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1. 在韩国首都首尔,20%年龄介于19到49岁的女性承认她们为了改变样貌,接受过美容整形手术。
2. The main culprit for the deceleration was food, though food inflation is higher than the overall index. Food prices were up 1.9 per cent in October, down from 2.7 per cent in September and 3.7 per cent in August. Non-food inflation ticked down 0.9 per cent from 1.0 per cent.
3. 这里我得提一下小牛队的处境。你很难在11月就告诉你球队的球迷们球队希翼尽失,而你的名人堂球员仍旧在球员名单上时这一动作难度就更大了。
4. Among 36,000 who have reached celebrity status on the Internet, 74 percent are women and 87.8 percent are between 17 to 33 years old, while 89 percent have a college education.
5. 该排名的编辑菲尔·巴蒂称:“在近几年取得重大进展之后,中国在全球排名榜上的持续增长似乎已经停滞。这些新数据显示,新兴力量要打入传统的全球名校阶层是多么困难。”
6. 欧洲工商管理学院(Insead)领衔2017年英国《金融时报》全球MBA百强榜。这是这所拥有多个校区的国际商学院连续第二年高居榜首,去年该学院首次摘得桂冠。


1. 中国国家旅游局周五发出通知,确认了最近几个月中国游客因所持旅游文件不完整而被拒进入韩国济州岛的报道。该机构提醒中国公民“慎重选择旅游目的地”。
2. 昨日发布的新数据是对2015年全球贸易图景的第一张快照。但在这些数据发布之际,有越来越多的人担心2016年对全球经济而言将比此前预期的更为危机四伏。
3. adj. 推测的,推理的,思索的,投机的
4. 14. 谷歌 Calendar
5. 6) I find it hard to start a conversation 0 1 2 3 4
6. 3. Jia Junpeng, your mom wants you to go home for dinner.”


1. corpor躯体,al-法人的
2. 榜单前十位富豪的净资产总额合计为5054亿美金。
3. 单词invigorate 联想记忆:
4. 上榜的商学院包括来自26个国家的商学院,其中美国有35家,英国有10家,中国有9家。中国人民大学商学院(Renmin University of China School of Business)的排名上升最快,从第43名升至第18名。法国的格勒诺布尔商学院(Grenoble Business School)排名第70名,土耳其的萨班哲大学管理商学院(Sabanci University School of Management)排名第99名,巴西的Coppead排名第100名。
5. In contrast to last year when the vast majority of economists expected the ECB to launch full-scale quantitative easing, just under half of the 33 respondents thought the ECB would do nothing this year. The rest said the ECB would expand QE or cut interest rates, although some of those who expected more easing stressed that the central bank was unlikely to radically reshape its existing policy response.
6. Experts say that 2016 was a remarkable year for the Chinese film industry as it realized growth while facing multiple challenges including the rapid development of the internet, the increasingly sophisticated tastes of Chinese audiences, and the economic downturn in the country.


1. optimistic
2. Set between the events of Star Wars Episode III and IV, Rogue One will most likely be about bounty hunters who set out to steal the Death Star plans. Were not exactly sure of the plot.
3. Producing fake data, it appears, is condoned at official levels. Publishing real data lands you up in court. Much more of this and the public will be right to lose trust in official statistics.
4. 2021届哈佛待入学新生的FaceBook官方主页提醒学生,“如果新生在诚信、成熟度或道德品质方面存在问题,那么校方保留针对恶劣情况取消学生入学资格的权利。
5. 在即将卸任的中国领导层不愿做出任何有远见的决定时,中国必须沿着一条狭窄的道路审慎推进。
6. n. 舞厅


1. calendar
2. Less than an hour ago the official manufacturing PMI for November came in at 49.6, the fourth consecutive month of contraction and below the 49.8 reading economists were looking for. Analysts at ANZ said, in relation to that PMI series:“With soft growth momentum and deflation pressures creeping up, we expect the authorities to further ease monetary policy and continue to implement an expansionary fiscal policy in order to prevent further slowdown of the economy in 2016.”
3. "Well start with a broad list and then begin to narrow it," Podesta told the Boston Globe. "But there is no question that there will be women on that list."



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