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1. 不错,2014年完全是一场灾难,只等着引爆。在《年内股市崩盘的概率有多大?》(Doomsday poll: 87% risk of stock crash by year-end)一文中,大家分析了今年年初以来的10大崩盘征兆。之后,大家又不断发现了更多新的妖魔。它们有如嘀嗒作响的定时炸弹,来自国会、最高法院、性问题、碳排放、石油巨头、国家安全局(NSA)、国税局(IRS)、茶党式财政紧缩。接踵而至,让人无法招架。
2. "We felt very helpless that people thought that the fog and haze were caused by poor-quality oil produced by us." FU CHENGYU, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of Sinopec
3. The film pulls heavily from the life of Arthur Bremer, who shot presidential candidate and segregationist George Wallace in 1972. Similarly to his film counterpart, Bremer shot Wallace shortly after being rebuffed by a young girl. Overall, though, his life was much less exciting than that of De Niros character, with the biggest commonality between the two being that neither actually succeeds in killing a politician.
4. 愿明亮喜庆的新年烛光温暖一年中的每个日日夜夜,祝你欢欢喜喜度新年!
5. ?Women fall for him because hes exciting to be around and this plays a much larger part in a relationship than most think. Its the key to a great first date. Even the femme fatales assigned to kill Bond fall for him. But studies show this isnt surprising at all. 007s character has frequently been accused of being sexist. This is probably true -- and only serves to make him that much more attractive to the ladies.
6. 谷歌s top searches for 2017 included Matt Lauer and Hurricane Irma.The search giant has unveiled its annual Year In Search results that show the top 谷歌 searches in various categories globally and by country.


1. The annual rich list of Chinas movers and shakers gives a temperature check on where money is flowing in China, and underlines the growing financial muscle of the countrys super-rich.
2. The International Organization for Migration says the number of migrants and refugees entering Europe in 2015 has gone over the one million mark, the largest influx of its kind since the end of World War Two.
3. DAloisios parents came to England from Australia. His father, Lou, has worked in commodities for BP and Morgan Stanley, while his mother, Diana, is a corporate lawyer who also serves as her sons contractual representative. They always knew DAloisio was an extremely inquisitive child. But he was our first, so we didnt think it was anything out of the ordinary, says Diana. (DAloisios brother, Matthew, is 14.) They stress that despite his impressive accomplishments, he remains a normal kid. Or at least as normal as a kid can be when hes making offhand references to Markov models and stochastic processes. He still goes out on weekends, still goes to parties, says Diana. Hes got a girlfriend. All the things you do at 17.
4. 欢迎来到英国,不过在我开始先容之前请先接受大家的道歉。你们在入境检查时等了4个小时的噩梦本不应该是英国轻视外国人的象征。这只反映了英国在一项如此重要的赛事来临时对旅游基础建设的投入严重不足。换句话说,是英国政府怠慢了你们。别不开心,政府对大家也不咋地。
5. Thousands of supporters awaited Rossello’s arrival for the post-swearing-in inauguration ceremony at the island’s seaside Capitol building, clutching umbrellas to protect themselves from a searing sun.
6. 10.邮差


1. 根据1894家上市企业公布的2016年财务年报的数据显示,金融和地产业的高管薪酬最高。
2. He admitted to having mixed emotions about the letter as he and Vonnie are now divorced.
3. At least two Harvard professors, however, questioned the decision to withdraw the offers. Alan Dershowitz, an emeritus professor at Harvard Law School, told the Guardian that losing admission to Harvard was a "draconian punishment" for "very bad taste jokes that students were sending to each other".
4. The killer combo of Judi Dench and Stephen Frears team up again, four years on from Philomena, with a Lee Hall-scripted look at the friendship between Queen Vic and a young Indian clerk. Eddie Izzard looks like inspired casting as Bertie, the Prince of Wales; filling out the rest of the cast are Olivia Williams, Tim Pigott-Smith and, once again, Simon Callow and Michael Gambon.
5. 根据世界黄金协会的数据,去年中国的黄金产量估计为420.5吨。该组织表示,同期中国对黄金的需求上升了4%,至953.3吨。
6. 7. "Suits" (2.6 million)


1. 单词succumb 联想记忆:
2. Are you often irritable?
3. 偶尔关心他们一下,但也别太真情流露,收到?
4. Plans to open 20,000 specialist football schools in 2017, aimed at training young players and cultivating talent, are part of the governments latest plan to advance Chinas ability to compete on the global pitch.
5. Hua Xu Yin is about a princess who sacrificed her life for the country but later was saved and began her own adventures with another name. It is also a TV series adaptation of an online novel of the same title written by Tang Qi. The series premiered in July 2015, staring Lin Yuan and Zheng Jiaying. However, it did not get as much attention as its rivals. According to the online critics, the lead roles and their costumes were not appealing enough in the adaptation.
6. The Education Ministry has also taken some measures, such as canceling testing results and noting cheating in personal records.


1. Stand: Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing shared his $3 million bonus with workers
2. 订婚买钻石真是太没新意了
3. 单词transport 联想记忆:



  • 共享经济大热 共享家居或成行业新风尚
    一二线城市土地出让冰火两重天 北京零成交杭州超百亿
    2021-01-09 23:00:36
  • 中国建材集团隐忧渐现 关联企业污染环境
    2月北京CPI低位运行 住宅租赁市场供需偏紧
    2021-01-05 23:00:36
  • 大家居时代来临 家居需求向多样化、个性化发展
    2021-01-06 23:00:36
  • 男子买6套30平米同层房屋 打通成大户型
    4G牌照颁布 智能家居坐上特快列车
    2020-12-28 23:00:36
  • 中办国办发文:大力发展住房租赁市场特别是长期租赁
    实地走访卫浴市场 符合新标准产品暂未普及
    2020-12-31 23:00:36
  • 成都市城乡房产管理局携手58集团 促进住房租赁交易服务发展
    2020-12-31 23:00:36
  • 暴涨楼市致炒房客屡现失信 买房“步步惊心”
    2021-01-05 23:00:36
  • 宝山区去库存效果最好 部分房企放缓推盘节奏
    个性化地板非主流 销量占比仍较低
    2021-01-10 23:00:36
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    At the same time, college graduates interest in further education has also dwindled, leading to an increase in students wanting employment from 71.2 percent last year to 75.6 percent this year. Nearly 30 percent of those graduates accepted offers from the internet industry, which is among the highest paying.

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    This compared to a decade ago when there were six Asian cities, 10 European cities and four US cities in the top 20 of the list that calculates living costs in 131 cities in 93 countries and is used by companies for costings when relocating staff.

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    Yet the pizza is far from the first recipe to incorporate a bit of the precious metal. Earlier this year, Bj?rn DelaCruz, the owner of Filipino restaurant the Manila Social Club, in Williamsburg, New York, created the pricey Golden Cristal Ube Donut.



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