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1. From heelgate to the Palm Dog to the Dad bod – its been a dizzying 12 days. Here are nine lessons from the film festival as it draws to a close.
2. Remedy: This is another hindsight-based regret that you can’t cure without a time machine. The years, energy and dollars you spent on your degree are sunk costs. You can’t do anything about your past academic track record, but you can identify the areas in which you think you fell short in your college days and figure out how to augment those shortcomings in the present. For example, if you feel you didn’t do enough networking outside of the classroom, you might consider joining an alumni group or make a greater effort to participate in professional associations in your field. If you regret skipping your 8:00 AM managerial accounting class and mourn how useful those concepts would be to you now, check out the continuing ed options at your nearest community college.
3. "It became an issue about so many things, such as the environment, energy, workplace disasters and the role of big government. It became a lightning rodfor peoples anxieties," she explained.
4. 《新财富》预计,2025年左右,中国首富将追平美国首富的个人财富,并有实力问鼎全球首富。
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6. The U.S. Congress and the media will go berserk when Goldman announces the size of its 2009 bonus pool. But the outrage will be brief and of little lasting consequence. The hate Goldman Sachs story has been running just too long.


1. issue
2. 《那年花开月正圆》并非改编自小说,而是基于真实人物女商人周莹的故事拍摄的。周莹生在清代(1644-1911),是当时的陕西省女首富。
3. But economists generally expect the momentum of the recent past to resume and continue once storm distortions abate. The 45 economists who responded to The Wall Street Journals latest monthly forecasting survey saw the jobless rate falling to 7.8% by next June and 7.5% by the end of 2013. Some say job growth could accelerate from its slow pace. I think businesses are going to have to hire, said Bob Baur, an economist with Principal Global Investors.[qh]
4. Define yourself
5. 俄罗斯的SKN企业将老旧俄国弹药制作成钻石。这就是回收利用!
6. And, at random, some other highlights from the list:


1. With an increase of 7 percent over 2013,total spending on medicines will amount to $1.06trillion in 2014, says the report"The Global Use of Medicines: Outlook through2018" from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, releasedThursday.
2. Johan Pettersson被授予搞笑化学奖,以表彰其揭示了瑞典小城Anderslv居民的头发会变绿的原因,因为这里的水中含铜量太大。
3. To Rouslan Krechetnikov and Hans Mayer for studying the dynamics of liquid-sloshing, to learn what happens when a person walks while carrying a cup of coffee. I`ll give you a hint: it happens between step 7 and 10.
4. 在其他小孩想方设法逃课、不做作业的时候,玛蒂却对学业热情饱满,因为她不想自己成为又一个“愚蠢的舞者”。
5. 8.The Big Bang Theory Whiteboard Has Real Equations
6. 国考分为笔试和面试两部分。笔试成绩将于1月发布,面试预计在2月或3月举行。


1. 热门行业
2. 谈到乌克兰,普京再次否认俄罗斯军队在东乌克兰境内活动。那里的亲俄罗斯分离主义运动正在与乌克兰政府军作战。但是他说,莫斯科从未否认有人在那里开展属于“军事领域”的行动。他还说,俄罗斯没有制裁乌克兰的计划,但不会让乌克兰享受优惠贸易待遇。
3. 教育企业高管的薪酬均值倒数第一,刚过280万元,约为金融业高管薪酬的1/10。
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5. 国际机器人联合会主席Junji Tsuda在他的《全球工业机器人市场》报告中指出,在2017年,全球约有38.7万台工业机器人售出,同比增长31%,创造了500亿美金的收入,而中国则是这一强劲增长背后的关键驱动因素之一。
6. 苹果推出了新一代iMac 电脑,1998年5月6日,旧金山


1. In my anger, I am not blind, and in my fear, I am not afraid to tell the world how I feel. 然而事实却让我很愤怒,但我也很清醒,我虽然害怕,但我敢于告诉世界我真实的感受。
2. Angela Merkels salary as German chancellor is set at 218,400 euros a year ($242,000). The chancellor got a 2% pay rise at the beginning of March, and will get another 2% next February.
3. 房价尽管缓慢却持续不断地增长与近期数据走势一致,这些数据显示10月份对房地产投资有所增加,新一轮限购对录得的销售几乎没有任何负面影响。



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    Academics appear to be more interested in the cryptocurrency than ever before. There were 190 white papers published on bitcoin in 2014, up from 55 in 2013. Authors—amateur or otherwise—have also flocked to bitcoin: 亚马逊 lists 437 books about or involving the term “bitcoin” published in 2014, compared to 143 in 2013. (That is based on a subject search, and thus includes less hard-hitting titles like Bitcoin Bimbo 3: Undercover Cop Science Fiction Erotica.) And sports fans this year may not have been able to ignore the inaugural Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl, a college football playoff game between North Carolina State and the University of Central Florida. ESPN quickly convertedBitPay’s $500,000 rights fee for the game into U.S. dollars.

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    对于英国广播企业学问部门来说,戛纳期间堆满了工作,而派对是少之又少。但是,影展之外的影片节给小镇描上了醉人的红色。在2013年,大家试图联系白雪香槟酒庄(Piper Heidsieck)计算影片节期间香槟的消费数量,但作为提供“官方饮品”的白雪香槟酒庄拒绝回应。不过看看克鲁瓦塞特(Croisette)大道上那些微醺的脸庞以及踉跄的步态,大家可以合理的推测香槟的消费数量十分庞大。影片节的第一周,在为马提欧?加洛尼影片《故事的故事》(Tale of Tales)举办的派对上香槟成河,狂欢者嗨至凌晨。次日早晨,英国广播企业的瑞贝卡?劳伦斯与某位明星进行访谈,询问其在采访前休息了多久。这位明星只是眯起了惺忪的眼睛,抬起了2根手指。

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    12 Years A Slave is shattering and anguishing, a singular anomaly in an entertainment medium. More than that, Steve McQueens hugely ambitious chronicle of slavery in America is revelatory, a work of art that has been embraced by mainstream audiences. Thats a testimony to the power of art (as expressed in John Ridleys script and performances by Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyongo and Michael Fassbender, among others), and heartening evidence of moviegoers hunger for substance and meaning in the films they choose to see.

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    The growth has laid a solid foundation for the development of the film industry in China in the future, the experts added.

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