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1. 得益于网络游戏产业的快速增长,网易企业创始人丁磊的财富翻倍至960亿元,超越了百度企业董事长李彦宏,在IT富豪榜上排名第三。
2. vt. 凌辱,激怒
3. London Business School (LBS) performed strongly across all five rankings. All of its programmes are in the European top 10, including its full-time MBAs, ranked second, and its joint EMBA programme (taught with Columbia Business School in the US) and customised executive education courses, both in fourth place.
4. 近几年,得益于世界日新月异,就像保护异性夫妻一样, LGBT群体(女同性恋、男同性恋、双性恋、跨性别人士)也会得到同样的权利保障。事实上,如今60%的美国人承认同性婚姻的合法性,如果你问那剩余的40%呢?大家可以告诉你美国的其他地方以及世界的其他地方,例如俄罗斯,很快都会赶上脚步。
5. Asli Erdogan
6. 阿尔文?罗思和劳埃德?沙普利的工作鼓舞了“蓬勃发展的研究领域”,并帮助改善了许多市场上的表现,瑞典皇家科学院说。


1. “Our goal is to produce as many units as we can and, at the same time, make sure that we do it in a way that maintains and enhances the health of neighborhoods,” said Carl Weisbrod, the director of the Department of City Planning.
2. People in fourth-tier and smaller cities have economic pressures close to the national average level in terms of income, education, medical services and elderly care, while family and human relationship stress are higher than second- and third-tier cities.
3. “我跟她很像,大家真的就像一对老夫妇。”
4. One of the most discussed potential use cases of the block chain is as a decentralized Uber. Instead of using an app, customers could order a car and pay the driver directly, cutting out the middleman. (Sorry, Travis Kalanick.) The block chain can be utilized for everything from the storage of secure documents (that is, a decentralized Dropbox, too) to “watermarking,” in which a specific coin could contain, say, the deed to your house. “The block chain is going to spawn decades of innovation,” says Ryan Selkis, director of investments at the Digital Currency Group, created by former SecondMarket founder Barry Silbert. “It could lead to things like frictionless share issuance, title transfers, smart contracts. Collectively these things make up the backbone of the economy. If you wanted to create a decentralized Uber, Dropbox, 脸书, you could reinvent the Internet.”
5. Happy new year, my best friend.祝我的挚友新年快乐。
6. The Wonder of Whiskers


1. [:tn]
2. Think you’ve had some bad job interviews this year? This survey is guaranteed tcheer you up (unless you happen tbe part of it). When staffing firm OfficeTeam asked 600 managers across North America tdescribe the most embarrassing interview blunders they had seen in 2014, here’s what they said.
3. Pork prices, which are heavily weighted in the food-focused basket of goods used to calculate consumer inflation, rose 4.8 per cent.
4. Scientists confirmed Monday that a skeleton found under a carpark in the English city of Leicester was that of King Richard III, in a bizarre end to a 500-year-old historical mystery.
5. HEC Paris and London Business School have tightened their grip on the top of the Financial Times rankings of pre-experience and post-experience Masters in Finance programmes respectively, having dominated the finance rankings since they were first published in 2011.
6. This slide in the dollar value of exports has entirely been a price effect, driven by lower commodity prices. In volume terms, emerging market exports have continued to rise since 2014, even if volume growth in year-on-year terms has moderated to around 2 per cent, a fraction of the double-digit rates witnessed either side of the global financial crisis, as the second chart shows.


1. tri三+angle角→三角形
2. 年龄:31岁
3. Such claims are unlikely to go away, though. John R. Christy, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville who is known for his skepticism about the seriousness of global warming, pointed out in an interview that 2014 had surpassed the other record-warm years by only a few hundredths of a degree, well within the error margin of global temperature measurements. “Since the end of the 20th century, the temperature hasn’t done much,” Dr. Christy said. “It’s on this kind of warmish plateau.”
4. The Warriors played pre-season games in China in 2013 against the Los Angeles Lakers, but it will be the first time the Timberwolves visit China.
5. 201207/191926.shtml男子400米、1500米自由泳——孙杨
6. TOGETHERNESS (HBO, Jan. 11) HBO’s Sunday night comedy block already covers early-20-something New York women (“Girls,” beginning its fourth season the same night) and late-20-something San Francisco gay men (“Looking,” beginning its second). Now it adds 30-something Los Angeles straight people in this sometimes bleakly comic half-hour from Jay and Mark Duplass, the brothers behind quirky films like “The Puffy Chair” and “Baghead.” Mark Duplass and Melanie Lynskey play a married couple sharing a house with his best friend (Steve Zissis) and her sister (Amanda Peet).


1. “Australia stands out as a market that boomed when reform allowed it to switch from a commission-based model to a fee-based one,” says Mr Montanari. “This would be a game changer in Asia.”
2. But the duo topped the trending celebrities section followed by X Factor judges Gary Barlow and Tulisa.
3. 据张晓光表示,怀旧部分将包括出自上海文华影片制作工作室的影片,该企业成立于1946年、引领了中国文艺影片的新时代,将会让观众“一睹中国的影片学问和历史”。



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