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1. n. 锦标赛,冠军,拥护
2. The experts warn that adding a number or symbol to a common word is also an ineffective trick.‘Hackers know your tricks, and merely tweaking an easily guessable password does not make it secure,’ said Slain.
3. 以下四个因素应该会对2013年的就业复苏起到推动作用:[qh]
4. The estimates include earnings from movies, TV and endorsements from cosmetic and other companies. Bollywood star Deepika Padukone is the only newcomer on the list.
5. 汇丰银行经济学家屈宏斌表示,汇丰银行的调查结果表明中国制造业正在失去增长势头,预计中国政府会采取措施对抗经济放缓。
6. 摩根士丹利首席实行长戈尔曼(James Gorman)将给该行所谓“降低风险”的策略来个大掉头。


1. 考虑到猛龙现有的轮转人员,伊巴卡和塔克的到来使猛龙的防守大幅度提升了。鉴于洛瑞和德马尔-德罗赞一到季后赛得分效率就下降的黑历史,这两笔交易也给了主教练德韦恩-凯西足够的武器用来拿下那些季后赛胜利。
2. Its been confirmed that Hu Ge who took the leading role of "Li Xiaoyao" will join the cast of the film, while the name of female lead has not yet been revealed.
3. 明年,市长的保障性住房计划将初具规模,该计划要求在未来十年里,修建或保留20万套保障性住房。这一目标的实现取决于一项政策,它要求开发商通过修建保障性住房,来换取在市政府重新规划的社区修建更高、更密集楼盘的资格。至于政府将会如何在这项提案的雏形上添砖加瓦,开发商和保障房倡导者们都在拭目以待。
4. I wish you a happy New Year. All affection and best wish
5. Winners at the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards :
6. It is not hard to think of recent examples, from Hugo Chávez to Viktor Orban and Vladimir Putin.


1. [ikstr?v?g?nt]
2. Companies are always looking to save money, and outsourcing some roles to freelancers can help. Virtual assistants can perform many of the duties of full-time staffers, but with less commitment. These workers could help expand a business, or just encourage things to run more smoothly.
3. 8. Am I playing too hard? A lack of motivation to accomplish certain things can throw you off balance or make you feel stressed out and pressured later on. Taking breaks is very necessary, but if you take so many breaks that your productivity level drops, or you get into the habit of procrastinating too much, it might be time to balance out your schedule so that you will get a generous amount of things done and still have time for breaks and leisure.
4. 愿新年为你带来快乐,友爱和宁静。
5. 6Ty]GB(JR*l7!Y(s5
6. 两种颜色!也许它听起来不算重大变革,但一切都是相互关联的。要知道:这不是因为优柔寡断,而是因为社会进步。不管怎样,这是潘通的立场。


1. Sixty-one percent of Chinese college students who graduated in 2014 are satisfied with their current jobs, a survey has revealed.
2. 在这份榜单的前二十人中,C罗和梅西是仅有的两名足球运动员,此外,这份榜单上也没有任何女性运动员入围。
3. 你或许要很长时间才能实现工作与生活的平衡,但努力遵守这个清单,并将其作为创业的目标,将会产生不一样的效果。创业者如何看待所取得的进步?以及一家企业多快才能实现正常运营和实现收支平衡?遵循这些建议,你很快就能找到答案。
4. 5. What Is Illuminati?
5. Meanwhile, villages within the citys boundaries will be overhauled and low-end manufacturers and logistics companies removed.
6. Manal al-Sharif


1. Most female participants were between 19 and 23.
2. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…
3. Turkey dance “Fire” (Fire of Anatolia)



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    5. 弗莱德·赫什三人组(Fred Hersch Trio),《漂浮》(Floating), Palmetto。赫什目前的钢琴三人组由约翰·艾伯特(John Hébert)担任贝斯,埃里克·麦克菲森(Eric McPherson)担任鼓手,他们有着精确的优雅。这张专辑的结构如同一场夜间俱乐部演出,包括若干重新编配的标准曲,以及几首强劲而充满情感的原创曲,有着强大的表现力。

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    On Her Majestys Secret Service gets an honorable mention on our list of James Bond Theme songs.

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    In the foreseeable future, China will see the boom of enterprises in tertiary industry. Related majors, including law, journalism and communication, and management, are expected to play a bigger role, according to the report.

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    Aspiring young leaders already place more emphasis on using their influence, rather than trying to exert power through the embedded authority of their position or their assigned title. Many are already gaining leadership experience, not through promotion at established institutions but by running bottom-up movements and voluntary groups, or by shaping their own start-ups.



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