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1. Grab your rolling bag, and pack your patience. The holiday air travel season is about to begin. And if you want to have a stress-free trip, the best advice we can give is to fly west.
2. [silebriti]
3. However its framed, 2018 was a strong year for many of Chinas biggest domestic film studios though.
4. 卡梅隆·安东尼
5. At this point, travelers might be wondering if there will ever be an airport that can surpass much-lauded Changi.
6. Look up "side-splitting humor" in the dictionary and you should probably come across the trailer for Girls Trip, which is the funniest movie of 2017, no contest.


1. 今年的榜单包括三款涡轮增压柴油发动机,但这一点可能引来争议,尤其考虑到柴油在美国的普及程度低于欧洲;在欧洲,柴油引擎已经成为发动机话题的主角。这是第一次有超过两款柴油动力引擎跻身十大榜单,并且讽刺的是,其中这两款引擎均来自于美国国内汽车生产商,包括当前美国国内唯一一款全尺寸半吨皮卡Ram 1500所使用的引擎。
2. A person walks through snow Tuesday in Belington, West Virginia. Superstorm Sandy buried parts of West Virginia under more than a foot of snow on Tuesday.
3. 当2017年开始的时候,勇士阵容已经坚如磐石,整体阵容再度升级。上个赛季伊始,勇士队输给了很多西部的竞争对手,还在圣诞大战中输给了骑士队。也许,也只是也许,这支超级球队还是会输球,即便它看起来和2016年那支球队一样不可战胜。但实际上,简单来说答案就一个字,不。
4. 同样,A型与B型人格理论指出,B型人与A型人截然相反。根据定义,B型人格的人生活压力较小。尽管他们在没有实现自己的目标时更容易忽视身体或精神上的压力,但通常可以稳定工作,享受成功。
5. 据《泰晤士报》高等教育星期四公布的最新排名,中国的两所大学--香港大学和澳门大学,跻身2016全球大学国际化水平前十名。
6. 为回应这起事件,借贷宝12月1日在其新浪微博上发表了一份公告,强调用裸照作抵押贷款是用户之间的私人交易,该企业无法加以管理。


1. 在面试期间看手机,嚼口香糖。
2. 最差问候奖
3. n. 比赛,竞争,竞赛
4. 6Ty]GB(JR*l7!Y(s5
5. 马特·劳拉
6. 该杂志称,他的净资产为35亿美金,与前一年相比缩水了10亿美金。


1. Sometimes Anna’s hair, which is lighter than Ms. Chastain’s natural color, is pulled back, creating layers and a bit of playfulness, but still maintaining authority.
2. 夏季期间,中国股市泡沫破裂,数万亿美金的市值因而蒸发。尽管政府作了大量努力遏制股市暴跌,上海证券综合指数仍由7月12日的峰值一路下滑,到8月26日时下跌了43%。
3. Yes. Mr Modi’s overnight ban on using high-value bank notes was a big shock, and seriously disrupted the economy. But it delivered rich political rewards, bolstering the premier’s image as a decisive leader willing to take tough action against corruption. With the next general elections due in 2019, Mr Modi will be tempted to deliver one more big bang to dazzle voters. Watch out for dramatic action against wealthy individuals holding properties in others’ names to hide their ownership.
4. avail效用。参:availability(n 可用性,实用性)
5. adj. 粗糙的,粗略的,粗暴的,艰难的,讨厌的,不适的
6. 台风哈维


1. Though its campuses often steal the benefits spotlight -- with their outdoor sports facilities, free food and more -- theres a more morbid perk that should certainly be noted. If a U.S. 谷歌r passes away while working for the tech giant, the employees spouse or domestic partner receives 50% of the deceaseds salary, no matter how long or short his tenure, every year for the next decade.
2. The raised decoration shows a cartouche — an oval frame around Egyptian hieroglyphics indicating a royal name. Above the frame archaeologists could make out the symbol of an eye and that of a cobra.
3. 受能源和大宗商品价格日益下跌影响,中国12月工业生产者出厂价格连续第34个月下跌。



  • 财政下沉式城镇化样本:佛山“新市民”养成路
    电子商务大势所趋 体验式营销将打破卖场体验专利
    2021-01-14 23:03:12
  • 门窗企业营销要学玩“花样”: “碎片化”时代或更流行主动出击
    2020-12-26 23:03:12
  • 出租房空气质量检测制度亟待建立
    财政部部长谈地方债风险 刹住无序举债怎么做?
    2021-01-12 23:03:12
  • “中国制造2025”战略下的LED照明产业如何发展?
    2021-01-11 23:03:12
  • 《中国流动人口发展报告2018》发布:流动人口规模进入调整期
    二季度房价将回稳 房地产投资仍“拖后腿”
    2021-01-12 23:03:12
  • 卫浴企业如何抢滩定制家居市场
    全国数十家陶瓷企业倒闭 行业洗牌加速
    2020-12-31 23:03:12
  • 房地产贷款风险可控
    二三线城市降价现恶性竞争 曾秘密协议不能降价
    2021-01-07 23:03:12
  • 发改委:建立健全城乡融合发展的体制机制和政策体系分为“三步走”
    2020-12-30 23:03:12
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