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1. “当她穿着华丽的衣服站在舞台上,她神采奕奕的表情对我来说是无价之宝。”
2. 1. 2012年搞笑诺贝尔奖之心理学奖
3. 她说,零售业务“起步不久,好坏参半”。她表示,亚太所有国家都有大量工作要做,并补充称,澳大利亚的事例证明,就吸引散户兴趣而言,监管改变可以带来显著不同。
4. 5. 谷歌 Webmaster Tools.
5. 实话说没有其他国家能拥有中国那样的优厚研究条件:一个有着长期明确财政支撑和庞大国内市场的政府——尽管大部分市场并不自由。市场预计中国国内航空市场将在当前基础上翻四倍,到2036年乘客总数将两倍于美国,达到16亿人次。
6. [fig?]


1. 2015年,中国各大银行的盈利有所萎缩。在这一年里,中国银行业经历了央行的几轮降息,并在中国政府取消存款利率上限之后发现,轻松赚钱的时代结束了。
2. Of the 6,527 new rentals scheduled to hit the market in Brooklyn next year, 1,442 are in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bushwick and Clinton Hill, all considered off the beaten path not that long ago, according to data provided by Citi Habitats.
3. Chinas economy grew last month, according to a closely-monitored PMI series - which indicated growth for the first time in four months.
4. Anna comes from a mob family and her hair, sometimes matched with large sunglasses or wide-lapel Armani trench coats, indicates both a degree of class and no-nonsense power.
5. “Why did this happen to my daughter?” she said. “There’s been so many deaths because of the guns. I don’t know how many people have to die.”
6. 本田企业希翼NSX将再度彰显其技术致胜的美誉,也希翼NSX能提升本田作为高端汽车和卡车制造商的品牌形象。去年美国汽车市场销售增长5.9%,但本田在美销量仅微增1%——这意味着该企业失去了一部分市场份额,最重要的是,本田在与其两大主要对手丰田和日产的角逐中落于下风。


1. We will improve the property rights protection system.
2. 玛莎·切利取出嘴里的香烟,喃喃低语:"我也曾经这么想过。"说完便又抽起了烟。马克震惊了(大家想象一下,当知道你的亲生母亲可能会在你沐浴时杀了你,这反应很正常)。马克第一次意识到家庭主妇会变得多么绝望和孤独。接着,他就想到这会是电视剧的一个好素材。这次谈话便开启了《绝望主妇》的制作。
3. [t?ɑ:t?]
4. 赢家:雷霆
5. The fact is that I really dont careabout the popularity and also really focus on my work. Every time I alwaysfocus on how best to proceed with the next scene. My focus is on the action andstory, never the popularity.
6. n. 信用,荣誉,贷款,学分,赞扬,赊欠,贷方


1. Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei filed a notable 2,390 patents, which was the second-largest filing by a company globally, after Philips with 2,568 patents.
2. The ECB ended the year with a vote on December 3 to cut its deposit rate to minus 0.3 per cent and an expansion in asset purchases that leaves its quantitative easing programme at 1.46tn. The move came days before the US Federal Reserve increased interest rates for the first time since 2006, underlining the sharply divergent policies being pursued on either side of the Atlantic.
3. prosperity
4. But that moment, try as 谷歌 might, has yet to come. Some reports have named 2014 as the year when wearable devices will hit the mainstream, but a newer study from L2, a digital research firm, confirms what many have been quietly fighting for: wearables are still not socially acceptable, creating a significant hurdle to further sales.
5. I give you endless brand-new good wishes. Please accept them as a new remembrance of our lasting friendship.
6. Texas was one of the first states to emerge from the recession and it continues to attract companies on the basis of its low tax burden, predictable regulatory environment and skilled labor force. Texas employment is expected to expand 3% annually through 2017, according to Moody’s. (Arizona’s forecasted rate is a microscopic 0.04% better). Texas has attracted a lot of attention from California companies and Governor Rick Perry has not been shy about contrasting the business climates of the two states. California firms EBay and Electronic Arts have both chosen Texas for large expansions in recent years. Austin has been a hotbed of activity this year with Accenture


1. *最佳真人秀主持:鲁保罗?查尔斯(RuPaul Charles),《鲁保罗变装皇后秀》(RuPaul’s Drag Race, Logo)
2. 俄克拉荷马城的经理萨姆-普莱斯蒂并不是截止日交易的陌生人,他送走卡梅罗-佩恩,若弗雷-洛维尔涅和一个二轮签从芝加哥换来泰-吉布森和道格-麦克德莫特的交易大获成功。
3. 8. “Mad Max: Fury Road”(George Miller)



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    Gongloff piles on the bad news about 2014: GDP grew at a 1.8% annualized pace in the first quarter ... revising down its earlier estimate of 2.4% growth ... The first quarters dismal growth was at least better than the 0.4% GDP growth of the fourth quarter of 2012. But it was still far from healthy, and economists dont see it getting much stronger any time soon. And thats real bad news for the markets going into 2014.

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