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1. [elim?nt]
2. Hillary stays on: Clinton’s CV is chock full of firsts: The only first lady to become a U.S. senator turned viable presidential candidate turned secretary of state. Now a private citizen, she continues to be one of the most watched and listened-to women on the planet. All bets on that she will be the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and the free world’s presumptive next leader. She’s done little to quiet the chatter, including hitting the speaking circuit last month at an estimated $200,000 fee per event and inking a reported $14 million book deal.
3. The first drone can be traced back to 1916 when British inventor Archibald Low designed and flew the first unmanned radio-controlled vehicle. The drone was made to counterattack German Zeppelin airships, and it also carried out ground attacks during World War I. It was made with wood and tin, its wings taken from the lower wing of another biplane. Overall, the drone was somewhat unsuccessful because the noise from its engine interfered with its radio. The Sopwith Aircraft Company also tried making a drone in 1916. They placed the radio equipment at the tail so that the engine would not interfere with its signal, but their drone never flew as it was damaged in an accident on the ground. Low would try flying his drone again in 1917 when he flew it in front of some senior military officers. It was launched from the back of a lorry and flew for some time before crashing due to engine failure, almost killing the military officers present.
4. 智联招聘最近的一份调查报告显示,在参与调查的2016届应届毕业生中,毕业后选择创业的比例为仅仅只有3.1%,而2015年的比例是6.3%。
5. 榜单前十位富豪的净资产总额合计为5054亿美金。
6. 雷军表示:“这是一个使我震惊的消息。作为一名围棋的忠实爱好者,我从来没有想到人工智能在当前阶段可以击败一个人类冠军,因为这是一项非常复杂的棋类运动。”


1. 从eBay的Magento电子商务系统、IBM和NetSuite等知名企业到规模较小的Shopify和Volusion等,很多科技企业都希翼从中分一杯羹。但相对冷门的Bigcommerce正在悄悄引发关注并窃取市场份额。它吸引了超过7,500万美金的风投资本,其中4,000万美金来自企业家史蒂夫o凯斯的Revolution Growth企业。
2. 10.电脑系统分析师
3. adj.
4. It took almost 45 years for this 13-hour shaggy-dog experiment to reach American screens, but the timing turned out to be perfect. Mr. Rivette’s mischievous ramble through Paris, French literature and a handful of perennial philosophical puzzles (What is the nature of reality? How do we know what we know? What is the relation of effect to cause?) is both a charming, newly rediscovered artifact of its hectic time and a bulletin from the cinematic future. Everything has already been done, and everything is still possible.
5. On Turkey, which recently shot down a Russian warplane, Putin said he sees no possibility of overcoming the strained ties with the current Turkish leadership. He said he was shocked to see that Turkey hadnt tried to explain its action but turned to help from NATO instead.
6. 工业企业利润由上年下降2.3%转为增长8.5%;


1. 位于武汉的这些楼房有12层楼高,这些建筑(被夷平是)为一个新的商业区让路,这个商业区包括一栋高707米的摩天大楼。
2. 但是,是什么推动了乐观或悲观情绪呢?库迪斯与巴塞罗那庞培法布拉大学(Universitat Pompeu Fabra)的汉斯-乔亚吉姆o沃斯发现了一些令人意外的答案。
3. adj. 快的,迅速的
4. However, the state is also wary of the fast growth in online finance, which is largely unregulated and the risks of systemic crises may be high. Since 2007, 370 P2P lending platforms have failed in China, of which 270 failed in the past year, according to research by Morgan Stanley and Wangdaizhijia, a Chinese research group.
5. 3. oDesk&Elance
6. 人力资源机构罗伯特?哈夫国际企业(Robert Half International)最近针对4,000名企业高管进行了一项调研。其中有88%的人预计,未来一年,企业的业务将有所好转。这不失为最鼓舞人心的消息了。


1. Or maybe youve become bolder in arguing against decisions you disagree with, Foss says. "Any variation to whats expected of you or from you could raise an eyebrow," she adds。
2. “This could be just the beginning,” said Michael Na, a strategist in Seoul with Nomura.?“They have so many options to punish Korean businesses.”
3. 《二十二》讲述的是22名慰安妇的故事,是中国首部票房超过1亿元的纪录片。
4. 继8月中旬贬值后,人民币在9月和10月有所上涨,但在11月再度走低,昨日人民币汇率收跌至三个月最疲弱水平,为1美金兑6.4082元人民币。“中国周边很多国家自10月份起经历了一些资本外流,中国也未能幸免,”深圳招商证券(China Merchants Securities)经济学家谢亚轩表示。“美金走强势必在一定程度上引发转投美金资产的行为。”
5. The studio says it has taken the step because the boy declined to remove a YouTube video he published which promoted how to use the software.
6. 但当格雷泽给大家带来《皮囊之下》,这部经过他长期酝酿的,由荷兰作家米歇尔·法柏的科幻小说改编的影片时,真是让人惊叹:欢快,不安,大胆。斯嘉丽扮演的外星人藏于人类的皮囊里,穿梭在格拉斯哥街道和商场,不亚于一位一线明星。现实生活中的路人在镜头中完美的展现,而隐身的约翰森面无表情的估算着三个地球人可被利用的热量值。接着演员带着被色诱的人类离开人群,来到她自己的地方:一个神秘的黑暗的洞穴中。在这里,情色恍惚间,人类贡献自己的肉体,被囚禁,被养殖成为食物,谁知道呢,又或许是人类的灵魂。


1. Bingo! In fewer than 20 words it combined five previous years’ winners, only to say nothing at all. With a heavy heart, I award eBay my overall Golden Flannel Award for 2016.
2. It scares/intimidates people and they dont know better anyway.
3. 他们先在伦敦中心广场上开了个熊猫聚会,接着来到特拉法加广场打太极。这一切都是第一届"感受熊猫"周的特别活动。



  • 全国房地产开发投资增速回落至1.3%
    2020-12-31 10:07:06
  • 物业服务行业助力未来住房租赁市场
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  • 实木柜体成为橱衣柜市场未来十年将迎来的“风口”
    京千余经适房家庭查出购房记录 243户已取消资格
    2021-01-10 10:07:06
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    大批量冲款砖涌入市场 扰乱市场潜藏危机
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  • 深圳:10月1日起全面落地个税改革
    宏观市场紧缩 湖南建材行业精准施策破困局
    2021-01-10 10:07:06
  • 2018广州楼市主基调:平稳
    家居市场认证混乱 “环保标签”大行其道引人忧
    2021-01-05 10:07:06
  • 北京:二手房成交量连跌俩月 8月依旧低温
    2021-01-10 10:07:06
  • 卫浴市场“明折暗扣”背后的真相
    盈利能力下滑 LED大厂纷纷“瘦身”
    2021-01-15 10:07:06
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