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1. “That’s the difference between tweeting from your couch and governing the country. If you govern the country, you have to take sensible decisions, and that isn’t sensible,” Mr Rutte replied.
2. 2.《活力王子》中的王子几乎破产
3. archery;shooting;triathlon;Modern Pentathlon.
4. Fudan University and Peking University, two prestigious comprehensive universities in China, were ranked fourth and sixth on the salary ranking, while the remaining of the top 20 were dominated by finance/economics and science/technology schools.
5. 安娜上班的地方位于富人区的一家购物中心的车库,她抱怨道:“我去上班的路上要多花费一小时,但我却得不到一个现场看球的机会。“
6. 7.M·A·S·H Star Never Signed his Contract


1. Life Is Strange
2. 照片左起分别是苹果董事长史蒂夫乔布斯,总裁兼CEO约翰斯卡利,创始人之一的斯蒂夫沃兹尼亚克,他们正在推出新款苹果II c型机,1984年4月24日,旧金山
3. "Everywhere I go business owners are seeing an increase in demand," said Gus Faucher, senior economist at PNC Financial Services. "Businesses will have to raise wages to attract or maintain workers."
4. 10.邮差
5. Economic forecasters are counting on 2014 to be a breakout year. But whether the economy finally moves past its sluggish growth will rest on several forces playing out differently than they have since the recovery began. Some of the key questions:
6. vt. 插于,刺入,竖起<


1. 以美金计,上个月进口下跌了18.8%,跌至1141.9亿美金,跌幅超过了去年12月的7.6%,也超过了下跌3.6%的预期。
2. Lee Kong Chian School of Business at the University of Singapore, in 76th place overall, is the first Singaporean business school to enter this ranking, which includes seven Asian institutions. Its alumni are by far the most internationally mobile among this group. They are ranked 25th for mobility, 57 places ahead of the next most mobile alumni, those from the National Sun Yat-Sen University in Taiwan.
3. The city of 21 million people recorded 1.86 trillion yuan in total consumption in 2015, marking a yearly rise of 8.7 percent. Consumption contributed over 70 percent to the citys GDP growth.
4. 2.全球谋杀案
5. Accounting and consultancy
6. The central bank last year spent more than six months signaling its intent to wean the economy off a third round of bond-buying, and the prospect upset markets at just about every turn. Now its only in the first stage of that process.


1. During your early years wasthere anything that inspired or sparked your imagination to start writing theway that you have done so far?
2. 韩美林在他的社交媒体上表示,他只设计了吉祥物的水墨画原始版本,对3D版并不知情。某网友对此回应了这位德高望重的艺术家:“大家当然相信这只丑猴和韩大师无关。”
3. 赖床有了新理由
4. Yet thats finally about to change. With hiring up and unemployment falling, businesses will have to go the extra mile for employees or risk losing sales to competitors because they lack enough staff to boost production.
5. EMBAGlobal is the only programme in the top 10 that saw a slight drop in the average salary of its alumni compared with last year (the other nine recorded strong increases).
6. Also called self-driving cars, autonomous cars have been making the news recently. Chief among them are 谷歌s self-driving cars. 谷歌s driverless cars have traveled over 480,000 kilometers (300,000 mi) with only two accidents, both of which were caused by humans. But self-driving cars arent new. In fact, their concepts have arguably been around since the days of Leonardo da Vinci, who invented a spring-powered cart with a programmable steering device.


1. 当然在接下来的一段时间中里还有很多事情要解决,还会有更多的推测,更多的享受。祝大家所有的读者度过一个安全愉快的假期,迎来一个崭新快乐的篮球之年。
2. Less than an hour ago the official manufacturing PMI for November came in at 49.6, the fourth consecutive month of contraction and below the 49.8 reading economists were looking for. Analysts at ANZ said, in relation to that PMI series:“With soft growth momentum and deflation pressures creeping up, we expect the authorities to further ease monetary policy and continue to implement an expansionary fiscal policy in order to prevent further slowdown of the economy in 2016.”
3. corporate



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    Dachis says: Zynga struggled to maintain its momentum and diversify its business in 2012. The difficult year was evident in reduced brand discussion and an increase in negativity from product shutdowns that leave the game company with a lot of work to do in 2013.

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    With this in mind, he does anticipate a pick-up in US investment “because it has been so weak — we don’t normally see it grow at a lower pace than consumption except in a recession”.

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    When you post your résumé to a job board, such as Monster or Indeed, theres a chance your current employer could see it. In fact, Foss says many HR staffers and managers regularly search for their company names within job board submissions specifically to see if their employees are looking for jobs。

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    The diplomatic row began when Ankara’s foreign minister was denied entry to the Netherlands on Saturday for a campaign rally in favour of Mr Erdogan’s constitutional reforms. Armed Dutch police also intercepted another Turkish minister, Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya, on her way to the rally in Rotterdam and escorted her back to the German border.

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    "If it (transforming the economic development mode) only results in empty talk instead of being implemented, then economic development cannot be promoted in a sound and rapid way, and may even not be sustained." LI YIZHONG, member of the CPPCC National Committee and former minister of industry and information technology



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