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1. Aaron Hernandez
2. 8."Homeland" (2.4 million)
3. Maria Rios
4. Data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed the production of new-energy vehicles last month surged by 144 percent year-on-year to 16,100 units, and the output of fully electric passenger vehicles tripled from the same period last year, reaching 7,952 units in January. Official data showed that 97 percent of new-energy vehicles produced in January would be eligible for favorable taxation policies.
5. Faster progress in work to improve environment, particularly air quality, is what people are desperately hoping for, and is critical to sustainable development. We must adopt well-designed policies, tackle both symptoms and root causes, and take tough steps to make the grade in responding to the people.
6. 中子星相撞


1. While organizers of the show attempt to get it back on track following a string of problems obtaining visas for models and performers such as Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry, now theyre also claiming that their e-mails are being intercepted by Chinese authorities.
2. 位于加州的斯坦福大学商学院(Stanford Graduate School of Business)排名第二,2016年排在第五位,该学院曾在2014年获得亚军。宾夕法尼亚大学沃顿商学院(Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania)排名第三。
3. 养老保险基金收不抵支的省份正在增多。作为去年养老保险基金入不敷出的6个省份之一,黑龙江的企业养老保险可支付月数最多仅为1个月。
4. 合肥市和厦门市分别以48.6%和45.9%的涨幅再次领涨。
5. The paperpot transplanter allows a single person to transplant 264 plants covering over 85ft in just minutes. What used to take hours, now takes minutes. Allowing you to spend less time transplanting crops, and more time doing other things like farm improvements, marketing, sales, or just taking some time off.
6. I give all my love to you this New year.值此佳节,献上我对你所有的爱。


1. It’s been one of the worst years for investment decision-making on record, almost across the board. No strategy worked consistently, save for the type of shareholder activism that only a handful of Wall Street’s billionaire titans are able to engage in.
2. ac+com全部+pli满,填满+ish→全部弄满→成就+ed→有成就的,有造诣的
3. 然而,主要榜单上的排名大幅上升不会自动转化为欧洲商学院排名的上升。例如,牛津大学(University of Oxford)萨伊德商学院(SaBusiness School)在MBA榜单上的排名上升1位,在开放招生EMBA课程的排名上升5位,在EMBA榜单上的排名上升12名,首次进入该榜单前十名,但其在欧洲商学院榜单上的排名没有变化,依然是第10名。
4. Citing recent figures from the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Policy Analysis, that show global trade in seasonally-adjusted volume terms fell 1.1 per cent between September and October, Mr Leering suggests last year will prove to be the worst year for world trade since 2009.
5. Many are less than impressed by the cheesy indulgence, with the New York Daily News speaking to one dietitian who blasted the lack of nutritional value in the pizzas most expensive ingredient: the Ecuador-imported gold flakes.
6. n. 无限


1. Meanwhile, villages within the citys boundaries will be overhauled and low-end manufacturers and logistics companies removed.
2. 当然,格雷泽又从库布里克那借鉴了一些拍摄手法,尤其是外星人在无边际的外太空出生的一幕。他借鉴了尼古拉斯·罗格的《天降财神》,或许在画面的安排上也借鉴了大卫·林奇。但是在科幻情调中,他带给大家当代现实主义的勇气和动力,使大家回想起像肯·罗奇这样的影片制作人的作品,甚至是阿巴斯·基亚罗斯塔米和他的《樱桃的滋味》的开头,一个绝望的男人开着车,绕着德黑兰的流动劳动力市场,拼命的找人来帮他。这些奇妙的外星人题材被打磨的通俗化甚至矫情做作。外星人不解的在电视上看着汤米库珀的一幕已经成为色调悬念的代表作。
3. This year, the average sales price for an apartment in New York City topped $1 million, a milestone with far-reaching implications. As the city’s population soars, prices and buildings are rising in neighborhoods that missed the last housing boom.
4. "We are also witnessing a positive progress of diversification," he said. "In the past, most Chinese companies patent filings were concentrated in the ICT sector, but now there are increasingly patents filed in engines, turbines, sports, automotive, and biotechnology sectors."
5. 单词confident 联想记忆:
6. Average age: 33 in Philadelphia, 36 in San Francisco


1. The Sixers are still slowly pivoting from a full-on institutional tank job to trying to be competitive, and the Suns are not expecting to be anything like good. So those two teams are quasi-tanking. They are, at least, not mad about losing.
2. US schools are rebuilding their strength in this ranking, with their number increasing to 51. This had dropped below 50 for the first time in 2016, down to 47. Six of the eight new or returning schools are from the US.
3. Most popular vehicle



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