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1. [institju:t]
2. 在2007年,苹果企业发布了第一款苹果手机:带有虚拟键盘的全触屏手机。对很多人来说,苹果取得了新突破,发明了新事物--他们制造了第一款触屏手机。但这种说法是错误的:苹果不是第一个制造触屏手机的企业,触屏也不是什么新发明。
3. To Frans de Waal [The Netherlands and USA] and Jennifer Pokorny [USA] for discovering that chimpanzees can recognize other chimpanzees from seeing photographs of their rear ends.
4. 社交网络平台,包括微博和手机应用微信,被证明是网红扩大交流的最好工具,使其可以创造出一种囊括广告、电子商务和粉丝的行业。
5. mod风度+est→做事有风度→礼貌的,谦虚的


1. 专业一点
2. ●"Man shoots off his own penis taking selfies with gun"
3. 这是英国《金融时报》第16份全球EMBA排行榜。
4. 201505/375574.shtml
5. 6.数据科学家
6. The paperpot transplanter allows a single person to transplant 264 plants covering over 85ft in just minutes. What used to take hours, now takes minutes. Allowing you to spend less time transplanting crops, and more time doing other things like farm improvements, marketing, sales, or just taking some time off.


1. 7.爱情就像两个人拉橡皮筋,受伤的总是不愿意放手的那一个。
2. 你咋不上天呢?
3. 1.Nepal
4. The other tweet was published on Inauguration Day, and Obama said, "Its been the honor of my life to serve you. You made me a better leader and a better man."
5. 布朗克斯大广场区或皇后区埃尔姆赫斯特(Elmhurst)的业主们,即将迎来急于寻找下一个未开发市场的买家们的新关注。“你什么时候听到别人谈论过布朗克斯的金斯布里奇(Kingsbridge)?”霍尔斯特德房地产企业的拉米雷斯问,“聪明人正在涌向那里,以实惠的价格买下房子。”
6. 一位被录取的学生告诉《哈佛深红报》,这些表情包来自哈佛2021届学生的FaceBook私聊小组,他们在这个群组里分享一些尖酸刻薄的笑话,“被哈佛录取不代表大家就不能开玩笑”。


1. com共同+fort强大→一起给力量→安慰;舒适
2. vt. 增添活力,鼓舞,激励
3. US schools are rebuilding their strength in this ranking, with their number increasing to 51. This had dropped below 50 for the first time in 2016, down to 47. Six of the eight new or returning schools are from the US.
4. 发型。略长的卷发——蛤?你不是自来卷哦?小可怜,那你只好每晚带着卷发夹入睡了。
5. The 30 percent increase is to be driven bymore specialty drug innovation, greater patient access to medicines and reducedimpact from patent expiry dates.
6. Taken alongside data released in the past few days, and it doesnt make things easier. The country is still struggling with deflation and household spending slumped last month. But retail sales data released this morning topped estimates.


1. For the fourth year in a row, the top five places continue to be dominated by the same five intercontinental EMBAs. Tiemba came top this year not by spectacularly outperforming its rivals but thanks to a strong performance across most indicators. In particular, the alumni have the second highest salary on average ($324,000) behind alumni from the Kellogg/HKUST programme ($408,000). Tiemba is also ranked second for career progression and fourth for work experience.
2. 两次发生在洛杉矶的反抗时间之旅。两次对女人之间时而棘手的团结的赞颂。四位演员的精彩表演,来自吉塔娜·基基·罗德里格斯(Kitana Kiki Rodriguez)、米娅·泰勒(Mya Taylor)、茱莉亚·加纳,以及了不起的莉莉·汤姆林。《与外婆同行》是制片企业资深导演的作品,《橘色》是用苹果手机拍摄。任何哀悼影片已死的人,都应该闭上嘴巴,看看这两部影片。
3. The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers announced on Friday that passenger car sales totaled 2.2 million units in January, 9.3 percent more than a year earlier, and the production of new-energy vehicles surged by 144 percent.



  • 楼市向好房企宣布全面提价 经纪人收入大幅攀升
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  • 今年前五个月 哪些城市房价上涨最快?深圳居首
    苹果智能家居平台推出临近 3家企业分享千亿市场
    2021-01-11 06:54:30
  • 中国人对高档家具的需求催生非法采伐
    北京多品牌建材被检不合格 涉及管材涂料等类别
    2021-01-07 06:54:30
  • 中国光伏业再遭麻烦 加拿大“双反”来袭
    2021-01-11 06:54:30
  • 12月百城新房均价连跌8个月 九成城市跌回一年前
    调控成效显著 8月南京成交新房量仅为7月一半
    2021-01-04 06:54:30
  • 佛山各区放大招 引“大牌”落户
    2小时内烧成陶瓷 景德镇陶瓷产业迎来全新时代
    2020-12-28 06:54:30
  • 深圳:8月二手楼成交首破7000套
    2020-12-26 06:54:30
  • 子女拒缴物业费 老人房屋被查封
    2020-12-28 06:54:30
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    Mr. Wang, the WeChat user in Beijing, said he was an avid QQ user 11 years ago but stopped using the instant messaging service because it didnt look very professional. But after downloading WeChat on his smartphone he found most of my colleagues and friends are on it, and everyone communicates through voicemails now.

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    5.Branding: 16.4 percent increase

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    难怪现代和当代艺术品拍卖市场的主要玩家佳士得拍卖行把自己的早期绘画大师作品重新宣传为“古典艺术品”。它将于明年4月(原先的计划是明年1月)在洛克菲勒中心(Rockefeller Center)举办早期绘画大师作品及其他历史作品拍卖会,其中包括20世纪作品专题拍卖会。周五(12月18日),佳士得称,它的“古典艺术品”拍卖计划将于明年7月在伦敦公布。

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    If you haven’t heard about this, you probably haven’t been on the Chinese Internet in the last year. This simple line was left on a World of Warcraft BBS, and somehow — some are claiming it was an online agency stunt and was helped along — managed to attract over 7.1 million views and 300,000 comments in just the first 24 hours.

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    Not until recently anyway. But scientists at Weill Cornell Medical College have at last managed to—at least with mice and monkeys. This produced artificial retinas, whose chips convert images into electronic signals and whose tiny projectors convert electronic signals into light.

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    Amid all of the current talk about whether government law enforcement agencies should be able to legally force Apple to unlock an 苹果 to look for evidence, there is a machine available now at Londons Fone Fun Shop that will find the four-digit passcode used to lock down an 苹果. And this device costs only $170.



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