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1. 7. Build a reputation.
2. “我都不知道要怎么说明拿了年度风云人物奖之后,还是没有女性杂志和组织支撑我的事。”
3. Interest in wearable technology isn’t limited to technology companies. Mercedes-Benz is porting its mobile experience to a wearable device, while Virgin Atlantic is exploring the customer service aspect of 谷歌 Glass on a trial basis. Kenneth Cole is also using Glass as part of a marketing campaign.
4. 对于就读EMBA的创业者而言,学校和校友关系网的支撑同样很重要。约四分之三的创业者认为,学校和校友网络在自己创办企业时都有帮助或非常有帮助。“校友的支撑对创业构想的审查以及为企业找到合适的人脉非常关键”,一位学员说。
5. 《敦刻尔克》
6. 单词flimsy 联想记忆:


1. I know a lot more about you when you walk in the door than you realize. Ill search for you on the web and often use my own personal network to do a pre-interview reference check.
2. "过去,大熊猫很难进行圈养,但是经过成都熊猫基地和世界各地许多动物园的通力合作,人类已经攻克了这个难题。目前世界上已经有了将近400只人工大熊猫。" 马文如是说。
3. 两人的正式获奖词说的是表彰其“稳定匹配理论和市场设计实践”。
4. 3. Learn from others.
5. n. 石油
6. 理由有两方面:首先,从逻辑上讲,你实在有太多的机会被人抓住你在搜索工作。简历的副本会被发现。计算机服务器会被检查。工作伙伴会从表面上或者情绪上(多半是后者)察觉到你为面试而心不在焉。


1. ……又唱又跳,希翼能得到工作。
2. Susan Chan, head of iShares Asia-Pacific at BlackRock, says ETFs are more popular among institutional investors in the region.
3. Along with her friend Chloe, Max is out to uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber. With an indie-film feel and an eclectic soundtrack, Life Is Strange stands out from other games by blending the angst of being a teenage girl today with life-and-death situations, and the ability to rewind time. While this gameplay mechanic has been used in many games before, this take on time manipulation feels as unique as the American characters the French developer has created.
4. 相比之下,二线城市通报拥堵状况加剧,其平均拥堵涨幅达3.7%,其中重庆、长春、嘉兴、沈阳的拥堵涨幅最高,超过7%。
5. Blondie, Pollinator
6. The full list of this years honorees follows.


1. 开发商:Supermassive Games、索尼 Computer Entertainment
2. 单词amendment 联想记忆:
3. Look up "side-splitting humor" in the dictionary and you should probably come across the trailer for Girls Trip, which is the funniest movie of 2017, no contest.
4. 继《菲洛梅娜》后,朱迪.丹克和斯蒂芬.弗雷斯这对出色的组合四年后再度联手。该片由李荷担任编剧,讲述了维多利亚女王与年轻印度男仆之间的友情。艾迪.伊扎德看来是官方授意的威尔士亲王人选;演员阵容还包括奥莉维亚.威廉姆斯,蒂姆.皮戈特.史密斯以及同样出演了《总督之房》的西蒙.卡洛和迈克尔.甘本。
5. n. 贷款,借出,债权人
6. 科学家改良光合作用提高作物产量


1. 这四个特大城市在11月之后则经历了交通拥堵状况的缓解,这可能与冬季用户出行减少、雾霾、外出打工人员返乡等多重因素有关。
2. She said: Bobbis like a little Beyonce, a little madam really.
3. At the time of the third presidential debate in October both candidates churlishly refused to greet or bid farewell to the other in the custom of the handshake.



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