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1. Consumer prices continued to rebound from an August dip, accelerating 0.2 percentage points to 2.1 per cent year on year, bang-on analysts’ median forecast.
2. Entrepreneurs are movers and shakers. They can’t afford to analyze every detail or they’d never get anywhere. There is no place for procrastination in a startup. It’s a 24/7, no-vacation-or-sick-days kind of job that demands constant forward momentum. Make a brief assessment at every step and move on it. Trust your instincts.
3. 与此同时,达洛伊西奥开始环游世界,到处参加会议,并结识其他潜在的投资人。他给每一位结识的人都留下极深的印象。温布尔顿国王学院中学(King’s College School)的校长安德鲁?霍尔斯(Andrew Halls)评价道,他成熟得可怕,他在各种状况下仍保持着清晰的思维,这令我这个54岁的人都觉得惊讶。
4. London Business School has topped the European table for the third year running — but continental rivals lead the European schools in the individual rankings used to compile it.
5. Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School at University College Dublin showed the best overall progress, moving up 21 places to 48. Guanghua School of Management at Peking University returns to the ranking at 38, after missing last year due to a low response rate from participants.
6. China has become the country with the most film screens in the world.


1. n. 摘要
2. 《雷神3:诸神黄昏》
3. 此外,由于该机构的一些业务涉及为政府提供教育方面的建议,此类员工的专长是很宝贵的。
4. 今年,我最喜欢的人物报道可能是Kiki Zhao对中国目前读者最多的诗人之一余秀华激动人心的描写。余秀华是一个了不起的人。她患有脑瘫,过去41年里大部分时间生活在农村,在一张矮桌子上写作。高中没毕业的她说自己“在能读它们(名著)之前,我就知道如何写作了”。现在,她受邀前往斯坦福大学等地,她不愿被比作艾米丽·迪金森(Emily Dickinson)。
5. The number of initial public offerings (IPO) and the amount of funds raised in the Chinese mainlands A-share market fell sharply year-on-year during the first half of 2016, according to statistics released by PwC last Monday.
6. The reading is just below economists forecasts but its not altogether surprising. When the Peoples Bank of China unexpectedly cut interest rates last month, some analysts said the move was likely a pre-emptive one and that a spate of weak data was likely ahead. Well, here it is.


1. Not every band can sound fresh 40 years into a career, but not every band is Blondie.
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3. She said: On a scale of one to 10, I feel Im at a nine because theres definitely room for improvement. I know I could go further.
4. 持续推进大众创业、万众创新。
5. 当她的妈妈来到学校整理她的遗体时,其他的同学把自己的名字和电话号码给了这个悲伤的女人,要求她联系自己的父母,让他们脱离这个网瘾训练营。网瘾训练营其中一种实践方法就是限制学生与外界接触。它是通过基于恐惧的培训方式和严苟的纪律来“纠正”学生行为的。
6. Unless Charles Oakley successfully sues owner James Dolan, the highlight of the Knicks 2016–17 season will be Kristaps Porzingis winning the Skills Challenge at All-Star Weekend.


1. Vawter climbed 103 floors of a Chicago skyscraper on his bionic leg, but its designers are still working on improving it. To optimize it for everyday use, they have to make it even thinner and lighter. Its successor (the iLeg Air?) may meet the Armys stated goal for a bionic leg—10,000 steps without recharging.
2. 然后,事情峰回路转。库迪斯和沃斯发现,荷兰贷款机构对于Seppenwolde的倒闭做出的反应截然不同。那些曾经贷款给Seppenwolde、但一毛钱也没损失的贷款机构变得越发悲观,要求所有新借款人都提供更多的“折幅”。而那些从未贷款给Seppenwolde、因而躲过一劫的贷款机构则根本没有提高要求。事实上,这些贷款机构可能还略略降低了对借款人的“折幅”要求,至少表明他们和过去一样乐观。
3. Regulators clamped down on outbound deals following an unprecedented flood of offshore acquisitions in 2016 that drained China’s foreign exchange reserves. In August this year, China’s cabinet formalised a new framework that encourages deals that fit Beijing’s strategic priorities and discourages deals in entertainment, sports and luxury real estate
4. Wish all the best wishes for you.献上最美好的祝愿。
5. established
6. 2年前中国股市突破6000点,而2010年股市能否重拾失地呢?当初中国股市行情十分被看好,但今天,如果你问同样的问题,有的人会拿全球经济说事儿——因为全球经济仍旧步履艰难。


1. "No one really knows how (end times) would look and how God would bring it about," Cox said.
2. 一项关于“双十一”(光棍节)购物狂欢的评估报告近日在北京发布,在此报告中,提供了对中国最大的年度在线购物活动的独特见解。
3. The companys stats also show that pop diva Whitney Houstons death in February attracted more interest than Kate.



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