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1. n. 全体船员,全体乘务员,(一组)工作人员
2. By March, theres a real chance two or three of these prospects stick out as franchise players.
3. *最佳综艺节目台本创作:《约翰?奥利佛上周今夜秀》(Last Week Tonight With John Oliver)
4. Refugees from Syria, which has been torn apart by a five-year-old civil war that has left over 200,000 people dead and millions more displaced, account for half of all those counted, followed by refugees from two other war-torn countries, Afghanistan and Iraq.
5. Her predecessor David Cameron placed fifth in CNNMoneys previous ranking in March 2015 with his salary of £142,500, then worth $214,800. May is only seventh.
6. The former pupil at Audenshaws Poplar Street Primary is studying at Withington Girls School and starts at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls in September. She lives with her parents, Neelanga and Shiromi, who moved to Manchester from Sri Lanka in 2001. Dad Neelanga, 44, praised Nishis first teachers at Poplar Street Primary. He said: We knew very early on that she was gifted. She started reading and writing very early and was became very good at mathematics. We gave her challenging, interesting things to do. As a parent, you do not want their talents to be wasted, but there has to be a balance with their childhood. She is just a normal 10-year-old, just like any other 10-year-old really. She loves reading, cycling and walking, and were all very proud of her.


1. The city of 21 million people recorded 1.86 trillion yuan in total consumption in 2015, marking a yearly rise of 8.7 percent. Consumption contributed over 70 percent to the citys GDP growth.
2. n. 日历,月历,日程表
3. 这种增长为中国影片业未来的发展奠定了坚实的基础。
4. McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University in Washington DC returns to the custom ranking in 15th place after dropping out last year because of a low survey response rate from clients. Only three schools enter the custom ranking for the first time, including London’s Cass Business School in 60th place.
5. absolutely
6. John Hummel, chief investment officer for AIS Group, a fund manager with $400 million under management, said all the new sources of global oil are expensive to extract, and he sees U.S. shale output falling by 2015.


1. 走上一段旋转楼梯就是几间卧室。中间有一处阁楼式的书房俯瞰着中庭。主卧套间和配套的浴室内有几面玻璃墙可以观赏数英亩湿地的景色。这个套间通往该房屋临水一侧的一个阳光平台。另外两间卧室也带有配套的浴室。底层已全部装修,用作健身房,并带有一间无洗浴功能的卫生间和一间可停放几辆车的车库。
2. 根据这份由互联网薪酬调查及报告提供商中国薪酬网发布的调查显示,清华大学2017届毕业生平均月薪达9065元。
3. Around the corner from Ross’s home, a group of men sat on the shaded stoop of a townhouse, sipping from beer bottles and listening to music. One man who didn’t want to be named said he knew the arrested youth and young man since they were little kids.
4. Its been low for a while, says Lee (last year it was ranked 196 out of 200). What probably pushed it to the bottom is that several things got worse job prospects decreased, the average salary continued to fall, and work hours continued to rise. Those factors also make the job more stressful.
5. 德拉吉在12月投票表决的次日作出回击,称欧元区政策制定者在动用政策工具推动通胀达标方面“是没有限度的”。
6. The index fell from 50.4 in October to a six-month low of 50.0.


1. “尽管IBM每年拥有的专利数量经常位居美国榜首,但本榜单不仅评估数量,也评估成功、全球化和影响力,”汤森路透分析师Bob Stembridge表示。
2. 中国商务部的最新数据不包含个人购买的房地产。有不少个人利用中国资本管制体系的漏洞来获取外汇。但外汇监管机构最近采取措施堵住了此类漏洞,尤其是收紧了对个人购汇的管控——按现行规定,中国公民每年可用人民币购买等值5万美金外汇。
3. n. 疫苗
4. 2.告诉你的朋友在国际足联世界杯期间无论如何也不要忙着生孩子、结婚或办丧事,因为大家是不会去的。
5. "He was not on the intelligence services radar," added the prime minister.
6. The survey found the majority of grads, or 73.5 percent, have found jobs, while the number of students set to continue their studies in China accounted for just 6.3 percent, sharply down from 16.5 percent in 2016.


1. 榜单前十位还包括:第五名的AMAZON总裁杰夫·贝佐斯,第六名的脸书的马克·扎克伯格,位居第七的甲骨文企业老板拉里·埃里森,第八名的迈克尔·彭博及并列第九的科赫兄弟(大卫·科赫和迈克尔·科赫)。
2. Unlike most boy-band dudes going solo, he never sounds like hes sweating to get taken seriously – he never loses touch with the exuberance and swagger he brought to One Direction in the first place. So get used to this man – youll be hearing a lot more from him.
3. “世界各地的政策制定者认识到美联储的决定将产生什么影响,为此忧心忡忡,这让大家担心,”百达资产管理企业(Pictet Asset Management)全球新兴债券部门主管Simon Lue-Fong表示。“人们在说美联储的决定已被反映到价格上,但既然没人知道究竟会发生什么,这怎么可能呢。”



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    跑路门重演 LED行业大佬们终于现身说法
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    索菲亚披露2015年报 营业收入31.96亿
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    淄博陶瓷原料行业面临市场洗牌 亟待破局
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    2020-12-29 04:38:43
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