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1. [silebriti]
2. "The editors thought the articles were being sent out to genuine reviewers in the discipline," he said. "Following our investigation and communication with the real reviewers, they confirmed they did not conduct the peer review."
3. 总部位于纽约的世界品牌实验室编纂并于上周一发布了《2016世界品牌500强》榜单,苹果企业夺得了第一名的宝座。
4. 数月前,18岁的安娜·费斯·卡尔森在一张艾丽莎的宣传立板边照了张相,发布到了网上,她立即变成了网络红人。
5. Chile were one of the most exciting teams at the 2010 World Cup and recentky gave England the run around at Wembley, whilst if Colombia can get Radamel Falcao fit then they could cause an upset or two. So of all the South American teams, only Ecuador look like they might struggle to get out of the group stages, with all the others more than capable of reaching the latter stages.
6. Yes. Mr Modi’s overnight ban on using high-value bank notes was a big shock, and seriously disrupted the economy. But it delivered rich political rewards, bolstering the premier’s image as a decisive leader willing to take tough action against corruption. With the next general elections due in 2019, Mr Modi will be tempted to deliver one more big bang to dazzle voters. Watch out for dramatic action against wealthy individuals holding properties in others’ names to hide their ownership.


1. [kw?liti]
2. A Datafolha polling group survey published in the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper showed that at Saturdays Brazil versus Chile match, 67 percent of attendees classified themselves as white and 90 percent came from Brazils top two economic classes, which represent about 15 percent of the countrys population.
3. Here are some of the trends that emerge from this year’s BrandZ rankings:
4. 10、 因为与邦德在一起很有趣,女人往往会迷上他,这在人际关系中很重要,也是很多首次约会一拍即合的秘诀。甚至派去杀他的女特工也会爱上他。研究证明,这也不奇怪,007的形象常被批成大男子主义,也许不错--但是,只能让他在女人面前的魅力有增无减。
5. 9. “Creed”(Ryan Coogler)
6. Wearables typically fall into three categories: complex devices such as fitness trackers; smart accessories such as smart watches, defined by their ability to run third-party applications; and fully autonomous smart wearables that connect directly to the Internet, such as 谷歌’s Glass headset.


1. Stanfords Zhenan Baohas has developed a super-flexible, super-durable, and super-sensitive material that can be the basis for future synthetic skin. People have tried developing synthetic skin before, but Baohass material handles touch sensitivity better than any predecessor. It contains organic transistors and a layer of elastic, letting it stretch without taking damage. And its self-powered—this skin contains a series of elastic solar cells.
2. South Africas leader Jacob Zuma got a 4% raise in March, but his salary in dollar terms has actually dropped compared to last year, because of the fall in the south African rand.
3. 比摆滥还要糟糕的是没有远见(vision)的摆滥,所幸约翰逊作为球员从来都不缺乏视野(vision),而他作为球队管理也有一个不错的开端。
4. The study was based on 3,095 questionnaires from 2016 graduates and 1,661 questionnaires from employers across the country.
5. 加一些颜色。丰富的颜色可以让你充满活力。如果可以的话,可以选择一些色彩鲜艳的桌子和椅子。
6. 一有机会就炫一下小卷毛。


1. Days after her death, Ross’ mother, Alicia Jesquith, told reporters she needed answers for the sudden death of her daughter, described by friends and family as a vibrant, ambitious young girl who lit up the room.
2. 节目16 武术《少年中国》,赵文卓 范龙飞 侯英岗
3. British business schools make up ground on their French counterparts in the revamped Financial Times ranking of masters in management degrees.
4. Treating Birth Defects Before a Baby Is Born
5. "The scenes in the TV adaptation are beautiful, and also consistent with the original work," a Douban user Banchengyansha said.
6. Yet disparities were clear among sectors and companies.


1. 价格:197.5万元(约合人民币1264万元)
2. Rounding out the top-performing sectors of 2014 was an unlikely pair: tech (+16%) and consumer staples (+13.2%)—the most aggressive and most defensive areas of the market, running side-by-side toward the finish line, with confounded spectators struggling to concoct a narrative for this. Why would the least cyclical sectors—healthcare, staples and utilities—lead the markets in a year in which unemployment plummeted and GDP growth gained momentum? Much to the chagrin of the pundit class, sometimes there are no satisfying answers. To quote Kurt Vonnegut:
3. 中国几乎所有的黄金都用于满足国内需求,因为中国不允许企业出口黄金。



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