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1. 8. Greenland sharks live for a very long time
2. 由美国演员Jared Leto领衔的“火星三十秒”拿到了最佳另类音乐奖,同时还有Lana Del Rey,Lorde,The XX和Imanine Dragons等人提名。
3. 亚马逊 joins the innovators list for the first time for innovations in data centers, devices, electronic methods and systems, according to its latest report.
4. 这个夏天,诺埃尔将成为受限制自由球员,考虑到他公认的防守能力、未开发的潜力和乐透秀身份,他希望得到一份慷慨的补偿合同,即使他的职业生涯上场时间还不足5000分钟。
5. The 16-year-old surnamed Zhou on April 24 poured pesticide into the water dispenser in the classroom, apparently in an act of revenge against classmates who disturbed the class and affected Zhous studies, the Chongqing Morning Post said.
6. Yes, 2014 is an absolute total disaster just waiting to ignite. In Doomsday poll: 87% risk of stock crash by year-end we analyzed 10 major crash warnings since early this year. Since then, more incoming bogies raced across our radar screen. Ticking time bombs from Congress, the Supreme Court, sex, carbon emissions, Big Oil, NSA, IRS, Tea Party austerity. Relentless. Mind-numbing.


1. But whether another hit product can emerge to fend off questions about Apple’s life after Jobs, Mr Cook learnt long ago to be patient and trust his instincts, just as he did when he ignored the doubters to join the then-struggling company in 1998.
2. A member of staff at the Yizheng Museum told MailOnline that the bronze item had been found inside the tomb of an aristocrat in the West Han Dynasty (206 BC–8 AD) the first part of the Han Dynasty.
3. 喜剧类最佳女配角:凯特?麦金侬(Kate McKinnon),《周六夜现场》(Saturday Night Live)
4. 这会吓走一些人,这些人不了解你更好。
5. The University of St Gallen’s domination of the Financial Times’ ranking of masters in management courses continues for another year.
6. 《2013全球幸福指数报告》出台的背景是,现在的人们要求政府和政策制定者能够少关心经济的增长,而花更多的精力在提高国民的幸福感上。


1. 其中,在
2. China will not overreach its regional influence to seek trade arrangements where the countrys due role is not in place.
3. adj. 忙碌的,使用中的,订婚了的
4. 据Mic上周报道,FaceBook表情包分享群组已经成为一个新兴的大学传统,全国各地的学生们用截图和配字互开玩笑,与对手学校互怼。
5. 榜单前十名中的其它外国影片为《变形金刚5:最后的骑士》、《摔跤吧!爸爸》、《加勒比海盗5:死无对证》和《金刚:骷髅岛》。
6. Vegetable price growth more than doubled to 13 per cent year on year, helping push food inflation to 3 per cent, up from 2.7 per cent in September.


1. Though its campuses often steal the benefits spotlight -- with their outdoor sports facilities, free food and more -- theres a more morbid perk that should certainly be noted. If a U.S. 谷歌r passes away while working for the tech giant, the employees spouse or domestic partner receives 50% of the deceaseds salary, no matter how long or short his tenure, every year for the next decade.
2. When it was set up in 2002, Teach First’s aim was to encourage more graduates to try teach-ing. Amid worries that the best brains in the country were being lured into the City of London, accountancy and law, the idea was to tap some of their brain power for state schools, in an attempt to tackle educational inequality.
3. Yet institutions matter, too, because they set the rules of the game.
4. Index: 97.8
5. 安迪?穆雷在美国男子网球公开赛中取得的胜利和奥运夺冠使他成为搜索次数最多的英国奥林匹克运动会选手。
6. adj. 接收能力强的,愿意接受的,感官的


1. 如果你拼命工作还是入不敷出,你可能没的得到与你自身价值相符的酬劳。去找一份能够给你应有报酬的工作吧。
2. 14. On the Other Hand Here is an estimate of the movies directed by women that were released by major studios this year: Warner Bros. (five! — Lana Wachowski, Anne Fletcher, Dana Nachman, Nancy Meyers, Patricia Riggen); Universal (three — Sam Taylor Johnson, Elizabeth Banks, Angelina Jolie); Disney (one — Niki Caro); Paramount (0); Fox (0); and 索尼 (0). (I excluded Fox and 索尼’s specialty units.)
3. Its time to make New Year resolutions for traveling! Backpacker bible Lonely Planet has published its annual list of best value destinations in 2017 for people looking for wallet-friendly sightseeing experiences. Take a look.



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