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1. 2012年有哪些品牌通过社交媒体提升了它们的声誉?哪些企业则越来越差了?
2. condensed
3. China Mobile, supply chain rumors are emerging about Apple’s next significant product releases. Digitimes reports that according to “sources from the upstream supply chain, ” Apple is planning to release a 5-inch 苹果 6 “phablet” this coming May and a large tablet in October.
4. Plante Moran
5. The global battle for the living room continued in Germany with 索尼 announcing it 2has sold 10 million PlayStation 4s worldwide. To keep that momentum going, 索尼 announced a number of exclusive new titles at the show, including the action game Hellblade from developer Ninja Theory, the open world adventure game Wild from Rayman creator Michel Ancel, the shooter Alienation from Housemarque, and Q Games genre-bending The Tomorrow Children. 微软 announced that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics Rise of the Tomb Raider, the second game in the rebooted Lara Croft franchise, will be an Xbox exclusive in 2015. Xbox will also be getting another big sequel next year with Halo 5: Guardians.
6. championship


1. 《星球大战:侠盗一号》预计2016年12月16日上映。
2. 我倒是并不担心费城、凤凰城和明尼苏达的球队。他们队伍都很年轻,都在重建的路上。如果他们能够取得进步,那很好,就算没有,他们也能获得高顺位的选秀权。而篮网队则是另一个故事了,大家稍后会讨论到他们。
3. A segment of Peking Opera from “Take Over The Weihu Mountain” (Yu Kuizhi and a student from Confucius Institute)
4. com共同+fort强大→一起给力量→安慰;舒适
5. Well, what you do makes me cry at night. You grown ups say you love us. I challenge you, please make your actions reflect your words. Thank you for listening. 然而,你们所做的事让我在夜晚哭泣,你们成年人说你们爱大家,我不会再相信了,因为只有行动和语言的合一,才是找回信任和未来的唯一方法!谢谢!
6. 会。梅因为失算的提前选举而失去了大部分权威。但过去几个月情况对她较为有利。敲定退欧离婚协议,确保了她的饭碗短期无忧。因此直到2019年英国退欧正式完成(或者另一种更吸引人的替代方案出现)前,保守党将让她继续坐在首相位置上。留欧派和退欧派都希翼避免因反对她而引发内战。事实将证明,曾经被人们认为是坐不长的位置,意外地能够坐久。


1. “An employee baked a cake with her resignation letter written on top.”
2. "My hair has turned white, half because of housing prices and half because of you reporters." JIANG WEIXIN, member of the CPPCC National Committee and minister of housing and urban-rural development, responding to media questions about government measures to curb housing prices
3. The World Health Organization this year declared H1N1 a global epidemic. Fortunately, it is much less threatening than people previously believed, and newly introduced vaccines seem to have quelled lingering fears.
4. 6. Smart refrigerator
5. 干得漂亮!在不到20个词的一句话里,eBay集前五届冠军之长,做到了啥也没说。怀着沉重的心情,我将2016年度金废话奖总冠军授予eBay。
6. Annual shipments by Chinese smartphone manufacturers Huawei, OPPO and vivo rocketed all three companies into the worlds top 5 smartphone manufacturers last year, according to the latest data released by third-party market intelligence firm IDC.


1. 该地区拥有数百英里的海滩和湖岸、美国的最古老丛林以及瀑布景观。最值得一提的是,该地区游客相对较少,环境清幽,价钱也较为合理。
2. 时间:2009-10-26 编辑:vicki
3. 这份排行榜衡量的是商学院研究生课程的质量和广度。它基于相关商学院在英国《金融时报》每年发布的4个主要榜单上的表现:MBA、EMBA、管理硕士和高管教育。只有参与所有这4项排名的商学院才有资格获得满分。
4. Adriana Lima, 35, slipped into a figure-hugging white strapless number. The Brazilian model went for a simple and chic look, tying her locks up and wearing a statement necklace, which was dripping with diamonds.
5. BACKSTROM (Fox, Jan. 22) Last year, Fox tried a show about a self-destructive lawyer (“Rake,” starring Greg Kinnear) that was based on an Australian TV series. That didn’t work, but now the network is trying a show about a self-destructive detective (played by Rainn Wilson of “The Office”) that’s based on a series of Swedish novels. The show was created by Hart Hanson, who was responsible for the Fox series “Bones,” but in the pilot Mr. Wilson’s Backstrom looks a lot more House-like than Bones-like.
6. Comedy Series: “Veep” (HBO)


1. She does wear wigs and crowns and fancy dresses but I dont give her spray tans or cake her in makeup - Ill wait until shes about five for that.
2. 4、《美国队长3:内战》
3. The study relied on a dataset of hundreds of millions of secret answers and millions of account recovery requests.



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