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1. Having longer does not seem to make it easier, however. Proper time management is essential in order to maintain the momentum. “A couple of obligatory projects would help keep the pace and avoid a very intense last quarter,” commented one graduate from Warwick Business School. Overall, the graduates from the class of 2012 took slightly longer than 2.5 years to graduate.
2. 大家不希翼看到打贸易战,贸易战带不来贸易公平,而且双方都受损。
3. [krieitiv]
4. The IOM says fewer than 35,000 migrants, or about three percent, have crossed by land into Greece and Bulgaria from Turkey.
5. WTF.3: Im Bigger Than You Think
6. 得益于网络游戏产业的快速增长,网易企业创始人丁磊的财富翻倍至960亿元,超越了百度企业董事长李彦宏,在IT富豪榜上排名第三。


1. [imbreis]
2. You may already use 谷歌 Calendar, but are you using it wisely? Here’s a secret: only put stuff on your 谷歌 Calendar that will actually happen at that date and time. Use 苹果 Reminders to remember things that are not time-sensitive (down to the hour or minute). Following this strategy will help you stay more sane.
3. 然而,007系列影片主题曲却并没有人们想象的那么历史悠久。第一部《诺博士》和第二部《俄罗斯之恋》没有开场曲,而是安排了管弦乐。《诺博士》甚至插入了《三只瞎老鼠》的怪异演奏。随后,《女王密使》才开始有了开场曲,并且在影片的中间和结尾插入了主题曲。
4. “中日关系说到底,就是日本能不能接受中国的发展壮大,这是根本问题。”
5. 该书编辑马丁輠祹(Martin Ford)周二在纽约的颁奖典礼上获得了英国《金融时报》和麦肯锡(McKinsey & Company)颁发的3万英镑奖金。
6. 但他认为自己任教的经历非常宝贵,可以让他很快适应新的职业阶段。


1. In a separate report in early September, the World Meteorological Organization said the level of carbon dioxide in the air in 2013 was 42 percent above the level that prevailed before the Industrial Revolution. Other important greenhouse gases have gone up as well, with methane increasing 153 percent from the preindustrial level and nitrous oxide by 21 percent.
2. 据行业估计,到2020年,我国年度票房有望达到1000亿元人民币。
3. The first view is that the price is inherently cyclical. What has come down must go back up again and the deeper the trough the higher the next mountain.
4. 而他的妈妈则称他只是一个替罪羔羊。她在已经在网络上发布的信件中写道:“这个企业正在试图去指控一个14岁的孩子。”
5. 7. Corrections officer
6. 色彩有什么作用?如果你是潘通(Pantone)——“色彩权威”和主导色彩潮流的预测者——如果你能选择每年的“年度色彩”,那么你会发现它有很多作用。包括可以决定时尚的方向(这会决定设计师购买什么颜色的面料,也就是你最终穿什么颜色的衣服),影响室内装饰,甚至影响食物的外观。不过,我从未看到哪一年的年度色彩选择像2016年这样深受政治和哲学的影响。


1. 10. The difference between a lie and a promise is that the believer of a lie is the listener and the believer of a promise is the speaker.
2. 考虑到达拉斯多年来一直拒绝摆滥,当德克-诺维茨基的职业生涯进入倒计时阶段,他们并没有囤积足够多的潜力新秀,这时换来22岁的诺埃尔而且没有对常规轮换造成大的损伤是个相当高明的举动。
3. China will remain an important engine for world growth amid sluggish global economic recovery.
4. The bulk was due to underlying global warming caused largely by rising emissions of carbon dioxide, the main man-made greenhouse gas produced by burning fossil fuels, such as coal and oil.
5. vt. 保卫
6. 这颗梨形蓝钻被命名为“蓝色”,重13.22克拉,拍前估价为2100万至2500万美金。


1. o Outside events can intrude.Consumer Reports, which raved about the Model S, reported a few “quirks” recently that included door handles that failed to activate and a center touch screen that went blank, blocking access to most of the car’s functions. Edmunds.com has had trouble with its Model S too. More reports like that will dent Tesla’s heretofore shining reputation.
3. The EU filed just 12 anti-dumping cases in 2015, two less than the year before.



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