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1. 源于:Turkey土耳其,火鸡原产于土耳其地区。
2. 3. "The Walking Dead" (3.6 million)
3. 2. Worldwide Murders
4. fat的人que缺乏锻炼就容易劳累
5. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced the plans for the new redesign Wednesday. Lew said the Treasury Department will launch a social media campaign dubbed "The New 10" to solicit ideas on whose portrait should be chosen for the new bill, along with a series of public meetings. He will reveal his decision sometime this year.
6. Company: Binary Group


1. 戴维皮林(David Pilling)
2. 去年我国内地人口总数达13.7亿,与2010年进行人口普查时相比,人口数量增加了3377万,这意味着人口年增长率为0.5%。
3. 当你报名了学习某门课程时并要开始学习时,你要确保自己已经将孩子安排周全。学习和照顾孩子兼顾是人之常情。每天都有人做着这样的事。
4. The statement said: "We sincerely apologize to Moonlight, La La Land, Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, and Oscar viewers for the error that was made during the award announcement for Best Picture."
5. 7)让我来唱黑脸:想找一种婉转的批评方式?将对话转变为一场操练,你在其中扮演被孤立的一方,实行一项职能:戳穿(对方言语中的)逻辑漏洞及其攻击计划中的漏洞。你使用此条策略,一定要强调一点,千万不要在这些观点中掺杂个人情绪。
6. William Leung, portfolio manager at Cohen & Steers, the US investment house with $4bn of assets exposed to Asia, agrees. He argues that speculative investment will be driven out of the market as prices fall. He adds that a trend in the industry towards alternative investments should mean that the price of real estate investment trusts rises even if the value of underlying assets grow more slowly. “We don’t think this correction will be so sharp,” he says.


1. This is the biggest question hanging over the global economy. And the biggest risk.
2. Most successful entrepreneurs follow comparable patterns and share similar basic characteristics. Hundreds of online articles and published books claim to know the secret of success in business, but for the most part, they boil down to the same major points.
3. 巴黎高等商学院(HEC)和伦敦商学院(London Business School)分别巩固了自己在英国《金融时报》“无工作经验要求”和“有工作经验要求”金融硕士项目排行榜上的领先地位。自2011年首次发布这两个金融教育排行榜以来,这两所商学院一直在榜单上名列前茅。
4. 谎言5:你穿这条裙子真好看。说谎原因:总比说真话被别人扇耳光要好吧。
5. 因为吉吉·哈迪德和凯蒂·派瑞等多位模特和表演者在申请签证时遇到了一系列问题,维密秀的主办方正试图使一切回到正轨,如今主办方又表示,中国政府还拦截了他们的邮件。
6. Enrollment: NA


1. But back to TextPride. Wray and O’Brien saw the way users eagerly engaged with their branded emojis, and believed advertisers appreciated the convenience of using one vendor to get many different messaging apps. But they realized that that was only half of the business. For certain established brands like sports teams, people will pay for stickers. But other, unknown brands would pay just to be included.
2. The University of St Gallen’s domination of the Financial Times’ ranking of masters in management courses continues for another year.
3. 自这份年度榜单编制之初,“password”就占据了“最常用密码”的榜首位置。而在2013年榜单中,“password” 排名下滑到了第二位。
4. n. 回答,响应,反应,答复
5. 从投资决策角度来看,2014年是有史以来最糟糕的年景之一,几乎可以说是全盘皆输。除了少数华尔街亿万富豪才玩得起的“股东积极主义”维权策略还算奏效外,没有哪种投资策略在这一年里始终灵光。
6. Age: 39


1. 同行评审指由一个或多个与论文编辑业务能力相当的人进行评估,这有助于对研究进行验证。
2. 许多分析师或许会对有关他们低估美联储的说法感到愕然。如今人们在谈论新兴市场资产时,最常提到的两个相关因素就是美联储和中国,以及它们将来造成负面冲击的风险。
3. 1.You Arent Learning Anything New



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    个税法草案将迎二审 两个“首次”能否促进消费?
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  • 涂料行业发展不必谈“过剩”而色变
    建材卖场玩“跨界” 大家居另寻出路
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  • 投资热蔓延卫浴业: 环保 健康 绿色成三条主线
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    LONDON — In the 1970s, the British comedian Tommy Cooper used to tell a joke about asking an auction house to value a violin and a painting that he had discovered in an attic. The good news, he was told, is that they were made by Stradivarius and Rembrandt. The bad news was that the painting was by Stradivarius and the violin was by Rembrandt.

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    Nine out of the top 10 have all worked with Victorias Secret in some capacity, with curve model Ashley being the only exception.



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