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1. 中国房地产企业一直在加大促销力度和降价,以保持销量。
2. As this year marks the 10th anniversary of the iconic Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni’s death, up to 13 of his classics - from his debut feature Story of a Love Affair to the 1995 romance Beyond the Clouds - will be screened as an homage to the master.
3. The rise of populism, even in countries such as the US and UK where plenty of people are in work, has made politicians realise that the quality of jobs is as important as their quantity.
4. James Franco’s new movie about the making of The Room will make you belly-laugh, but its comedy is also deeper and richer than mere mockery.
5. TOGETHERNESS (HBO, Jan. 11) HBO’s Sunday night comedy block already covers early-20-something New York women (“Girls,” beginning its fourth season the same night) and late-20-something San Francisco gay men (“Looking,” beginning its second). Now it adds 30-something Los Angeles straight people in this sometimes bleakly comic half-hour from Jay and Mark Duplass, the brothers behind quirky films like “The Puffy Chair” and “Baghead.” Mark Duplass and Melanie Lynskey play a married couple sharing a house with his best friend (Steve Zissis) and her sister (Amanda Peet).
6. "For IBM, although they regularly top the list of U.S. patentees by volume of patents each year, the Top 100 Global Innovators listing evaluates not just volume, but also success, globalization and impact," said Bob Stembridge, analyst with Thomson Reuters.


1. 基准原油价格上周跌破每桶40美金大关,至六年最低位,导致投资者对大宗商品相关企业和出口国家(包括巴西、俄罗斯和南非)情绪更加黯淡。
2. It is based on a survey of business schools and another of their alumni who graduated in 2013.
3. 9.消防员
4. [traigl]
5. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said the economy performed better than forecast in 2017 and expects annual gross domestic product growth of around 6.9 per cent, according to state media.
6. vt. (烹饪时把鱼


1. 如果你认为一开始准确判断应增持和减持哪些行业的股票是件难事,在年内不断调整投资组合更是难上加难。11月,野村证券一位定量分析师向《巴伦周刊》表示:“行业领军者每个月都在变换,其变化速度之快,在股市数十年未见。即便你选对了某行业的个股,由于市场环境瞬息万变,业绩也根本无法持续。”
2. LeBron James
3. 2017年,人们指责大型科技企业太过强大、利用自身的规模主宰市场,而且不够关注他们所创造的工具如何被用来做恶。
4. 莱昂纳多凭借他在《荒野猎人》中的演出斩获最佳男演员奖项,打败了埃迪雷德梅尼等劲敌。埃迪凭借在《丹麦女孩》中的演出获得金球奖提名。坊间盛传小李子有望在今年夺得他人生中第一座奥斯卡奖杯。
5. 7.The Renminbis Devaluation
6. [regju.leit,regjuleit]


1. 13. 还有更好的。10月,《洛杉矶时报》报道,平等工作机会委员会正在调查这个行业内的性别歧视现象,美国民权同盟要求各州与联邦机构继自己之后各自进行调查。
2. A moment of panic followed, before the teenager decided to take matters into his own hands and find a way out.
3. 《Trigger Mortis》于9月8日发行,先于10月26日上映的007新影片《(幽灵党(暂译)》(Spectre)。
4. The quality of consumer goods imported through channels other than e-commerce proved to be higher, with only 29 percent falling short of standards, according to figures released by the administration.
5. 在交易截止日到来前,看清楚他们会往哪个方向走这件事将会十分有趣。他们有很多靠得住的球员团结在布鲁克-洛佩兹身边。
6. Falling global demand for personal computers (PC) saw shipments fall by a record 10.6% in the fourth quarter from a year ago, according to market research firm IDC.


1. [dipɑ:t]
2. [?veil?bl]
3. IT富豪榜排名前十的富豪的平均年龄为45岁,现年52岁的马云是其中年纪最大的一位。



  • 房子真的是盖够了!建行董事长喊话:现在买房就成接盘侠
    多地楼市成交回升 一二三线典型城市库存全线下调
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  • 燕郊看房者寥寥无几 售楼员“签单很少”
    杭州8月二手房成交环比下降34% 中介启动应急模式
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  • 重庆钢铁年预亏25亿 河北钢铁亏7.64亿
    中国社科院报告建议:以降费为契机 扩大养老保险个人账户
    2021-01-05 04:43:34
  • 实木地板市场未来5年销售规模或达1300亿
    全行业销售减速明显 龙头房企提前完成全年业绩目标
    2020-12-30 04:43:34
  • 京津冀协同发展下的燕郊尴尬:配套不全产业空心化
    2020-12-30 04:43:34
  • 房地产去库存拉开攻坚大幕 房价总体稳中略升
    2020-12-31 04:43:34
  • 海南:房屋销售和投资增速大幅回落
    近30个省区市公布经济“半年报” 透露区域发展哪些新动向?
    2021-01-12 04:43:34
  • 北京税务375项业务“全市通办”、119个事项“最多跑一次”
    2021-01-11 04:43:34
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    在这6所美国学校中,新泽西的罗格斯商学院(Rutgers Business School)是排名最高的新上榜学校,排名第70。亚利桑那州立大学凯瑞商学院(Arizona State University WP Carey School of Business)是排名最高的重新上榜学校,排在第57位。南卡罗来纳大学(University of South Carolina)摩尔商学院(Moore School of Business)重新上榜,排名第77。摩尔商学院令人瞩目地在国际课程体验排名居首,其学员的海外学习时间从几个月到1年。

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