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1. “他们说:‘我会奇怪她为什么在会议的时候低着头;我好奇她为什么不再兴奋地接过这个案子;我也会想她为什么一周有两天很早地离开,”凯说,“你在他们的脑海里引发了这些问题。”
2. Inventors Bryan Carpenter and Bland Hoke were inspired by their passion for the outdoors, and decided to come up with a creative way to bring their hammocks everywhere they go.
3. 3.50 First Dates
4. 直到最近,Weill Cornell Medical College的科学家们至少在老鼠和猴子身上实现了这一点。这种人造视网膜,它的芯片可以将画面转换为电子信号,而它的微型投影机可以将电子信号转化为投影光线。
5. Are you ready for a summer scare? Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist is set to hit the screens on June 10, 2016. We reckon that this is going to be a good horror movie.
6. The research also suggests there maybe a value in finding a job through an internship. Interns who accepted a job offer had higher salaries than those who had received an offer but refused it. Those interns who did not receive an offer had lower salaries still. The gap between these groups had increased three years after graduation.


1. However, the economists polled expect slightly higher growth rates and substantially higher inflation over 2016.
2. 现在的假手除了具备手的外形外,几乎没有其他功能。当然,这些假手能够拿东西和保持身体平衡,但是它们缺乏人手最重要的功能之一——触感。装了假手的人在碰触到一样物品时,如果不用眼睛看,是没法判断东西的。
3. 最佳二人组:汤普森广场
4. "Well, I believe I am a feminist because I believe that women deserve the same rights as men in every aspect of our economy and our society, here at home and around the world," Clinton said to applause. "You know, Ive devoted a lot of my public life to advocating for womens rights being human rights, and making the case that we have to do everything we can, through laws, regulations, culture, to change the still-existing stereotypes that hold women back."
5. 3.会飞的自行车
6. 课程安排:周五周六交替上课,入学伊始学员需参加一个为期一周的会议,还有一个为期一周的国际学习研讨会


1. 3. The root cause of eczema has finally been identified. Scientists have tracked down a series of proteins and molecular pathways that lead to this insufferable skin problem, revealing that the protein filaggrin isnt the sole culprit we thought it was.
2. 这座墓地在2007年7月份的时候首次被发现,由新疆学问遗产和考古研究院负责开挖,挖掘工作得到当地政府的支撑。研究团队将他们的发现发表在了中国的期刊《文物》上。这篇文章最近被翻译成英语,并发布在了《中国学问遗迹》杂志上。
3. [m?:gid?]
4. I know many of you met your former spouse at the company. But the thing is, for every one of you, there are five people it doesnt work out as well for. And your office romance can and will be held against you.
5. “The employee submitted a message through the company web site.”
6. 据中国岛主联盟发起者林东估计,目前中国至少有600名岛主。


1. 该书编辑马丁輠祹(Martin Ford)周二在纽约的颁奖典礼上获得了英国《金融时报》和麦肯锡(McKinsey & Company)颁发的3万英镑奖金。
2. 8Australia
3. Referencing the American chat show host, he quipped: Ive always wanted to meet Jay Leno, before laughing to himself. Clearly unimpressed, Dallas Buyers Club star Jared hit back: Sorry, what was your name again?But audiences seemed to pick up on the atmosphere between the two, with one viewer joking: Think Jared Leto got a bit paranoid about Grinder looking at him.
4. adj. 传统的
5. "All institutions in this list deserve to celebrate - being named one of the most international universities in the world is a sign of great potential, competitiveness and dynamism."
6. ar一再,rog要求-一再要求-傲慢的arrow ant:一个想射箭的蚂蚁-傲慢自大的


1. Insecure
2. dis离开,course跑,课程-离开课程需要毕业演讲
3. 译文属可可原创,仅供学习交流使用,未经许可请勿转载



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