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1. 但随着美国接近实现充分就业,随着通胀向目标水平趋近,“你可以看到收紧政策是有道理的,”他说,“不需要很多就足以改变整个平衡”。
2. [t?ek]
3. There’s no arguing with that one. From bathroom signs to fashion runways, the gender lines have been blurring at an ever-faster pace. It’s about time we ended ye olde pink/blue, girl/boy stereotype divide.
4. 故事发生在1950年的伦敦,雷诺兹?伍德科克是一位知名缝匠。他挑剔的生活中走进了阿尔玛,她是一位充满主见的年轻女性,后来成为了雷诺兹的缪斯女神和爱人。
5. Care about them, but dont let on mkay?
6. 发脾气大奖


1. And regarding Ukraine, the Russian president again denied that there are Russian troops operating inside eastern Ukraine where a pro-Russian separatist movement is fighting Ukrainian government troops. But he said Moscow never denied that "certain people" were there carrying out tasks "in the military sphere." He said Russia plans no sanctions against Ukraine, but will not extend preferential trade to Kyiv.
2. 排名:第五
3. However, this year it is ranked in eighth place.
4. Despite it being not that different from the typical bottle opener, the BOx does have a nice design made with stainless steel and solid wood.
5. For newcomers, these changes provide fresh housing options. But for residents, they can spell displacement. The same is true for shops such as De Robertis Pasticceria and Caffe in the East Village, which just closed after a 110-year run. And next year, the Union Square Cafe will likely conclude its 30 years in Union Square.
6. Joses mother Inma Quesada told the El Pais daily that her son "wanted to buy instruments" for his band Los Salerosos (loosely translated as "The Salties"), in which he plays the trumpet.


1. 认为西方民主政体不会受影响将是愚蠢的。
2. 【中文译文】
3. Technology:Cadillac will introduce high-resolution video streaming in the rearview mirror, which improves the field of vision by about four times greater than a traditional mirror by removing obstructions like pillars and passengers. Just the thing for aging Cadillac drivers with stiff necks. Coming next: a “beep, beep, beep” signal like that used by garbage trucks whenever the car is driven in reverse.
4. 除了作为微信核心的私聊和群卿功能之外,用户还可以通过“漂流瓶”功能寻找新的好友,具体方法是录制一段信息装在虚拟的“瓶子”里扔出去,等陌生人捡起来回复。“查看附近的人”功能与一些手机交友应用相似,用户通过它可以浏览附近其他用户的资料。另外还有一个名叫“朋友圈”的功能,用户通过它可以将相册公开分享给好友群,跟照片分享应用Instagram很像。
5. [k?pirait]
6. 报告显示,今年11月11日至15日五天期间,涉及电商平台、电商企业、物流企业、第三方支付机构、消费者等主体的失信案例数量同比增加57.49%。


1. Upon downloading WeChat, users are prompted to register either using their QQ accounts or their cell phone numbers. The application then helps users populate their contact lists using existing entries in their cell phone address books. To communicate, users can upload any photo or video on their device, take new ones, or press a button to save a voice message that is transferred almost instantaneously. Voice messages are played back with short beeps at the end to imitate the feeling of instant connection, similar to a two-way radio.
2. 大型企业PMI为53.1,比上月下降0.7个百分点;中型企业PMI为49.8,回落1.3个百分点,意味着进入轻度收缩。小型企业PMI为49,下降0.4个百分点,意味着收缩加剧。
3. “我都不知道要怎么说明拿了年度风云人物奖之后,还是没有女性杂志和组织支撑我的事。”
4. We learned about a warehouse that is like a mausoleum for endangered species.
5. Up to 10,000 copies of the film - a comedy about a fictional CIA plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un - and 500,000 political leaflets are scheduled for a balloon-launch around 26 March.
6. 他说,薪酬是个问题(2010年记者的年薪中值为3.6万美金)。他不知道自己能否靠做记者的薪水供养家庭并送孩子上大学。而且还有一点没错,记者的压力和工作时间可能会令人感到精疲力竭。但他说,我不确定自己换个工作是否会开心,也想不出任何一个工作会像做记者这样让我觉得兴奋或有成就感。


1. ceremony
2. 201001/93691.shtml重点单词
3. The drama and the original game have a large fan base and enjoy great popularity in China, and even elsewhere in Asia.



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    Faster growth should also dispel worries about another Fed bogeyman: deflation, or falling prices. "Its impossible to have deflation in an economy growing 3%-plus and adding the most jobs since the 1990s," Baumohl said.



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