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1. 被氦气顶起来的泡沫穿过图形模板。
2. “现在黑客使用流行学问或体育活动中的常见说法来破解网上账户,因为他们知道很多人在使用这些容易记住的词做密码。”
3. 查斯特·班宁顿
4. Treating Birth Defects Before a Baby Is Born
5. [ridikjul?s]
6. Before becoming Germanys top trading partner, China was Germanys largest trading market in Asia. Germany has been Chinas top trading partner in the European Union for the last 2 years.


1. 调查显示,大多数女性在求职时正在或者已经因性别偏见受到影响,因为雇主不愿意提供产假。为了避免雇主因需要付产假津贴和提高就业竞争力可能带来的歧视,据报道,一些女性求职者选择在大学毕业前结婚生子。
2. 理由有两方面:首先,从逻辑上讲,你实在有太多的机会被人抓住你在搜索工作。简历的副本会被发现。计算机服务器会被检查。工作伙伴会从表面上或者情绪上(多半是后者)察觉到你为面试而心不在焉。
3. [autst?ndi?]
4. How do you feel about workingwith Ei Aoki again in Aldnoah?
5. 1. “The Assassin” and “Mad Max: Fury Road” (tie) Hou Hsiao-Hsien and George Miller directed the year’s two best commercial movies, both of which should be seen on the biggest screen you can find.
6. 中国民航局局长冯正霖表示,因天气造成航班延误的比例由2015年的29.5%增至2016年的56.8%。


1. So many of us habitually gossip, whine or complain. But do any of these too often and your job could be on the line. These all lead to the same end result: you become a headache for your manager. Your boss is likely responsible for ensuring her teams are contributing to positive morale and anyone on the team who is counterproductive to that reflects poorly on her. Negative employees are often referred to as cancer by upper management for good reason: they will eventually be cut out. A good approach if you have a complaint is to speak with your manager directly, in private. Never drum up your co-workers for support first.
2. The new Spider-Man reboot is the best yet, and its mostly because the movie is funny. Like, Breakfast Club meets Ferris Buellers Day Off meets Freaks and Geeks funny.
3. 最佳歌曲:
4. 加强现代农业建设。
5. Best film and best director. Surprisingly, Nolan has never received a directing nomination from the Academy.
6. “现在大家都骂雾霾是因为大家油质不过关所致,大家也很无奈。”


1. vt. 谣传
2. 不过,如果把10月份看做一个整体,则只有深圳房价真正出现了环比下滑。
3. According to a newly amended Chinese Criminal Law, those who organize, assist or are involved in cheating during national exams could be sentenced to three to seven years in prison.
4. “Policymakers around the world are cognisant of the impact the Fed decision will have and are worried, which makes us worried,” said Simon Lue-Fong, head of global emerging debt at Pictet Asset Management. “People are saying the decision is priced in but seeing as no one knows exactly what will happen how can that possibly be true.”
5. Even if the tapering is smooth, the Fed could spend much of the year grappling with the prospect of raising its interest-rate target as early as 2015.
6. If you have a question, come to my office. Dont corner me in the bathroom.


1. The University of Tokyo (22nd) and Kyoto University (35th) have maintained their positions as the leading universities in Asia.
2. But John Davies, head of institutional investment in the Hong Kong team at CBRE, the property services business, says that lower prices should make the market more reliable. “The market is showing characteristics of a mature market, which institutional investors understand better,” he says.
3. The central government is aware of the danger of a property bubble that can inflate the national economy or even burst, derailing the ongoing economic recovery. Several policy measures have been announced to cool the red-hot real estate market. Well, how much trust do you place in government policies to control housing prices in 2010?



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    Concerns about the vulnerability of some emerging economies and gyrations in financial markets over the past few days should not dent “cautious optimism” about the global economy this year, leading central bankers and officials said on Saturday.

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