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1. About 40 per cent of entrepreneurs did not seek any help when securing finance. Half of these raised equity purely from their own savings and/or family and friends compared with only 40 per cent of those who sought help from the school or alumni network.
2. We will work to ensure that our people have access to equitable and quality education.
3. Brazil lost that 1950 final, 2-1, to Uruguay, a historic humiliation that still stings Brazilian fans today. Belmonte, 85, hopes hell get to see his country regain its honor. "I hope Brazil will be able to win this time," he said. "This is our revenge. I want to go see our revenge."
4. 祝节日快乐,新年幸福。
5. 12岁的年纪,大多数的小女孩都还在向父母争取打耳洞的机会,努力适应高中生活,从青少年时代开始为将来做准备。
6. We learned that there is new hope for Africans with treatable cancers.


1. [?nsteibl]
2. 如果这个目标真的能够实现,届时特斯拉的规模将超过林肯(Lincoln)和保时捷(Porsche)等豪车品牌的美国分支。这两个老字号豪车品牌都有更多样化的产品阵容、长期的经销商网络、成熟的营销和广告策略。特斯拉如果真的能卖出预期的数字,那么其销量的半数将来自现有的Model S轿车,其它一半则来自明年年初才会量产的Model X七座跨界车。
3. 我是一个封闭的人
4. 在第三场也是最后一场总统候选人辩论中,奥巴马就外交政策发起攻势,一再指责罗姆尼在重大国际问题上的立场不坚定,但未能给他对手迅速崛起的竞选活动一个致命打击。
5. 美国有540位富豪入选,是世界上最多的国家。中国和德国则分别有251人和120人入选,分列二、三位。
6. 在主持过去年的奥斯卡颁奖典礼、之前的格莱美奖及艾美奖之后,她无疑是这个角色的最佳选择。


1. n. 临时工
2. 莱昂纳多凭借他在《荒野猎人》中的演出斩获最佳男演员奖项,打败了埃迪雷德梅尼等劲敌。埃迪凭借在《丹麦女孩》中的演出获得金球奖提名。坊间盛传小李子有望在今年夺得他人生中第一座奥斯卡奖杯。
3. Darkest Hour
4. n. 保护,防卫
5. 华盛顿暂时的“停战”能否持续?
6. 动词last的现在分


1. HSBC economist Hongbin Qu said the survey pointed to lost momentum in Chinas manufacturing sector: He expects Beijing to respond with measures to counteract the slowdown.
2. William Leung, portfolio manager at Cohen & Steers, the US investment house with $4bn of assets exposed to Asia, agrees. He argues that speculative investment will be driven out of the market as prices fall. He adds that a trend in the industry towards alternative investments should mean that the price of real estate investment trusts rises even if the value of underlying assets grow more slowly. “We don’t think this correction will be so sharp,” he says.
3. We Pay Attention … Selectively
4. 在排名靠前的学校中,英国华威商学院(Warwick Business School)排名提升最大,从第16位提升至第9名。整体而言,上海交通大学(Shanghai JiaoTong University)的上海高级金融学院(Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance)排名提升最大,从第28位提升至第14位。
5. n. 硅
6. 政府将于本周五发布新的就业市场报告,此次的报告将因飓风“桑迪”而出现失真。10月下旬的飓风给东北地区造成严重破坏,使很多人失业。经济学家说,“桑迪”有可能导致11月官方就业岗位总数暂时减少10万到15万个,这样一来,就业增量就不足10万,甚至还要低很多。[qh]


1. 挖掘者认为这个墓地可追溯到1700年前,在当时的中国,库车在控制西部前线(西域)上扮演着关键的角色。由于丝绸之路的路线有经过西域,所以控制这个关键的区域对中国统治者来说是非常重要的。
2. suc下面,cumb躺-躺下去-屈从
3. Japanese Three: Honda treads water while it waits for bold new designs from its Americanized management team to reach market, particularly the Acura NSX super car, which has been on the auto show circuit now for several years. Focused now on his legacy, CEO Carlos Ghosn drives executives even harder to meet targets in his latest three-year plan while he grooms a successor. As for Toyota, Automotive News declares that it is firing on “all cylinders” before its move from Southern California with fresh products in key segments.



  • 到2018年 全球智能家居系统普及率将达12%
    2021-01-09 04:34:43
  • 2017年中国木材市场表现:频现“闪光点”
    3天又见12宗地王 地价房价相促增涨存高风险
    2020-12-28 04:34:43
  • 湖南省第三届家具博览会开幕 “家具湘军”开始形成
    家具行业掀起原材料涨价潮 暂时不会波及终端价格
    2021-01-11 04:34:43
  • 上半年北京购房需求得到部分释放
    2021-01-04 04:34:43
  • 发改委:防范化解金融风险 扎实推进解决房地产市场问题
    2021-01-14 04:34:43
  • 当消费遇上个性 地板如何为发展买单?
    一天涨50万 听抢房者的亲历故事
    2021-01-14 04:34:43
  • 转型升级迫在眉睫,顺德“老中青三代”企业如何突围崛起?
    2021-01-10 04:34:43
  • 房地产投资回升还需两年 重点防范通缩风险
    三线城市房价低位徘徊 景德镇新楼年底忙促销
    2021-01-02 04:34:43
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