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1. But when you think of fields where there just arent enough skilled candidates to go around, one that probably doesnt come to mind is supply chain management: The complicated, behind-the-scenes work of getting goods from one place to another, on time and on budget.
2. “If we can identify someone who buys in both places, there is huge value there. You know who they are, what they bought, what they spent,” Harper added. “You can give them a more personalized experience.”
3. The drama won much praise for its use of slow motion when shooting martial arts.
4. One suggested change: require rent-stabilized tenants to verify their income.
5. So far this year, companies have announced 376 share-repurchase initiatives for a total of $261 billion, according to data from Birinyi Associates. Thats nearly 72% higher than 2012, though slightly lower when compared to the same period in 2013, which was a record year for buybacks.
6. 《老友记》中没有露骨的内容、不干净的台词或是黄段子,但它的幽默感却丝毫不减,为这个电视剧总喜欢裹挟着露骨内容的年代带来一阵清新之风。


1. The Internet has flattened the world, and 脸书 has banded us together as one big family. Our grandfathers inherited regions, my generation inherited nations, you have inherited the world. You are now only 4.74 people away from any human being and an average of two days away from any inhabited corner of the world. So travel. Africa, Europe, India, China or Brazil, go where you can learn the most, embrace what can teach you the most.
2. 3.Oh, yeah. That makes sense. – Because option B involves admitting that I am clueless。
3. 大部分原因还是全球变暖,而全球变暖主要是二氧化碳排放量上升造成的。二氧化碳是主要的人为温室气体,通过燃烧煤、石油等化石燃料产生。
4. A型与B型人格理论指出,A型人格的人外向、野心勃勃、严谨、地位意识强、敏感、不耐烦、焦虑、积极主动和注重时间管理。
5. 中国互联网金融行业继续保持快速增长的节奏。作为国内最大的个人对个人(P2P)网贷平台,陆金所(Lufax)正在寻求10亿美金的新融资,这将使其估值达到150亿至200亿美金。
6. 7. “Out 1: Noli Me Tangere”(Jacques Rivette)


1. I am afraid to go out in the sun now because of the holes in the ozone. I am afraid to breathe the air because I dont know what chemicals are in it. 我现在害怕晒太阳,因为臭氧层出现了空洞。我现在害怕呼吸空气,因为我不知道那里有多少化学物质。
2. The One-China policy constitutes the political foundation of China-US relations which has remained unshaken despite the changing circumstances, nor can this relationship be undermined. With that foundation in place, we believe that there are broad prospects for China-US cooperation.
3. Best film and best director. Surprisingly, Nolan has never received a directing nomination from the Academy.
4. 这枚奖牌在拍卖会上以95万美金的价格成交,但是需要额外支付的买方佣金使得最终的拍卖价格达到116万美金。
5. Length of program: 21 months
6. 挪威诺贝尔和平奖委员会主席亚格兰赞扬这三位女士的成就,还说,除非女性享有和男性一样的机会,否则大家不能实现持久的和平。


1. Anti-dumping cases were much easier to bring in the US than in the EU where companies first had to pass a public interest test.
2. 朱尔斯皮耶里
3. 8.Yes Man
4. release
5. It is a timely warning. His findings, he writes, “point to a heightened risk of emerging market crises in the coming years as the Fed continues to normalise interest rates”.
6. All-cash buyers. Skittish lenders. Skyrocketing prices. Anemic listings. These realities haunt buyers, turning the house hunt into a demoralizing slog. Unfortunately, buyers will probably have to soldier through another year of a market that favors sellers.


1. While British schools moved up two places on average, French schools, the largest group from any one country, fell one place on average. EMLyon Business School dropped outside the MBA ranking and lost 15 places overall, while Edhec Business School failed to make it into the Executive MBA ranking and lost eight places overall as a result.
2. Soyabeans which are trading above $10 a bushel are expected to remain strong, while dairy prices are also expected to rise during 2017 as demand steadily increases, said the bank.
3. While a way must be found to aggregate those views, it will always be defective.



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    “If we can identify someone who buys in both places, there is huge value there. You know who they are, what they bought, what they spent,” Harper added. “You can give them a more personalized experience.”

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    201107/145539.shtmlAnd so, farewell to “Mad Men.” Farewell to the blogs and fan sites that tracked the story line (and more important, the outfits) of each episode.

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    According to the China Auto Dealers Chamber of Commerce, which is helping to organise the dealers, Hyundai’s import-only dealer network has already halved in size since 2014.

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    New year’s events can be anticlimactic. Not so in China where stock markets began 2016 with enough excitement to make traders choke on their bubbles: Shanghai stocks dropped 7 per cent on Monday, Shenzhen more than 8 per cent. It could have been worse. A new mechanism that suspends trading after a drop of 7 per cent halted play early — in this instance, by an hour and a half.

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    As part of its 2014 capital plan, the San Francisco, Calif.-based bank said it would increase its buybacks by 350 million shares, or a total of almost $17 billion. It also boosted its dividend rate by about 17% to $0.35 a share.



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