangelical Protestants (65 percent) say they believe disasters like hurricanes and floods are the result of climate change.
2. Economic forecasters are counting on 2014 to be a breakout year. But whether the economy finally moves past its sluggish growth will rest on several forces playing out differently than they have since the recovery began. Some of the key questions:
3. 第四步 提醒所有人“你们其实是蠢货”
4. 何塞安东尼奥梅亚德(José Antonio Meade)会成为下一任墨西哥总统吗?
5. 碧昂斯与妮琪·米娜(Nicki Minaj),《完美》(Flawless, Remix),Parkwood/Columbia
6. The Brexit trade uncertainty


1. 源于:Turkey土耳其,火鸡原产于土耳其地区。
2. 有7所商学院在过去一两年落榜后重新上榜。
3. What’s more, a Fiat engine not only places among Wards’ top 10 for the first time, it’s for an electric motor, the 83-kW unit found under the hood of the diminutive 500e. Unfortunately the car is only sold in California, though market forces might convince the automaker to send it into wider distribution should gas prices gain spike up to the $4.00/gallon mark or above.
4. 6、沉溺于社交媒体
5. At school, even in kindergarten, you teach us to behave in the world. You teach us: not to fight with others, to respect others, to clean up our mess, not to hurt other creatures, to share - not be greedy. 在学校,甚至在幼稚园,你们大人教大家如何处世,你们告诉大家不要打架,要敬重对方。找出答案,解决矛盾。去分享,而不是贪婪。
6. 一份产业报告显示,随着国内手机制造商加快创新,国产品牌手机仍占据国内手机出货量的主要份额。


1. 《佛罗里达乐园》
2. After a run with One Direction, Harry Styles could have gone anywhere he wanted.
3. The computer is a very powerful machine built with ARM processors, the kind low-power processors that run smartphones and tablets. These servers allow more computing power o be packed into a smaller space. And that has big implications for building green-but-powerful data centers."I think of myself as an entrepreneur besides just being an electrical engineer. I believe what Im doing can have a major effective on the world," Sohmers said.He dropped out of high school to join Peter Thiels controversial startup accelerator, the 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship. Thiel, the former PayPal CEO and famous Silicon Valley venture capitalist known for his early investment in 脸书, is a libertarian who has often spoken out about the absurd cost of college these days.So in 2011, he started a program that encourages kids to start companies instead of going to college. It gives them $100,000 in seed money and access to some of the Valleys greatest technologists as mentors.Sohmers is an electrical engineering prodigy who at age 13 started working at the research lab at MIT. Thats where he met his co-founder and CTO, Keville, he said.



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