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1. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced the plans for the new redesign Wednesday. Lew said the Treasury Department will launch a social media campaign dubbed "The New 10" to solicit ideas on whose portrait should be chosen for the new bill, along with a series of public meetings. He will reveal his decision sometime this year.
2. Global movie earnings hit a record $38.3b in 2015, with China accounting for $6.8 billion, a nearly 50% increase over the previous year, according to data from the US National Association of Theatre Owners.
3. Since its launch in 2010, the 12306 ticketing system has been upgraded many times to fix bugs and provide better service during the Spring Festival travel rush, or Chunyun.
4. You might want to hope that people shared these articles as a joke. I want to hope that. But we can’t: the analysis points to a recent BuzzFeed and Ipsos Public Affairs poll which found that 75 percent of Americans (84 percent of Republicans and 71 percent of Democrats) were easily tricked by fake headlines. What a fantastic year for fact-checking and rational thought and Mark Zuckerberg’s self-awareness.
5. 超级大碗
6. Libby has posted the lyrics on her YouTube channel in the comments section, but here they are for you. There are plenty of lovely English expressions and British English slang that I’ve highlighted in bold for you. Can you guess the meaning? What does “OMG” stand for?


1. 分析师们表示,未来几个月整体进口数据可能开始好转,因为大宗商品价格下跌在2014年底尤为显著,这将意味着按价值计算的中国进口同比降幅较小。
2. Taobao, subsidiary of 阿里巴巴, came in second place, with a brand value of $42.9 billion, overtaking China Mobile, Baidu and ICBC.
3. 7. 阿里尔·福克斯曼《型时代》
4. 年末城镇登记失业率4.02%,为多年来最低;
5. 2012年春运期间,12306网站系统约售出110万张车票。去年,该系统售出的车票数量同比增加1100万张。
6. The work suits Carlson who has been into singing and musical theater her whole life.


1. “This is our make or break moment for the tenant movement,” said Ilana Maier, the program director for the Metropolitan Council on Housing. “If we aren’t able to drastically strengthen the rules now, none of this will matter in 10 years.”
2. 对学习充满热情
3. 单词original 联想记忆:
4. 提供公务员考试培训的教育机构中公网校的数据显示,报名首日共有31220人通过审核,超过去年同期的2.5万人。
5. 圣保罗报的民意调查是基于在贝洛奥里藏特(Belo Horizonte)的米内朗球场( Mineirao)对693名球迷进行的采访,统计误差为4%左右。
6. 作为过去二十五年来的常胜将军、福特的F系列皮卡一直成功地抵挡住了雪佛兰重新设计的西尔维拉多(Silverado)的挑战,盘踞着美国最畅销皮卡的宝座。而全是日本品牌角逐的最畅销汽车决赛,丰田(Toyota)凯美瑞(Camry)再次成功击败本田(Honda)雅阁(Accord),摘得冠军头衔。


1. 去年,中国工商银行的每股盈利为0.77元人民币,低于上一年的0.78元人民币,税前每股分红为0.2333元人民币,低于上一年的0.2554元人民币。
2. 智能烤箱
3. 注册人数:503人
4. Cullinan and Ruiz each carry a suitcase containing a copy of the winning envelope for all the categories - meaning there are two envelopes for each award.
5. 补救办法:虽然自己当老板的想法很诱人,但并不是每个人都适合创业。创造属于自己的事业,让家人过上幸福生活,改善顾客的生活,这些听起来肯定很浪漫,但漫长的工作时间、没有闲暇时间、承担资金风险,身兼老板、职员、营销人员、会计和门卫等多个职位于一身,这些你能承受吗?如果你喜欢稳定的工作和专注于某项具体任务而不是身兼多职,又或者你不喜欢冒险,你就无法想象整天为工作忙碌的生活。如果你属于以上情况,那么创业并不适合你。
6. GOOGLE2017搜索排名靠前的包括马特·劳尔和飓风厄玛。搜索巨头公布了它今年的年度搜索结果榜单,内容主要是在全球各类行业中GOOGLE搜索排名靠前的几位。


1. ac+cur关心+ate→一再关心,弄精确为止→准确的,精确的
2. 尼古拉斯·凯奇(Nicolas Cage)向来不随大流,他曾向媒体透露,因为居住权问题,他因影片《离开拉斯维加斯》(Leaving Las Vegas)所获得的小金人“正在某辆卡车上穿越路易斯安那州”。显然,如果政府要对你查户口,问问你的小金人在何处就可以了。
3. Its alumni enjoyed by far the greatest financial rewards, with an average salary of $469,000 three years after graduation.



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    从手工家具到智能家居 27年见证家居变迁
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    端午北京二手房量价小幅回落 市场逐渐平稳
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  • 两项建筑涂料相关标准制修定任务将于2017年完成
    燕郊楼市:二手房单价降4000元 仍有价无市
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  • 个税
    高扬集团非法集资超6亿遭调查 月星家居或涉其中
    2021-01-04 08:08:24
  • 报告:未来5年中国将主导超高层建筑的开发市场
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    双十一后家具消费投诉率暴高 消协为网友支招
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