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1. The housing slump has cut demand for iron ore, energy and other commodities. Higher global supplies have exacerbated the gap between supply and demand and pushed raw materials prices lower. This dynamic is not expected to change in the near term despite measures such as the interest rate cut in November.
2. 失业率的大幅下降的实际效果将会有所体现
3. The ranking of 95 schools, up from 90 last year, includes nine institutions, from seven countries, that were ranked for the first time. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in 41st place is the year’s highest new entrant. The German school has one of the most gender-balanced programmes, with women accounting for 49 per cent of students.
4. [institju:t]
5. I was waiting for you to bring up the Nets’ situation, so fine, Ill do it here. Jeremy Lins been out for weeks with a hamstring injury. Theyre the only team tanking correctly and theyre not actually tanking!
6. 尤塞恩?博尔特是搜索次数最多的非英国籍奥林匹克运动会选手。


1. Thats particularly striking in Brazil, with its highly mixed population that has more blacks than any country with the exception of Nigeria. More than half of Brazils population self-identified themselves as black or of mixed-race in the 2010 census.
2. 3. "The Walking Dead" (3.6 million)
3. The second-best song that Shirley Bassey performed for the James Bond franchise is still one of the best. For a series that, on some level, has always been about wish fulfillment, listening to one of the great singers belt powerful notes about avarice seems just about right. So say what you will about the film (its not on many of the lists of James Bonds best), but Bassey had good material here and she knocked it out of the park.
4. 10.邮差
5. 在这部1998年的古装剑侠动作影片中,安东尼奥·班德拉斯扮演了一个无聊的贵族,他有时会扮成蒙面歹徒,从腐败领导人手中拯救加州的墨西哥平民。虽然佐罗听起来可能像个普通的老派超级英雄,但是《佐罗的面具》依据的故事大部分来源于现实世界中,一个叫乔伊·穆里埃塔的亡命之徒。
6. Brands vs the market


1. Other commentators, such as Raoul Leering, head of international trade analysis at ING, the Dutch financial group, fear the outlook is bleak even in the short term.
2. 农村贫困人口减少1240万;
3. 1) I make contact easily when I meet people 0 1 2 3 4
4. One suggested change: require rent-stabilized tenants to verify their income.
5. Yes. Mr Meade is the candidate of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI. His main rival is the hard leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a passionate orator who can work a crowd. Mr Meade has a lot to overcome: he will have to convince voters that they can trust him, after he put up petrol prices by 20 per cent overnight in January, triggering a surge in inflation. He will also have to reveal himself as his own man, not just a clone of an unpopular government that has failed spectacularly to rein in rampant corruption and crime. But backed by the formidable PRI get-out-the-vote machine, he could prove unstoppable. In Mexico’s one-round-only system, 30 per cent of the vote might be enough.
6. Brazil


1. 网队我认为倒是可以轻松舒适地摆着烂,除非是想给那些没有融入球队学问,并且明年不会在队中地球员增加身价。对,我说的就是布鲁克-洛佩兹。他存在的交易价值很诡异,但是大家假设它存在的话,大家就该充分利用他身上的价值。
2. Perhaps just as important, stable or falling prices will boost the inflation-adjusted pay of U.S. workers and gives them more bang for their buck. "Its an unambiguous positive for household demand," said Neil Dutta, head of economics at Renaissance Macro Research. "People will have more money to spend."
3. n. 路线,(固定)线路,途径
4. a
5. The U.S. is set to add nearly 3 million jobs in 2014 — the biggest increase since 1999. The burst in job creation, expected to continue in 2015, is sure to fuel consumer spending. So, too, will a plunge in gasoline prices thats given households extra cash to spare on other goods and services. See: Americans saved $14 billion as gasoline prices declined in 2014.
6. According to the new report, over the past 20 years India has been the leading user of anti-dumping cases, filing 767, or 15 per cent, of the 4,990 initiated between 1995 and 2015. The US accounted for 570 while the EU registered 480.


1. n. 卷轴,目录 v. 卷动
2. adj. 社团的,法人的,共同的,全体的
3. Such claims are unlikely to go away, though. John R. Christy, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville who is known for his skepticism about the seriousness of global warming, pointed out in an interview that 2014 had surpassed the other record-warm years by only a few hundredths of a degree, well within the error margin of global temperature measurements. “Since the end of the 20th century, the temperature hasn’t done much,” Dr. Christy said. “It’s on this kind of warmish plateau.”



  • 官方再出手整治公租房转租!严处违规违纪行为 绝不姑息
    从宜家经验谈实体店转型 重在“实体店+”
    2021-01-02 23:02:56
  • 楼市低迷倒逼开发商“谋变” 房企现高管离职潮
    国企自有用地将建共有产权房 房价为两三万元每平方米
    2021-01-02 23:02:56
  • 北京家具行业呈现三大趋势:换挡转型打品牌
    2021-01-04 23:02:56
  • 北京加大保障性住房建设力度
    2021-01-07 23:02:56
  • 生活家创造家居“混血”时尚
    2021-01-05 23:02:56
  • 住建部征求意见:住宅拟以套内使用面积交易
    25家房企业绩过千亿 后半个月开启冲刺模式
    2021-01-03 23:02:56
  • 26种建材被列入2017年国家监督抽查计划
    2021-01-08 23:02:56
  • 警惕地板企业环保产品不环保
    2021-01-02 23:02:56
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    Washingtons twin-obsessions in election year 2010 will be to create jobs and cut the deficit. Little will be accomplished on either count.

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    Other notable custom course performances include Harvard Business School, which recorded one of the year’s biggest rises, jumping nine places to fifth. The Massachusetts school was ranked 18th two years ago.

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    According to BusinessInsider.com, embracing hyperbole, Faber suggested that QE would basically be a part of everyday life for the rest of our lives, adding that back in 2010 in the early days of Bernankes disastrous experiment, Faber warned the Feds headed for QE99.

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    IDC believes that the rising disposable income of Chinese people has resulted in greater consumption, which contributed to the rapid growth of the domestic smartphone market.



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