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1. Mila Kunis placed second on the list, followed by Kate Upton, pop star Rihanna and Emma Stone.
2. [freim]
3. Anyone can have a bad day at the office, but this disappointing performance at Christie’s followed an old masters sale in July that took in 19 million against a low estimate of 31.5 million.
4. We Pay Attention … Selectively
5. Foreign property investment by Chinese companies plunged by 84 per cent last month, as Beijing’s capital controls choked off the flow of foreign acquisitions.
6. 如果你想要一个有屏幕的冰箱,不妨把iPad粘在冰箱上。SAMSUNG在今夏发布了可以连接Wi-Fi的智能冰箱,来帮助管理杂货和给家庭成员留言。


1. "The scenes in the TV adaptation are beautiful, and also consistent with the original work," a Douban user Banchengyansha said.
2. “我跟她很像,大家真的就像一对老夫妇。”
3. Song “Embrace Happiness”(Kelly Chen)
4. David said: ‘It was wonderful, you couldn’t fault it. It was perfection.’
5. Obamas projected victory would set the countrys course for the next four years on spending, taxes, healthcare, the role of government and foreign policy challenges such as the rise of China and Irans nuclear ambitions。
6. 项目总成本:17.66万美金


1. The spread of HIV through drug injections has been effectively controlled. In 2017, the number of people infected through drug abuse was 44.5 percent lower than that in 2012.
2. [dit?:min]
3. 对中国最大房地产开发商发起敌意收购的神秘亿万富翁姚振华已成为中国最富有的人之一,这凸显出了杠杆金融投资正如何推动私人财富取得巨大增长。
4. 潘通在说明这一选择时提到以下这些因素:“主张性别平等和流动性的社会运动;消费者越来越喜欢把色彩当作一种表达方式;这一代人不太在意被认定为某一种类型或遭到评判;公开的数字信息交流让大家看到颜色使用的不同方式。”
5. 主流网络游戏仍然是大型多人在线角色扮演游戏 (MMORPG)。报告说,今年10月,中国最热门的10款网络游戏中有6款都属于大型多人在线角色扮演游戏。动视暴雪(Activision Blizzard)开发的《魔兽世界》(World of Warcraft)在注册用户和最高同时在线人数方面仍然排名榜首。但报告指出,目前围绕着这款游戏大陆运营权的政府监管纷争可能会给《魔兽世界》带来负面影响。网易企业目前持有《魔兽世界》的中国大陆独家运营权。
6. Part of the appeal of online programmes lies in their flexibility, reach and slower pace of delivery than cam-pus-based MBAs. Apart from IE, which imposes an 18-month time limit, participants have on average about five years to complete their degrees.


1. "People can be unhappy for many reasons -- from poverty to unemployment to family breakdown to physical illness," the report said. "But in any particular society, chronic mental illness is a highly influential cause of misery. If we want a happier world, we need a completely new deal on mental health."
2. Purchase products like magazine racks, shelves, and desk organizers that will keep your supplies and resources in order and close-at-hand. We love the File File, $24.95, at CB2.com (pictured above).
3. Intel
4. Judge Business School at Cambridge University in the UK was the biggest riser, climbing 19 places to 29th thanks to a strong performance in the executive MBA ranking in its first participation in that list. Warwick Business School made a comeback to the top 20 (19) after missing out on the MiM ranking in 2013.
5. 在你醒着的时候,肝可以扩大将近一半。新的研究指出,在白天的时候,肝有能力扩大近50%,然后在夜间则会缩回到原始尺寸。肝是大家所知道到的唯一一个可以这样变化的器官。
6. 恩爱日新。即便没有一切,只要有爱便足矣。


1. 多达10000份影片(一个虚构CIA刺杀北韩领袖金正恩的喜剧片)和500000份宣传单将会在3月26号左右通过气球投放。
2. 报名窗口将于周六关闭,报名成功者须参加11月29号的2016年国家公务员考试,考试通过后才可以参加明年3月的面试。
3. Investors are divided as to whether the anticipated rate increase by the US Federal Reserve tomorrow has already played out, or will intensify stress for indebted companies and economies.



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